10 Best Volume Booster Apps For Android

We all enjoy music on our smartphones while travelling, driving, taking morning walks, working out in the gym, cooking… and the list goes on!

But, have you ever noticed that when you connect the same headset with your computer or a laptop, the sound is considerably louder than when you connect it to your smartphone?

This is because Android devices have a sound control in place, more often than not, to beef up phone security. So, when you are in a crowded subway or at a noisy station, your smartphone’s loudest volume just isn’t good enough. In situations like this, volume booster apps can come to your rescue. These apps adjust your device volume and you get to hear your favorite tracks above all the noise irrespective of the quality of your headset or earphones.

All you need to do is go to Google play store and search for the volume booster applications. You will find quite a few sound booster apps with various additional features.

Here are our 10 best picks to make choosing easy for you…

Best Volume Booster App For Android

1. Volume Booster Pro:

 volume booster pro

It is a free application to boost the sound of your Android device. The application is very easy to use. You can boost and adjust the volume in just one tap. Put it on mute, back to the normal sound in one tap: all you need to do is  tap one button.

At 5 MB, the app won’t hog much space on your phone. The application increases the volume for all media stream on your device.

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2. Ultimate Volume Booster:

 ultimate volume booster

The application claims to boost 30-40% volume which includes boost in volume of notifications, alarms, message, ringtone and other media. With this application, you can also control audio quality and it works well for both device speakers and headphones. You may see ads while using the application but that is compensated by the functionality of the app. You win some you lose some!

3. Divi Volume Booster:

 divi volume booster

Another in the list of best volume booster app for android is, Divi Volume Booster. If you need a strong and professional sound booster app, then this is it. It works fine for speakers and headphones. With this application, you will get boosted volume for everything. The application is free to download and requires Android 2.3 or later versions.

4. Easy Volume Control:

easy volume control

The application is known for remembering your settings for volume for two possibilities: either you are connecting headphones to the device or you are using the in-built device speakers. You can find all sound settings of the device in one place and can quickly configure them with a tap. Size of the application is approximately 2 MB which makes it a very light application.

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5. Volume Booster:

volume booster

Another application in the list is volume booster. The controllers of the application are very unique and you will enjoy the app because of its classic interface. It is compatible with tablets and smartphones and has 80+ language support, which makes the application quite popular among Android users.

Size of the application will not bother you because it hardly takes 3 MB on your device. In the application, you will get three buttons to set volume to Maximum, Normal or to Silent mode. The application is available for free on Google Play Store.

6. Easy Volume Booster:

easy volume booster

If you want to slightly boost the sound of your device, then this application is a good choice. It boosts all kinds of sounds on your device. On the home screen of the application, you can see three buttons which can boost the music volume, call volume and Alarms volume. The application claims to boost the sound from 10-25% and has an user-friendly interface. If we talk about the compatibility, then it requires Android version 2.3 or higher.

7. Call Volume Booster:

 call volume booster

At times, you hardly get to hear the voice of the person on the other end. If you are looking for an application which can boost your call volume, then go for this application. It is clearly mentioned on the application page that it is not for boosting the ringtone volume. Call volume booster has a very simple interface. It increases or decreases the volume without changing between silent and normal profile. After you configure some settings, the application will automatically boost the volume to maximum or minimum while receiving or making a call.

8. Equalizer music player booster:

equalizer booster

For Music lovers, Play Store have this application to boost beats and other sound components of the music on your device. With the bass booster, you will have the best music experience. Its 5-band equalizer allows you to get the best music experience on your device. The application is loaded with 10 best pro sound presets based on various music genres.

9. Increase Volume Louder Speaker:

increase volume loud speaker

The application is very easy to use and user-friendly. From the home screen, you can easily boost the volume for different components of your device in just few taps and at any point of time if you feel that something has gone wrong then you can simply restore sound settings. You can also mute all sounds of your phone by just pressing one key.

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10. Music Volume EQ:

 music volume EQ

If your purpose of downloading an app is to boost sound from earphones, then this is the application that really works.  it is loaded with 9 equalizer presets and comes with one tap bass booster button. Equalizers of the app has 5 bands and the application works best as a Bluetooth headphone volume booster.

So, choose the best volume booster apps for Android according to your requirements. Do you know of better sound booster apps for Android? Let us know in the comments below.


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