How To Improve Sound Quality in Android – 6 Easy Steps

If we would ask you how important is Volume for your Android device? You would probably brush it off as a not so important question. But, then there may be instances when you might want to ponder on this question. Let’s say you aren’t satisfied with your current volume and do not have a high-end speaker to the sport. How would you optimize your device to deliver maximum performance?

Also, let’s say you have a damaged volume rocker, how would you increase or decrease your Android device’s volume in the first place? We will cover all such questions and the likes in this blog, so do read it from the first point to the very last.

How To Improve Sound Quality in Android

1. Try Clearing The Dust Out Of Your External Speakers To Improve Android Sound Quality

This should be one of your first steps to improve your Android device’s sound quality. If you have started to see a dip in your volume recently, chances are your smartphone’s external speakers have accumulated dust. A slight cleaning would be helpful in the removal of dust. You can try blowing some air into them or better use a clean and light brush to clean the external speakers.

2. Change The Sound Effects And Other Related Settings

Improve Sound Quality in Android

Many Android devices have settings in place using which the user can use to improve the Android device’s sound quality. Again, the sound settings differ from one Android device to another. For this blog, we shall try to enhance the sound settings of a Samsung device.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Sounds and Vibration
  3. Please scroll down to Advanced sound settings and tap on it
  4. Tap on Sound quality and effects
  5. As per your preferences, you can now tweak the settings. For instance, you could change the equalizer, increase or decrease bass or treble volume and even enhance the vocal quality

3. Work Around Audio Playing Apps Or Media Players in Your Device

It is quite likely that instead of using the stock audio or music player of your Android device, you are using an app for the same. It could be that these apps are altering the volume of your Android device not just when they are working in the foreground but even when they are working in the background. Try disabling or uninstalling one or all these apps and check if you see any improvement in the sound quality.

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4. Check If You Are Dealing With A Damaged Or A Broken Volume Rocker

This is not exactly an answer to how to improve sound quality on Android, but this is more about getting sound if your volume rocker acts up.

Now, if the volume rocker of your Android device is broken or damaged, it is always advisable to

take the device to the nearest service center. Trying to fix the volume rocker on your own might do more bad than good. But up until then, you can still tweak the volume settings from right within your phone. You might be aware of these, but, hey! Haven’t we become accustomed to the volume rockers?

Again, we would like to reinstate that the sound and volume settings may differ from model to model. For this blog, we’ll be using a Samsung device-

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Tap on Sound and vibration
  3. Tap on Volume 

Improve Sound Quality Android

Now, you can quickly increase or decrease the volume of each of the aspects. Be it the volume of your ringtone, media, notifications, or system. There are many headphones or headsets which have volume rocker integrated into them. You could even use these to increase or decrease the volume

5. Spice Your Android Device With A New Music Player Or Sound Booster App

Spice Your Android Device With A New Music Player

Still, figuring out how to improve sound quality on Android? Spice it up with a sound booster or a music player app.

This point is an extension to point no 3 above. Despite being a high-end device, maybe your Android smartphone cannot live up to your expectations as far as volume is concerned. There are a plethora of great music players and awesome sound booster apps available. With these, you get more control over audio, you get an ocean of presets, boost bass as per your whims and fancies, and force your external speakers to deliver sound beyond their capabilities.

6. Check If You Have Accidently Enabled The Do Not Disturb Mode

Check If You Have Accidently Enabled The Do Not Disturb Mode

Quite possibly, you have accidentally enabled the Do Not Disturb Mode because you cannot hear your ringtone. You can find the Do Not Disturb option somewhere in your quick settings menu. For this, pull down the quick settings menu. Check the screens and locate the Do Not Disturb Option and long press. You will be able to enable or disable it and even be able to schedule when you need the phone to be silent.

In The End

There are many other ways to enhance the sound quality of your Android device. For instance, you may invest in a good quality speaker or check if your phone case isn’t blocking your speaker. But the above ways and means focus more on how you can get the most out of your Android device’s volume using your device itself, how you can enhance your volume by tweaking the settings within. If the blog has proved useful, do let us know in the comments section below and spread the goodness with everyone you care about – friends, family, and colleagues. You can also follow us on Facebook and YouTube.

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