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Our data, personal or professional, is the most important thing we possess, given the digital age we live in. Our important documents, media files, emails, mail attachments, applications, and logs contain some other information that is significant to our personal or professional lives in one way or another. And hence, this data must be kept safe.

Usually, we use our computer or these days, our mobile phones to keep a copy of each of these files. However, none of these two options can guarantee complete safety and security of our data. Systems and mobile phones are prone to abrupt dysfunctionalities, crashes, and lags. This is because the system hardware wears off with time, thus making your data susceptible to lose.

In such a scenario, a suitable cloud backup solution is the only best choice a user has. In this piece, we review Right Backup, a renowned and reliable application to back up your data with complete security and protection.

What is Cloud Backup?

cloud backup

A cloud backup is a service that enables a user or a group of multiple users to save their data off-site on a cloud backup software solution. Here, a “cloud” refers to an on-demand volume of space or resources over the internet that these users can consume to store their data. A cloud offers resources besides storing data including, database management, data organization, directly updating data over cloud, and retrieval.

Cloud Backup is a service that is provided by private businesses in the field in exchange for a fee. These providers are solely responsible for the security, support, and maintenance of the entire software solution, and therefore, you must choose your provider with the utmost care.

Right Backup: Saving Your Data The Right Way

Right Backup by Systweak is a robust cloud backup software solution that allows users to initiate automatic backup processes for their computer systems. The solution, once signed up for, creates an organized backup of all files or selected files on your PC.

Right Backup is a perfect choice for a cloud backup software solution as it fulfils all the requirements of a safe and reliable backup system. A one-stop solution to all your problems associated with database management and data storage, Right Backup offers the following features and services that would help you sustain a safe off-site collection of your important documents, media files, and other logs significant to personal or professional lives.

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1. Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Right Backup supports data backup, organization, and retrieval for Windows-based systems, making it compatible with both prominent computer operating systems.

2. Secure Backup:

The Right Backup servers are encrypted with AES-256 encryption. It also uses the SSL encryption during and after a backup to ensure that the data stored on the Right Backup cloud space is secure from any kind of breach or theft attempt.

3. Multiple File Format Support:

Right Backup is meant for complete data backup, and therefore, it allows its users to backup any kind of files and accesses them over the web without any hassle. The backup software solution supports more than one-hundred gift file types or formats, including extension file formats.

4. Storage Space:

Right Backup is known for the high volume cloud storage space it offers. The software application, on premium signup, offers 1TB of cloud space for all the files, folders, and application logs you wish to create a backup for.

5. Control Audience:

Control Audience is a feature, where you can share the backed up data on Right Backup with different administrators. This feature is helpful mostly when Right Backup is being used for organizational purposes, where several users are storing, accessing, or retrieving data over the cloud for work purposes.

However, for best safety, it is essential that you only give administrator rights to only a handful of trustworthy friends or subordinates.

6. Smart Restore:

It is another one of the amazing features of Right Backup, where you can restore the backed up data on any system quickly. The feature works swiftly and given the easy-to-navigate interface; this feature becomes easier to access.

7. Automatic Backup:

There is an optional Automatic Backup option with Right Backup, which takes off all gist of the data backup process from your head. This feature is again helpful for those who keep a lot of media files (e.g. photographers) or those who have documents piling up on system folders daily.

The feature is activated every twelve-hours. It starts backing up all the new data on your system that has been downloaded or uploaded on the system. The preferences as for what type of data must be backed up can be set manually within the app.

How Right Backup Works?

Backing up data over Right Backup involves a straightforward and easy-going process. Right Backup involves three simple steps to complete the automatic backup process of your system data on to the cloud space.

1. Status

This is the homepage of the Right Backup cloud backup software solution. It displays information of the volume of the data you’ve already backed up via Right Backup. Along with that, it also shows how much cloud space you’re left with on Right Backup account out of 1TB space allotted to it. This is the page from where the scanning of potential data for backup begins.

2. Backup

– The second step will involve the automatic scanning process. As I work on a Windows system, the cloud backup software scans the local disk drives on the computer for potential data including images, important folders, document files, videos, and other files.

roght backup process

– Once the scanning is completed, you’ll be allowed to choose from the scanned files as for which ones you’ll like to back up on Right Backup cloud space. Once you do, just click on the Start Backup button and be done with it.  Right Backup also indicates what data usually holds top priority when it comes to securing it over a cloud space.

backup your files

This is how the backup process will go on once you click on the Start Backup button. The files will be analyzed and then uploaded over the cloud space. The upload time will vary as per the internet connection or speed the connection you’re using, as well as the size of the data you’re backing up in that particular session.

backup software analyzing files

– Once the backup is finalized, you can proceed to the next process. Here, you’ll be given information regarding the next automatic scan scheduled by the app per the 12-hr time log.

