If You Are A Photographer, You Can’t Do Without These Photos Apps For Android!

Once upon a time, capturing, editing photos & finally processing them meant hours toiling away in the darkroom and spending thousands of dollars on advertising. But those days are long gone

Today, the best camera is the one that is always with you. Your Smartphone! Yeah, of course, it may never compete with the dedicated DSLRs or Mirrorless Cameras used by professionals. However, these pocket-friendly devices can still capture some impressive images and help in top-notch editing to produce industry-level results. 


best photography apps for Android


Can you believe this pic is captured with a smartphone? I mean look at the details, sunrays, foreground, and incredible background! 

Below we’ve listed the top 12 Best Photography Apps For Android. We hope you find them useful to enhance your overall experience. 

PART 1= Best Photography Apps For Shooting

Here are WetheGeek Recommendations for capturing outstanding photos from your smartphone. 

1. Camera360

Rating: 4.4 Stars 

Size: 92.93 MB 

Offered By: Pinguo Inc 

At this point, Camera360 is one of the most popular photography apps for Android. Camera360 even offers a dedicated cloud platform to manage and organize all your important photos. Similar to most of the best photo shooting apps, Camera360 offers eight shooting modes, such as quick shoot, self-portrait, and audio mode.

Notable Features: Camera360

  • Offers a funny-photography mode. 
  • Transform your skin to smooth & super soft. Capture great portraits! 
  • Edit images like a painting. Use a ‘great artist’ filter! 
  • From cinematic, Black & white to color. Capture pics in best filters! 

Download Camera360 Right Away! 


  • Classic interface. 
  • Easy to use photography app. 
  • The best app to capture self-portraits. 


  • Heavy Android application. 

2. ProCam X

Rating: 4 Stars 

Size: 2.57 MB 

Offered By: Imagi Mobile 

If you are looking to get better control over your camera, then this photography app for Android is right for you. Using ProCam X, you can enable great camera functionality and capture full-featured pictures like a DSLR. Additionally, you can edit videos as well with this shooting app and produce interactive content. You can even store your pics and videos directly on the Cloud and download them directly onto the device via the app. 

Notable Features: ProCam X

  • Control manual exposure, shutter speed, ISO, focus & white balance controls. 
  • Photo shutter release features like Self-timer, anti-shake, screen shutter & more. 
  • Offers several shooting modes such as Night mode, Burst mode, Portrait mode, 3D model & more. 

Give a shot to ProCam X! 


  • Suitable photography app for capturing snaps at night. 
  • A reliable choice for shooting RAW. 
  • Great customer support. 


  • Sometimes the preview thumbnail doesn’t match with the photo taken. 

PART 2= Top Photo Storage Applications

Here are WeTheGeek’s Recommendations for storing all your precious memories. 

1. Flickr

Rating: 4 Stars 

Size: 12 MB  

Offered By: Flickr, Inc 

Now owned by SmugMug, Flickr is one of the great platforms for avid photographers for sharing their work with the world. It can also be used as a great photo storage application. Using this popular Android photo app, you can upload your favorite images, add filters, effects and make it an artistic piece before you share it with your friends, family, or Flickr community. 

Notable Features: Flickr 

  • Meet like-minded people & a group of professional photographers in the Flickr community. 
  • Upload, organize & download thousands of snaps within a few minutes. 
  • Tools for editing photos, add effects, filters, and resize them. 
  • Capability to add tags on your pictures based on the content. 

Use Flickr Now! 


  • Offers 1 TB of storage space for free. 
  • Helps in meeting like-minded people. 
  • Great inbuilt camera. 


2. Right Backup

Rating: 4.2 Stars 

Size: 17.84 MB 

Offered By: Systweak Software 

Right Backup is a convenient tool to safely store all your important photos, videos & other multimedia files. Unlike other photography storage applications, you don’t need to install the application on every machine or device for uploading the files. It supports saving files through the web portal. Hence, you can use Right Backup from any device, no matter where you are. 

Notable Features: Right Backup 

  • Uses SSL encryption technique to conceal data. 
  • Share photos & other data with friends & family easily.  
  • Hassle-free searching. 
  • Enjoy 100 MB of free space as you sign up with Right Backup! 

Try this secured platform to store your snaps! 


  • Lightweight Android application. 
  • Secured cloud storage platform. 
  • Works at a lightning-fast speed. 


