Prevent Your MacBook From Overheating: Causes and Fixes

With time, everything tends to depreciate, be it your smartphone that you recently purchased or your MacBook Pro for which you spent a huge amount.

With excessive use, every MacBook tends to heat and as a result, it increases its fan speed with the passage of time. This makes more noise that sure is unpleasant to hear.

If you too have a MacBook and get frustrated with heating and noise issues, we have got the solutions for you!

This article lists 5 ways using which you can prevent your MacBook from overheating.

Keep your MacBook Pro noise free and cool, perform these 5 points mentioned below and easily prevent your MacBook from overheating:

1. MacBook Pro Infected by Spyware/Malware:

Despite the high-end security protection against any kind of malware/spyware infection, MacBook’s are still susceptible to getting infected.

Once infected the various kind of infections, redirect web pages to faulty URL’s, runs applications in the background without your consent etc. Owing to this, more and more System resources get consumed thereby overheating the Mac machine.

antivirus mac


While getting away from virus/spyware etc. is not an easy task, but the market is full of such virus, spyware removal applications that easily eliminate any kind of infections from your Mac machine. Install one today and make you MacBook infection free.

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2. Soft Surfaces:

A proper air circulation for any laptop is a must. Owing to our comfort we usually tend to use our MacBook’s while sitting on the bed and putting it over a soft surface like a pillow.

Well what may be comfortable for us, is not for the machine at times. Placing laptops on smooth surfaces like pillow doesn’t allow air to circulate properly and hence results in an overheated device.

If the material of the soft surface absorbs heat, it may overheat the device even more.

soft surface


For easy dissipation of heat and a proper air circulation, one should always keep laptop on a flat surface such as a table. Placing them on laptop stands is also a good option.

3. Websites with Flashy Ads:

Browsing Internet is one thing that people spend major time on. While people love reading content on these famous sites, one major drawback of them are the innumerable flashy ads displayed. These ads either play videos or animated GIFs, or display popup ads which consume a lot of System resources. This, in turn, puts a lot of burden on the Mac machines thereby increasing the temperature of the device.

website flash ads


Installation of ad-blockers like AdBlock is the best option to keep web pages from getting overloaded with unwanted ads and videos.

4. Avoid Dirty Places:

To circulate air, MacBook uses a fan that spins to maintain the temperature of the machine. One thing that needs to be taken care of is how clean the surroundings are?

At places where there is a lot of dust, dirt tends to get inside the cooling fan thereby affecting its efficiency.

avoid dirty place


Always keep your surrounding dirt free. It not only keeps you in a good health, it does no harm to your gadgets too.

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5. Apps with High CPU Usage:

These apps are usually referred to as runaway apps and are usually third-party apps that when installed eat up System resources. When there are many apps running at the same time and each of them eats up substantial amount of CPU resources, the machine ought to overheat.

When this happens the first and foremost thing to look for is which app is the culprit.


Activity Monitor displays all the apps installed and running on your MacBook. It also shows the CPU usage by every app. You can easily open Activity Monitor by navigating through Application > Utilities > Activity Monitor.

Here, look for CPU column and check which all apps have the highest percentage. Once you have located the culprit, simply close that application or Force Quit it.

high cpu usages

Overheating devices are never a good sign. It either means that its end is near or there may be applications installed that are using the CPU excessively. Make use of the 5 steps and prevent your MacBook from overheating.

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