Here, you can choose to manage that schedule on your preferences.

backup schedule

– You can choose from four different schedule options for an automatic scan on Right Backup. In case you do not want an automated backup schedule, select “Do Not Schedule” option and click on Apply.

backup schedule apply

3. Restore

– The restore section, as the name suggests, helps in restoring the data that have been uploaded on the cloud. Since this is the same system we uploaded the data from, the files will be directly restored to the respective folders they were taken from. In case you change your system and then restore files on the new system, you may need to set location for the restored files as per your preferences.

restore data from backup

– Even here, you can choose to restore your files in a different location or folder by clicking on the Restore To.. button. Else, just click on the Restore Now button and get your data back on your computer or workstation.

– Note. Right Backup creates a copy of the files that are scanned and chosen for backup over cloud space. Hence, if you tend to restore the data on your computer, you’ll be prompted to either replace the existing file or choose/create a new name for the files.

choose restore file option

– Once you confirm the command, your files will be restored.

Other Right Backup Settings

1. General Settings:

backup restore setting

You can set permanent preferences (unless changed again) regarding the Restore Location of the Files, Automatic Backup reminder, and Backup Logs. Here you can also choose whether you wish to set Right Backup as a startup application.

2. Exclude Files:

add files from backup

As the name suggests, here you can choose a file or folder to exclude from backup. The Right Backup app will never scan that folder for backup in any backup scanning session.

3. Internet Settings:

This is meant for changing Internet Proxy Server Settings. This secures your internet connection from potential breaches in between the backup process.

4. Schedule:

As mentioned above, here you can change the settings for automatic backup schedule or just choose to opt-out of the automatic backup feature completely.

Right Backup Anywhere: The On-the-Go Backup Tool

One of the best advantages offered by Right Backup is that the cloud backup solution is also compatible with the mobile operating systems, iOS and Android. The software has a separate companion mobile application available at both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. These applications act both as monitoring tools to keep a check on your backed-up data, as well as a distinct tool to backup files directly from your mobile phone.

Via Right Backup Anywhere apps, you can directly backup media files like images, as well as email attachments that you may have downloaded on your phone without making a transfer to your PC, hence making the backup process on the platform much easier. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Select Files for backup. Here you can choose the files or folders from the file type categories organized within the app. You can also make a Custom Selection from the last option on the list.

backup process stsrt

Step 2: Once the selection is made, the backup process will begin.

picture file backup

Step 3: Here, you can also monitor the backup files you’ve uploaded on the cloud from different devices.

select device when backup

Why Right Backup?

Here’s how Right Backup compares against other cloud space providers:


As you can see, among the most prominent backup solutions, Right Backup stands out. There are certain situations where others have the upper hand, especially when it comes to the trial period conditions; however, these services do not offer high storage capacity as Right Backup, which is the most crucial aspect of cloud backup solutions. On the other hand, Right Backup offers cross-platform access on multiple devices via the same account, which is not a common trait among other cloud storage solutions.As for the famous G-Suite or Google Drive Backup, Google’s invasive approach towards user privacy is not unknown to users. Google has been known for accessing user data for its advertising purpose, which is the true business model of the company. Using Google Drive for important backups can be risky and dangerous, especially if data has high personal or professional significance. Contrarily, Right Backup is a stand-alone cloud backup solution for PC and mobile. There are no concerns associated with target marketing; hence, there will never be any risk of data theft over this platform.ConclusionRight Backup offers a highly reliable and secure platform to store data over a dedicated cloud space. The 1TB base storage capacity makes it more flexible as it can be used to backup large media files as well. Besides, Right Backup’s companion mobile applications allow users not just to monitor their cloud space, but also create direct automatic backups of documents, media files, and email downloads on mobile from the device to the cloud space.

Product/Features Right Backup Acronis True Image SOS Online Backup Backblaze OpenDrive One Backup
Storage Capacity 1TB 250GB 50GB Unlimited Unlimited 150GB
No. of Computers Unlimited 1 5 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Key Encryption (Built-in) None Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
File Sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smart Restoration Yes No No No No No
Trial Period 30 Days 20 Days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

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