  • Should offer more storage space for free. 

PART 3= Must-Use Photo Editing Solutions

Here are WeTheGeek’s Recommendations for editing all your favorite snaps in a go. 

1. Adobe Photoshop Express 

Rating: 4.5 Stars 

Size: 81.28 MB  

Offered By: Adobe 

Most professional photographers are already familiar with the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop. You’ll be glad to know that you can try out its companion app on Android too. Using the free photography app for Android, you can flawlessly edit pictures and create a masterpiece in a few minutes. Unlike most smartphone editing apps, Photoshop Express delivers a full spectrum of tools & effects, right at your fingertips

Notable Features: Adobe Photoshop Express 

  • Enhance color gradients & imagery.
  • Make collages & generate memes.
  • Fix crooked images & distorted angles.
  • Denoise images & sharpen details.
  • Apply a blurry effect to highlight the subject.
  • Enjoy tons of effects, frames, filters & more.
  • Tools to adjust color temperature, vibrance & more.

Install Adobe Photoshop Express now! 


  • Easy sign-up process. 
  • Intuitive dashboard. 
  • A suitable choice for go-to smartphone editing. 


  • Heavy Android application. 
  • Requires permissions to work properly.  

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2. Snapseed

Rating: 4.5 Stars 

Size:  53.78 MB 

Offered By: Google LLC 

My go-to photo editing app for Smartphones is undoubtedly Snapseed. Hands-down, it offers some of the best effects, filters, and a wide range of refining tools, which is hardly available in any of the Best Photography Apps for Android, today. Using the photo editor, you can work on color enhancement, sharpness, exposure, do cropping, straightening, rotating & whatnot. 

Notable Features: Snapseed 

  • Exclusive set of filters, effects & brushes. 
  • Over 20+ tools for photo refining. 
  • Add gorgeous frames & text. 
  • A tool to create a double exposure. 
  • Capable of editing RAW files as well. 

Use Snapseed Now! 


  • Can edit RAW images. 
  • Loaded with professional-grade presets & tools. 
  • Simple finger swipe sliders to edit images on the go. 


  • Have to be vigilant about saving work. 

PART 4= Useful Photo Sharing Tools

Here are WeTheGeek’s Recommendations for safely sharing all your memories with your friends, family & co-workers. 

1. FamilyAlbum

Rating: 4.7 Stars 

Size: 47 MB 

Offered By: Mixi, Inc. 

It is the best way to safely share & organize your memories (in form of pictures & videos). Use this photography app for Android to enjoy fast capabilities to share snaps with your loved ones. Originally, designed to give parents a safe & convenient way to share photos and videos with children & other family members. The Android photo app is all about the security & privacy of users. 

Notable Features: FamilyAlbum 

  • Upload family photos & videos at high speed. 
  • Get comments & reactions from loved ones. 
  • Check if your family has viewed your photos or not. 
  • Invite people to see your album. 
  • Just upload your memories & Family album will create a movie for you. 
  • Create ready-to-share photo books. 

Try using FamilyAlbum Now! 


  • The intuitive process to add a setup profile for family members. 
  • Free photography app for Android & iOS.
  • Create beautiful photo books, without hassles.  


  • Problem in downloading photos in bulk. 

2. Google Photos

Rating: 4.5 Stars 

Size:  32 MB 

Offered By: Google LLC 

You saw this coming, right? Google Photos is a must-have photography app for Android & other OS. Using the popular utility, you can easily upload and share up to five hundred pictures at a time. You can enjoy features like Automatic creation, innovative editing suite & share albums. You can backup all your important images in just a single tap and share them with your dearest ones in no time. 

Notable Features: Google Photos 

  • Create a dedicated album compiled with your best clicks. 
  • Tons of editing tools to adjust lighting & filters. 
  • Search your favorite photos based on people, places & content. 
  • Instantly share photos with any contact through a phone number or email. 
  • Make collages. 

Share Images With Google Photos! 


  • Unlimited free photo storage. 
  • Fairly secure application. 
  • Store, share, view & edit photos/videos in one place. 


  • Creates an excessive risk of sensitive data being exposed. 

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PART 5= Bonus Photography Apps For Android (2021 Picks)

These are the writer’s favorite picks for taking your photography experience to the next level! 

