How To Recover Deleted Screen Recording on Windows 11/10?

Lost a screen recording of an important office meeting? PC crashed when you were recording gameplay that you wanted to upload on YouTube, and now it’s nowhere to be found?

Losing an important screen recording can make you panic in no time at all. So, is there a possibility of recovering screen recordings? To begin with – Yes! There is a possibility to recover deleted screen recordings. In this post, we’ll try and dive deeper into this. Here we’ll measure the possibilities and look at ways to recover deleted screen recordings.

Before You Restore Deleted Screen Recording –

You must pay heed to these points to increase your chances of recovering deleted screen recordings since a small misoperation may delete your screen recording forever, and you may never be able to get it back –

  • Stop Using Your PC Immediately:

Stop using your computer or external device from which you have lost screen recording. That’s because if you keep using the device in question, your files will be overwritten, which may lead to either permanent data loss or data corruption.

  • Use Another Location on Your PC or Another External Storage Device:

You must use another drive (not the one from which the screen recording was lost) or another external device to restore the deleted screen recording.

  • Use Reliable Video Recovery Software:

Only count on a reliable screen recorder video recovery tool like Photos Recovery for recovering the deleted video. We have demonstrated how Photos recovery can help you recover deleted screen recordings in the “Use A Video Recovery Software” section below.

Is There Even A Possibility That I Can Recover Deleted Screen Recordings

Many users who have lost photos, screen recordings, or any other files are of the notion that files, once gone, can’t be retrieved. That’s not entirely the case. Once a video is deleted, the content itself is not deleted; only changes are made to the deleted video’s index. As such, it becomes inaccessible.

However, if, due to any circumstances, the deleted video is overwritten, you will not be able to restore it. If you have followed the points mentioned, the chances of recovery of your screen recording video will increase.

How To Recover Deleted Screen Recordings

1. Check Your Recycle Bin

Unless you have used the shift + delete operation, they move to the recycle bin when you delete files, including your screen recordings. You can restore deleted files moved to the Recycle Bin within 30 days, after which they will be deleted permanently. Check if your deleted screen recordings are there in the recycle bin or not. For this –

1. Click open the Recycle Bin.

2. Locate the screen recordings that you want to retrieve.

3. Select the screen recording, right-click on it and click on Restore.

how to get back deleted screen recording

4. Select the location on your hard drive where you want to restore your recovered screen recording.

2. Use A Backup

Many of us have a habit of backing up files on our PC. Creating a data backup from time to time is highly advisable as you can restore data in an emergency. You can take a backup using backup software for Windows, or you can use Windows’ inbuilt utility to create an automatic backup from time to time.

3. Use A Video Recovery Software

If you have tried all the hat tricks and can still not get back deleted screen recordings, you can use video recovery software like Photos Recovery.

What is Photos Recovery?

It is one of the best recovery utilities that doesn’t just help you restore permanently deleted photos and even videos and audio files from internal and external devices such as hard drives, memory cards, USB Flash Drives, and many others.

A video recovery program like Photos Recovery can handle all kinds of issues because your screen recording might have been deleted. These include human error, formatting, corruption, virus attack, etc.

How Can Photos Recovery Help Me Restore Deleted Screen Recordings?

In other words, what makes Photos Recovery software capable of recovering deleted screen recordings? A recovery software like Photos Recovery scans your device thoroughly and rebuilds the index of lost or deleted screen recordings.

How To Recover Deleted Screen Recording Using Photos Recovery?

We first recorded our desktop’s screen using Advanced Screen Recorder, one of the best screen recording utilities. This review lets you know its features, pricing, and other aspects. We have even mentioned it’s working right after the screen recording recovery process. Yes, we first recorded a screen and then deleted it. This is how we recovered the screen recording –

1. Immediately after deleting the screen recording, we closed all the applications, including Advanced Screen Recorder, and installed Photos Recovery from this link. After that, these are the steps you need to follow –

2. Select the drive from which the screen recording is deleted.

screen recorder deleted video recovery

3. Select the mode of scan. In this case, we recommend using Deep Scan as it conducts a more detailed and systematic sector-wise scan to recover files.

screen recorder video recovery

4. Once you have selected the drive and mode of the scan, click on the Start Scan button.

how to recover deleted screen recordings

5. Wait for the scanning process to complete.

screen recorder video recovery

6. Select your screen recording and click on the Recover button. It is recommended that you save the recovered recording at a location different from where you had initially lost the file.

deleted screen recording recovery

7. Done! You have just recovered your deleted screen recording.

How To Record Screen Using Advanced Screen Recorder

1. Download, install and open Advanced Screen Recorder.

2. Select the area of the screen you want to record.


3. Once you have selected the area, click on the red colored Record button.

4. Select your sound configuration and webcam.

screen recorder recovery

5. Click on Start Recording.

6. After you have clicked the stop button, your recording will be saved.

7. You can access the recording by clicking on the dropdown, as shown in the screenshot below.

4. Recover Recorded Video From Video Calling Software

recover deleted screen recording

Let’s say you frequently record online video meetings and are in the process of deleting some of them to free up storage on your PC’s hard drive. But, unfortunately, you deleted an important meeting. Situations like these are common with users who record sessions on Zoom, Skype, WebEx, or any other video conferencing software. You can either retrieve a Zoom screen recording (or screen recording of some other video conferencing platform) from the App Trash or Cloud Trash, provided such facilities are available.

Wrapping Up

If you have recovered deleted screen recordings on your PC, share your successful journey with us. We’d also like to know, in the comments section, which of the above methods helped you out. For more such tech updates, you can subscribe and sign up for our newsletter.

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