Review: MagicCall Asks You To Pay A Lot Of Sum To Play Pranks

MagicCall – Voice Changer App is an Android and iOS-based application that allows users to change their voices by adding effects to it. As the name suggests, it’s a voice changer app for Android or iOS users, who either wish to play pranks or create funny audios, videos and mash them up on some video content. The whole point of the app is to play pranks or have fun (if this falls in your definition of fun), but the payment one must make to have fun using MagicCall takes the fun away.
magiccall- Asks You To Pay A Lot Of Sum To Play Pranks

MagicCall has a variety of voices to be added to the call. There are a few background effects as well, which you can use to dodge off someone’s call by pretending you’re in traffic or heavy rain, the sound of which will play in the background as you talk. The deal sounds good, especially for someone who has an edge of making voiceovers and needs effects to be added to the original voice call. But the app is just too much to pay for and has no logical function that one must purchase.

In the most recent developments, constant bugs, glitches, and malfunctioning of features have caused the app to receive severe criticism from users. A rating of mere 3.5 on Play Store indicates that the app has not lived up to fulfil the user expectations.

Using MagicCall: Task and Features

– MagicCall has four different voice changing modes – male, female, kid, and cartoon. There are additional voices added, such as President, Sophia AI, The Boss Baby, etc.

MagicCall feaures

– Users can choose to convert their voice into any of the four modes (based on individual ages) and change their voices.

– Users can test these voice options on a call or can record something in these different voices and save the recording on the device.

voice options- record something

– There are few background effects in the app as well. These backgrounds create a fake surrounding for you to pretend to some caller.

background effects in the magiccall

– For example, if you choose rain, then there will be a sound of heavy rainfall in the background of your call or recording. Similarly, if you select a Racecar, you will hear a sound of racecar zooming around you like background noise.

background of your call

– There are emoticon sounds, e.g. a clap or a kiss which can be added in between an ongoing call.

emoticon sounds in magiccall

Pricing Plans

The app has three different pricing plans:

  • Pro
  • Intermediate
  • Beginning

The app itself is free to use and download but to make calls with voice changing modes; you need in-app credits. Those credits can only be purchased if you buy a purchase plan. The minimum subscription plan is of $1.99/week, which gives the user 100 calling credits. The credits are spent on calls depending on how long the call went, just like using a payphone.

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Glitches and Performance Issues

The app has been criticized for the bad quality of calls and recordings quite often. While some users have also stated, the app cost a lot of credits to make a prank call using the voice modes. The app says that the phone number registered stays hidden and is not shown to the person on the receiver’s end of the call. However, this varies on call to call. Sometimes, the full number is visible to the receiver which renders the prank or that call worthless.

Moreover, overlapping background sounds on voice modes create a fumbled output, which exposes the app.  Since the app will require you to purchase credits by giving in your financial details, it also creates a security risk to user data.


Is MagicCall a free app?

free credits on magiccall

No, but it provides you with certain ways to make free calls. At first, you are provided with free credits which can be used to make calls for free, and later you can earn it as rewards. One way to use it for free is to keep referring the app to your friends and make them join it.

Do we need to register to use MagicCall?

Yes, to make the use of this application, you are required to enter your phone number. This is the process of registering where you accept all terms and conditions and connect the contacts.

Which app permissions are required to register?

magic call to access your contact

magic to make and manage phone calls
magic to record audio
While registering, you will be asked to allow the application to access several phone settings and your contact information. It includes Access to mic and recording, Access to Contacts, Access to camera roll and phone storage.

Can it record the calls?

Yes, it keeps a record of the calls, and you can find it in the Recordings section from the bottom menu. The voice recording has to be first downloaded, and then you can play it within the app. In this way, it does not hog on phone storage with unnecessary recordings. You can also share the call recordings later on with your friends and family with the Share button. If you use it in a normal voice, you can use it as a call recording app.

mic and recording in magiccall


The app sounds funny initially and sometimes does work for pranks. However, the app hasn’t been updated in months, and there has been no rework on glitches registered by users. The advertisements act as an add-on to the annoyance. Plus, purchasing the credits at that rate is not worth it to make prank calls on someone.

So, in my opinion, you must look for another option if you wish to have a voice changer app on your phone, paying for MagicCall is not that good option. Have a look at these voice changer software for Windows.

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