1. 1Weather (Weather App For Photography)

Rating: 4.5 Stars 

Size:  16.96 MB

Offered By: OneLouder Apps 

You must be thinking about why a weather application for Android is included in the list of Best photography apps for Smartphones? Well, you may not realize but 1Weather can help you take your photography experience to the next level. It provides complete weather information, to ensure you don’t have to face any professional hazards. 

Notable Features: 1Weather 

  • Track sunrise, sunset time, Golden hour, Twilights & more. 
  • Get information related to temperature & weather changes. 
  • Shows the weather condition of 12 places of your choice. 
  • Plan & decide to explore your expedition. 

Be prepared & plan for a professional shoot according to 1Weather! 


  • Useful weather widget. 
  • Clean & straightforward design. 
  • Provides weekly & hourly forecasts. 


  • Crashed while testing. 

2. 500px (Location App For Photography)

Rating: 4.5 Stars 

Size: 23 MB  

Offered By: 500px 

500px is one of the most popular photography apps for Android since it helps in finding suitable places for capturing great pics. You can find like-minded people here & professionals who’ll encourage your work and give feedback for producing quality work. You can choose a location and browse photos that have been geotagged by individuals from the 500px community. 

Notable Features: 500px

  • Get GPS coordinates by capturing the photo. 
  • Make use of a handy map for scouting locations. 
  • Get to know some incredible locations for photoshoots. 
  • Discover new styles of capturing snaps from photographers you admire. 

Join the community of over 15 Million photography lovers! 


  • Incredible photography community. 
  • Offers a variety of tools for all levels of photographers. 
  • Showcase your work with a network of talented photographers. 


  • Strict rules about posting content. 

3. HyperFocal Pro (Photography Assistant App)

Rating: 4.4 Stars 

Size: 536 KB 

Offered By: Zendroid 

If you are an avid photographer, you might realize the importance of calculation in photography. Using this photography app for Android, you can get all the necessary information related to the Field of View, Depth of Field, Angle of View, Hyperfocal distance, and whatnot. It is undoubtedly one of the best photo apps if you want to take perfect shots from your smartphone. 

Notable Features: HyperFocal Pro 

  • Provides a graphical representation of shooting scenes to capture perfect shots. 
  • Make use of a customizable hyperfocal distance generator. 
  • Ensures detailed documentation of technical concepts. 
  • Manage profiles for multiple set-ups for shooting. 
  • Allows you to share your research & calculations in multiple file formats. 

Start using this excellent photo app for Android today! 


  • Super easy to use photography app for Android. 
  • Comprehensive DSLR Database. 
  • 100% free, without nagging banners. 


  • Needs to update the Camera list. 

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4. Instagram (Photo Sharing Platform)

Rating: 4.4 Stars 

Size: 34 MB

Offered By: Instagram 

Facebook’s photo-sharing platform gained popularity all over the world in a short period. But how is it a great photography app for users? Well, Instagram allows you to share the talent of your photography with the entire world in a few taps. You can browse pictures uploaded by popular photographers and follow them to get your knowledge enriched. It even offers dedicated filters and tools to enhance your captured photos, before you upload them. 

Notable Features: Instagram 

  • Tons of filters, effects & artistic tools to make your image stand out. 
  • Follow like-minded people and browse their feeds to get inspiration. 
  • Go live with other photographers & share knowledge with the world. 
  • Make use of automation tools to increase traffic & reach a maximum number of individuals. 

Be a part of the Instagram community!


  • Easy to edit pics. 
  • An accessible platform for your target audience.
  • There are always new features being released. 


  • Not suitable for every niche. 
  • It isn’t appropriate for every age group. 

PART 6= Which Is Your Favourite Pick?

So, this was all folks! We hope you found our list of Best Photography Apps For Android useful. You can simply install all of these applications from the Official Google Play Store. Most of them are available for free of cost, while some are paid. But all of them are worth your time, attention, and money! 

If you ask us our personal favorites, we would recommend using ProCam X for shooting and capturing incredible snaps, Snapseed for hassle-free editing & refining. For storage purposes, we recommend using Right Backup, since it offers a secure platform to safeguard your photos and share them with ease. 

Did we miss any other important photography app for Android? Mention them in the comments section below. We’ll be happy to update our list!

PART 7= Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Is The Best Photo Retouching App?

Well, there are a variety of options such as AirBrush, FaceTune 2, Fotor & so on.

Q2. Which Camera App Is Best For Photography?

Q3. How To Hide Your Precious Photos On Android?

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