Top 9 Screen Recording Tips That Will Make You a Better Video Creator

Screen recording is an excellent method to share whatever information is on your monitor screen with your audience. A few recommendations will ensure that you generate a fantastic screen recording. One of the advantages of screen recording is that you can capture anything you can see. PowerPoint presentations, webpages, spreadsheets, and anything else are all fair game.

Here are a few tips for screen recording that you should consider before beginning the recording process.

Top 9 Screen Recording Tips You Must Know

Disable PC Notifications

how to record screen

One of the disadvantages of screen capturing is that you risk mistakenly recording undesired notifications and pop-ups and your crowded desktop. Hence the first step you should take before recording your screen is to disable the notifications of your Windows PC. This also includes cleaning up your desktop icons before you begin recording.

Prepare What You’ll Say Ahead of Time

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One of the most important things to take care of while making a video is to create a strategy beforehand instead of a ramble. Use a strategy or screenplay to help you for a better product during your recording. Make notes to stay focused. You could be as explicit as exact words, a simple list of actions, or any misc. information that will keep you on track and prevent you from forgetting important details.

Effectiveness Is Influenced By Length

What is the appropriate length for a screen recording video? Short videos are fantastic, but omitting vital information will irritate and upset viewers. On the contrary, if you create a long video with more information than your audience needs, they will become tired and stop watching. Focus on the material to acquire the optimal video length. Include enough pertinent information to keep your video as brief as possible.

Audio Quality Is Important

how to record screen

With the help of sound, the quality of screen recording can be significantly improved. Let’s face it; terrible audio is more likely to turn off viewers than nearly anything else. The most straightforward approach to getting excellent sound is to decide before you begin recording. Here are a few pointers:

Use the in-built microphone on your computer instead.

It’s fast and simple, but the results aren’t ideal. Using an external mic will enhance the quality of sound.

Noise cancellation

Your mic can pick up any sounds around you, from relatively low noises like fluorescent lighting to more powerful noises like a dog barking on the street.

Strategically position your microphone.

Be sure it’s in a location where it can record your voice, and your viewers can understand you.

Make A Note Of The Video Size

It’s simple to record anything on your monitor screen, but it can be a less-than-ideal watching experience. Most screen recording tools allow you to capture only a portion of your screen, allowing you to concentrate on the details. Avoid showing parts that are distracting, inconvenient, or do not contribute to the purpose of your video. Make sure the measurements work wherever you’re going to upload your video when you record a section of your screen. When viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, or other video platforms, odd sizes can result in black bars on the side or top of your video.

Run Trial Tests Before Using A Webcam

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Please don’t overlook the importance of maintaining eye contact as it establishes trustworthiness. Your audience will be able to see into your eyes, making it easier for them to relate to your message. Put yourself in a good light for the camera. Keep an eye on what’s going on behind you. Remove or clear up anything in the backdrop that you don’t want to be seen.

Keep An Eye On Your Mouse

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The Mouse cursor indicates where on the screen people should look. It allows them to follow along and observe every action, ensuring that they understand what you’re saying. Because the mouse cursor is vital, make sure it’s as effective as feasible. Here are a few pointers.

  • Do not encircle anything.

If you move your mouse cursor too much, your viewers will be confused and unsure of where to look. Instead, move your mouse cursor slowly and thoughtfully.

  • Do not go at light speed

If you move your mouse across the screen too quickly, your viewers will lose track of where to look and eventually abandon your video.

If Possible, Eliminate Errors And Unnecessary Content

Even the most accomplished individuals make some mistakes. When the mouse moves to the wrong area, or you accidentally click on a different icon, or something strange happens, you’ll be capturing it too. Trim any problems with a video editor. It not only makes your film to the point, but it also gives it a  professional appearance.

Determine Where You’ll Post Your Video

The question of which platform to host your recording should be answered right at the start of the process. This will help you decide the file format, video dimensions, and website to upload your video.

You should have more information beforehand to help you make a better screen recording for your audience.

Advanced Screen Recorder: The Ultimate App To Record Screens

Advanced Screen Recorder

Advanced Screen Recorder is a fantastic program that, at the time of testing, costs $39.95. The Premium Trial Version is installed when a user initially installs the program. It’s essentially the full version of the software, with no restrictions and the ability to create two recordings without a watermark indefinitely. This software also includes a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is a great benefit. Here are a few features:

  • 4K and HD video can be recorded using the MP4 and FLV codecs and other formats.
  • With this application installed on their computer, users can record the full screen, a specific region, or a specific window with or without sound.
  • Record footage from a camera or use a webcam overlay to create a video.
  • Take a screenshot of a single window, region, selected window, or scrolling window during or after recording.
  • Record audio from the system and a voice-over, either simultaneously or independently, using a microphone.
  • Auto-Stop feature helps users stop recording screens after the video has completed a specific pre-set requirement like recording time and file size.
  • You can also draw or type text on the video at recording. This feature is helpful while creating tutorials.

The Final Word On Top Screen Recording Tips That Will Make You a Better Video Creator

I hope the screen recording tips mentioned above will help record high-quality, professional videos for your audience. We also recommend using

Advanced Screen Recorder for the screen recorder, and you can try it out first using the premium trial version with all features unlocked.

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