Why Should You Stop Using Microsoft Defender?

Most of us trust Microsoft Defender because it is from a reputed brand like Microsoft and the fact that it is free. However, there are a few flaws that have been recently highlighted that will make you reconsider Microsoft Defender as your security solution. According to a new study from an anti-malware assessment firm, this software may not be as effective as you think. When compared to competitors, Microsoft Defender does not do as well with malware scans when it is offline, according to the latest AV-Comparatives report.

The Microsoft Defender Offline Scan Inefficiency

Microsoft Defender
Image Credits: AV Comparatives

AV-Comparatives conducted two tests as part of the research. File detection is the first step, followed by malware defense. There was an offline and online mode for file detection, but the latter option didn’t work. When it came to file detection, the researchers looked at how well antivirus software can distinguish between benign and dangerous files. Meanwhile, malware protection is focused on preventing a rogue application from changing anything.

When evaluated in offline mode, Microsoft Defender performed poorly in the file detection tests. It had a detection rate of 60.3 percent, which was lower than Avast’s 94.2 percent. In the Online mode, Microsoft Defender had a detection rate of 98.8 percent, which was at par with Avast’s 99.5 percent. This is by design because cloud-based antivirus programs scan your computer for the most recent threats. However, there are instances, such as the fact that not every PC is always online, preventing Microsoft or other antivirus vendors from updating signatures and defenses.

Microsoft Defender Flags Google Chrome As A Threat

Google Chrome

Due to a false positive issue, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint has been flagging Google Chrome upgrades distributed via Google Update as suspicious activity. The security solution began labeling Chrome updates as suspicious, according to reports from Windows system administrators. After stories of these worrisome notifications began to surface online, Microsoft issued a Microsoft 365 Defender service advisory revealing that they were erroneously generated by a false positive and not due to criminal activity.

T9 Antivirus: An Alternative To Microsoft Defender

T9 Antivirus

Antivirus software safeguards your devices against viruses, malware, ransomware, and other dangerous software that attempts to steal your data. A complex scan engine, real-time protection, Malware Protection, Exploit Protection, Firewall, malware detection and removal, and other security features are included in the all-new T9 Antivirus. This helps detect viruses, malware, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), and other dangerous threats that attempt to undermine computer security. Here are a few aspects of T9 Antivirus that may help you learn more about it.

Anti-exploit and anti-malware protection

This security shield protects the PC from malware, viruses, zero-day threats, PUPs, Trojans, and adware.

Real-Time Protection

Real-time protection detects and prevents malware from infecting your device and causing data breaches, identity theft, or other security breaches.

Remove any starting items you don’t need

Avoid becoming a victim of unfamiliar apps that operate in the background and compromise the security of your computer and data by rapidly detecting and uninstalling harmful startup items.

Protection against exploits

T9 Antivirus Exploit Protection is an often-overlooked tool that helps protect computers against malware that infects them through security flaws.

The definitions are updated on a regular basis

Antivirus software must be updated regularly to detect and eliminate new malware threats as they develop and fraudsters become more sophisticated. T9 Antivirus keeps you protected against the latest dangers by installing fresh database definition updates frequently

Defend yourself against the most advanced and up-to-date threats

Advanced attacks are one of the most difficult security concerns in today’s connected society. Using a multi-faceted program like T9 Antivirus, which includes real-time protection and numerous shields, is the best technique and solution for limiting these dangers. Security technology detects threats and successfully stops them before data is compromised.

T9 Antivirus is a robust anti-virus application for Windows. With a detection rate of around 99 percent, T9 Antivirus is one of the most reliable protection software. T9 Antivirus comes with a 30-day trial version that lets you scan your computer for malware. Furthermore, it consumes relatively low PC resources.

The Final Word On Why Should You Stop Using Microsoft Defender?

“T9 Antivirus is actively participating in the VB100 program and has earned its certified status.” – Virus Bulletin Ltd.

Microsoft Defender is an efficient antivirus but flagging well-known programs as a threat and not being able to display its efficiency in offline mode makes it one step behind other antivirus software. T9 Antivirus, the new app in this category has shown promising results. You can consider switching to T9 antivirus because your security and privacy are important factors to consider.

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