3 Ways Screenshots Improve Your Word Docs, PowerPoints, and Emails

Just include some screenshots to present your communications in a more searchable and digestible! Screenshots can help split your content in smaller chunks, highlight important points, and add a special effect that will improve reading comprehension and retention. Adding screenshots to your PowerPoint presentation , Microsoft Word document, or  email may be a welcome variation from your usual dry tone. Best ways that your screenshots can enhance your conversations are listed below:

How Can Screenshots Improve Your Word Docs, PowerPoints, and Emails

You Can Use Lesser Words When Using Screenshots

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It might be pretty beneficial to include detailed instructions with screenshots in your process or research provided. They help break up material and might help to imply your message clearer by verbally illustrating what you are attempting to express. A pertinent image can still provide value and improve information retention even if your material isn’t a how-to guide.

Screenshots Bring Clarity And Character

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PowerPoint presentations are frequently dreaded by viewers. Nothing is more monotonous than hearing a slide show of words read aloud. Add graphics to your slides, such as screenshots of data panels with arrows, to draw attention to the precise area you want your audience to concentrate. In this manner, students won’t use too much mental effort to recognize and remember the crucial facts. You can also upload an animated GIF to add humor or to demonstrate a process! This is a fantastic approach to show your personality and keep the interest of your audience.

Screenshots Increase Participation

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Because visual communication improves knowledge retention by two-thirds, including screenshots in your messages is an excellent method to increase engagement. Furthermore, five times more people believe they can be more engaged if communications were more inspirational than they are now than others who think it would have no impact at all. You’re now prepared to start changing your conversations with coworkers from dull text blocks to crisp, interesting messages. According to 38% of employees, employee engagement would increase if company communications included images.

Bonus App: TweakShot Screen Capture – The Perfect Tool For Screenshots

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The best way to capture screenshots, edit them, and generate results. You may screenshot an active window, the entire screen, or any rectangle region using TweakShot Screen Capture. Some basic editing features include scaling, highlighting, and cropping.

An image of the entire screen. It allows you to copy a complete page from a running browser.

In-use window capture. Take a photo of the active window if you have several others open.

Edit Pictures. Various effective image processing techniques can be used to make images and edit screenshots. Modifying and annotating images can improve them.

Decide on a location. Choose the region or area you want to capture from the active window.

A scrolling window to capture. Scrolling the window or webpage will allow you to swiftly and efficiently find everything.

The color picker on the screen. To simplify the creation, colors can be picked from screen images or copied from color codes.

Use in business. Create a recording of your web conference or video presentation so your program can be evaluated later. It also conveniently records webcam feed audio comments.

The Final Word On 3 Ways Screenshots Improve Your Word Docs, PowerPoints, and Emails

Screenshots are indeed one of the best ways to make your document, slide, or email interesting for readers. Pictures convey more information than words and keep your audience engaged. There are many ways to take a screenshot, including the default Windows + PrtScr keys on your keyboard. But that is just to take a screenshot of the entire screen. If you want a specific window or region screenshot and edit them like annotating them or adding something else, then you need TweakShot Screen Capture. It also allows users to capture a screenshot of the scrolling window, a sporadic feature.

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