Cloud Computing Threats That Are Still Giving Nightmares To Experts

With technological advancements, we are getting more reliable on machines and the Internet, so much so that remembering phone numbers, carrying important documents, or even finding something without Internet has become an uphill task for us. Well, it’s not a sin unless you are using it without adequate knowledge! And we can bet that you’re not aware of the threats of cloud computing and yet are proudly using cloud services. The worst part is we don’t even scoop out time to reflect on how vulnerable our data is while uploading, downloading, and doing other activities on cloud.

Have you ever paused to think what can happen in extreme circumstances? The cloud services will never entirely shut down, the data we keep is in encrypted form, then what issues can arise? You don’t know answer to this, do you?

Well, you are not the only one who is unaware, and thus let’s give you an overview of the cloud computing threats that have not been mitigated yet. Take a read through this blog and you’ll know it all!

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There are four privacy attributes in cloud computing namely, cloud confidentiality, cloud integrity, cloud availability, and cloud accountability. The attackers, instead of attacking the entire cloud service provider (which is a daunting task), strike one of these so that they can exploit the service providers and the users without putting in much efforts. So, let’s understand the threats in each one of these privacy attribute without even wasting a single moment!

Cloud Confidentiality

It’s defined as the assurance of not disclosing data or information with unauthorized party, no matter how close they are to the client. When you approach any cloud service provider, they may convey that this will never happen, but the reports tell us otherwise. In this attribute, malicious sysAdmin is a major threat. Although the cross tenant cloud is not yet possible, but if a person can break into the system of authorized party (either the service provider or the client), the confidentiality will flush down the gutter. Recently, same type of attack grabbed the limelight when it was revealed that a former IT administrator used to hack the servers and cloud of the employers who fired him. If the news on The Register is trusted, then he even deleted files on the servers to block attempts of reboot, and conducted malicious activities on the cloud of the employer, directly attacking the infrastructure of the company. Still think your data is safe?

Cloud Confidentiality


Cloud Integrity

Under this attribute, it’s defined that any activity such as data loss, alteration, or compromise should be detected and reported to the service provider so that the essential actions can be taken. But in this attribute, the cases of data loss and manipulation take the front seat. And, if you are looking for the instances, then there are many including the breach of JPMorgan Chase.

Cloud Availability

All of us know that to use cloud and its services, one has to stay connected throughout with the Internet. But in this attribute, Denial of Service attacks are the most prominent ones. In this attack, either all services hosted in same physical machine with the target will be affected; or the attack is initiated without a specific target. But in both the cases, you’ll no longer be able to access the cloud and your work will be affected!

Cloud Availability


Cloud Accountability

It refers to the capability of identifying a party for being held responsible for specific events. It looks simple but gets extremely complicated in the case of public cloud. Although no major data breaches are observed in this attribute, but the threats can be in many forms, namely SLA violation, incorrect billing for the services used, dishonest MapReduce, and others. The experts believe that they have taken crucial steps before hackers hit them hard. But whether these steps are effective or not? Well, the time will surely let us know!

These were some common threats, but there are plenty of them which go unnoticed. However, we do not recommend you stop using cloud services as they are the best source through which we can get our tasks done, but before uploading something highly sensitive, know that the cloud services are not yet cent percent secure to use.

Also, consider that there are several fields on which the researches are going on to make sure that one day we can trust our cloud service providers blindly, but till then, keep your eyes open fellas!

You can always trust the software and applications to secure your data, but make sure you don’t trust the wrong ones.

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Finally, just take the basic precautions and a few customized ones according to the services and be alert!

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