Voice Changer In Call: Luring Users Under High PlayStore Ratings

Voice changer apps have become a new trend among users. People find it amusing to use a voice changer apps to play pranks on their friends. That’s what technology is like. You can modify your voice and change yourself into a completely different person using these apps. But, as we say, you must pay the price for any of your prank gone wrong. And Voice Changer In Call is charging you something far more valuable than money.

Voice Changer In Call is an Android application that allows users to use built-in sound effects to change or modify their voices during a call. The list of sounds available is not pretty much extensive. The app hardly changes your voice pitch so that a male caller will sound like a woman, while a female caller would sound like a man.

Voice Changer In Call

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There is a reason that we aren’t aware of any other voice effects (as claimed by the developers) because it doesn’t matter at all. The app, even with the highest rating on Play Store among all voice changer apps, is nothing but an app to lure you for your device information. The first thing you should know is that there are discrepancies among users who’ve downloaded the app. Some have claimed that Voice Changer In Call is crashing multiple times, while some have claimed that once they allowed the app to access their phone’s storage, microphone, and dialer, the app crashed and never worked.

From this, there can be two things possible – one, that the app is an utter scam to lure users for information; or, the app is dysfunctional and non-reliable.

How Voice Changer In Call Work?

Voice Changer In Call app uses your dialer to make a call. Here’s how you start-up the app on your Android phone:

Step 1: Download the App from the Play Store. You can redirect to the Play Store from here and download the app.

Step 2: Allow Voice Changer in Call to access your microphone, contacts, dialer app, and storage.

incoming calls

Once you’ve allowed access to the app, all you need to do is make a call through the app. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and get going:

It works in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Enter the number you want to call.

Step 2: Select from the voices that you wish yours to change into.

Step 3: Make the Call

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What Everyone has to Say About the App?

A majority of reviews on the Play Store regarding the app are highly negative. But the most significant concern is that the users have claimed that the app crashed after taking permissions for accessing phone storage, microphone, contacts, and dialler. This means that the app is taking in all that it needs and just going black. This seems like a clear violation of user privacy, and some comments show that users are really concerned about this.

Play Store regarding the app

Some others have claimed that they were actually able to use the app, but the app is so dysfunctional that it crashes unnecessarily without giving much output. And then some claim that the app does not connect the call at the other end.

playstore review

Now, most voice changer apps use VoIP features to connect calls over the internet. This way, they can  hide your number so that the one being pranked doesn’t know who’s calling. Voice Changer In Call is using your dialer. Possibly the app is unable to connect cellular networks overcall.

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Voice Changer In Call Needs Improvements

The app’s latest version has several loopholes and needs improvements so that the app can live up to its rating. The most recent reviews, however, have drastically affected the app’s reputation, and it’s clear that no one wants anyone else to install the app.

There are plenty of other voice changer applications on the Play Store that you can try. But, from the likes of it, you should stay away from Voice Changer In Call for now.

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