Settings You Should Customize After Getting Windows 10

As the end of support for Windows 7 is near, a lot of users are switching to Windows 10. Well, getting your system upgrade to Windows 10 is quite easy but giving it a personal touch could take a while. Installing software and drivers is the first thing people do. However, there is a lot more to do, such as changing default apps, find my device etc.

As you need to explore which settings are useful for you and what you need to disable.

In this post, we will discuss the settings which are recommended to be optimized to give it a personal touch.

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With Windows 10, Microsoft has provided Privacy Settings in an individual section. It is better to customize the settings as nobody likes when their data is shared. To customize privacy settings, follow these steps:

  • Press Windows and I key to get the Settings app.

windows Privacy settings

  • Privacy section is further divided into Windows permissions and App permissions. You can make the necessary changes to the settings

windows general settings

Default Apps

Windows 10 suggests using native apps for actions such as listening to music, emails, browsing. However, there are better third-party products available that can do the job better. Imagine, every time you click a link, it opens in Edge, instead of Chrome. If you want to change that, you need to tweak the Default apps setting.

  • Press Windows and I to get Settings app.
  • Go to Apps, then locate Default Apps from the left of the pane.

windows default apps

  • On the right side of the pane, you can set a default app for every category.

windows choose app

Note: Make sure your favourite app is installed, for it to appear on the screen.

Delivery Optimization

Windows 10 comes with Delivery Optimization feature which makes app and Windows updates downloads faster. If enabled, Windows can upload or download updates from internet connected or local PCs.

The authenticity of download is checked using Delivery Optimization, which spares you from worrying about corrupted downloads. You can enable or disable the feature as per your wish.

  • Press Windows and I to launch Settings
  • Click Update & Security.

find my device

  • Click Delivery Optimization & to disable “Allow Downloads from other PCs” by toggling the switch.

windows delivery optimization

Startup Apps

Most of the apps while installing asks whether we want it as a Startup item or sometimes, they add themselves to Startup. Now whenever you will your Windows, these apps will launch as well.

The more Startup items are added to the list, the longer time Windows will take to start up.  You can remove unnecessary startup items by two methods:

Step 1: On Taskbar, right click and select Task Manager.

task manager

Step 2: Now click More details.

registry editor

Step 3: Click the Startup tab and select the app that you want to launch at startup.

windows task manager

Step 4: Click Disable.

Alternatively, you can press Windows and I key to get Settings. Navigate to Apps, then locate Startup from the left side of the pane. You will get the list of apps enabled in the Startup list and click on the switch to disable it.


Active Hours

If you don’t want Windows to bother you with sudden restarts after updates, then you can set Active Hours and get rid of it.

  • Press Windows and I to launch Settings.

windows 10

  • Navigate to Update & Security and click Active Hours to make changes to the active hours when you don’t want Windows to restart for installing updates.

active hours

Also, if you have upgraded your system to Windows 10 1903, then you can schedule delay the update for 7 days.  You can delay the settings by clicking on the pause button. Moreover, you can increase the delay days as well.

Enhanced Search

With Windows 10 May 2019 update, 1903, Enhanced Search has been added. Under this feature, Windows can search your entire system, making all the folders accessible from the Start menu.

  • To enable the mode, Press Windows and I to get Settings app.
  • Locate and click Search.

windows search

  • Click Searching Windows from the left of the panel.

searching windows

  • Click the radio button beside Enhanced.
  • You can also exclude a folder which you don’t want to include in the search under Excluded Folders.

Note: At first, the feature could increase CPU consumption and reduce the battery life of your device. Once the initial indexing is done, Windows will manage the indexing by removing or adding changes.

Additional Tip:  If you wish to keep your computer optimized, then you should have PC optimizer for Windows such as Advanced System Optimizer. This powerful cleanup tool makes your system run smoother and faster by removing those old and obsolete files from your hard drive. It also acts as Driver Updater (keeps your drivers up to date), Game Booster (converts your phone into gaming centre), System Protector (keeps an eye on all the malicious activities) etc.

Download Advanced System Optimizer For Complete PC Care

Find My Device

Find My Device is a popular feature among iPhone and Android. Windows 10 also comes with the same. To set it up, follow these steps:

  • Press Windows and I to launch Settings.
  • Click Update & Security.

  • Click Find my device.

click my device

  • Click Change to disable or enable the feature.

Note: If Change is greyed out, then you must make sure that you are logged in with Microsoft account.

So, these are the settings that you must customize after installing Windows 10. Do you have any suggestions? Which settings did you change after getting Windows 10? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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