Flickr Deleting Your Pics? Time To Get A Better Storage Alternative!

Flickr has been the most preferred application for picture storage on the cloud by almost every single person who has tons of memories to stock up in a single organized cloud space. And why it wouldn’t be. The Yahoo-owned platform was once offering 1TB of free data storage for a lifetime.

A perfect place for getting all your memories stacked once and for all. Besides, Flickr, every other cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft One were charging users for additional storage. But now, after Yahoo dissolved into Verizon, the platform has gone to SmugMug, which is also an online and image hosting service.

And now, under new ownership, Flickr is no longer free. In fact, Flickr has deleted random pics from accounts if the number exceeds one-thousand. Several have suffered losses of their best memories and before your time comes, you must switch to a better alternative.

Flickr Deleting Your Pics
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But before you do that, you need to make a fine evaluation. Understand what you’re paying and what you’re getting in return. You need to be aware how much storage you’’’ get post-payment and whether you’re trusting an upfront service provider. Amongst all of the image storage and hosting service providers, Right Backup is a fair choice given on what it offers to consumers. Let’s see what makes Right Backup a perfect alternative to Flickr.

Cost and Storage: No Need to Keep a Clock over Data Storage

Flickr Deleting Your Pic

If you opt for Google Photos, which is included in the Google Drive services, you get 15GB of free storage over Google’s servers. And that 15GB is to be used for all your Google services. Your 15GB starts getting consumed over your documents and Gmail spaces as well. So you don’t get the entire 15GB specifically for pictures and videos. Now a standard picture clicked on a common 15MP mobile phone camera would be of 3-5MB in size. So, you’re definitely facing an early runout on storage here. In Microsoft Onedrive, your free space is reduced to 5GB, and at Dropbox, the same goes down to 2GB.

Now to upgrade, you pay an additional amount to the respective service providers. Let’s see what the major service providers are charging for additional space:

Flickr Year-long Plan: $4.17/mo (billed yearly) Monthly Plan: $5.99/mo
Google Drive 100 GB: $1.99/mo || $19.9/yr
1TB: $9.99/mo || $99.99/yr
2TB: $19.99/mo
10TB: $99.99/mo
20TB: $199.99/mo30TB: $299.99/mo
Microsoft One One Drive 50GB: $1.99/mo
One Drive+Office 365 1TB: $6.99/mo || $69.99/yr
One Drive+Office 365 6TB: $9.99/mo || $99.99/yr
Dropbox 2TB Plus: $9.99/mo
3TB Professional: $16.58/mo
50GB: $0.99/mo
200GB: $2.99/mo
2TB: $9.99/mo

These are the cost of upgrades for storage services that are provided by Google, Dropbox, and Microsoft.


Right Backup rids you from all these confusing pricing plans and storage issues without any hassle. Right Backup from Systweak Software gives a complete 1TB of storage space at reasonable prices. To offer similar and non-biased services to all users, Right backup comes with a single monthly or annually billed plan, which gives you complete cloud backup storage as promised, without hidden conditions and charges. There are two plans for Right Backup storage.

Monthly $14.95/mo
Yearly $149.75

Right Backup plan offers you additional add-ons on this plan. Let’s get into that detail.

Device and OS Compatibility

windows & Mac

Right Backup is independent software which works on both Windows and MacOS. The software runs on all Windows OS platforms from XP to the latest 10.1, as well as on all MacOS versions above MacOS 10.7. And not just this, login credentials that you receive after purchasing the plan are accessible across devices and across platforms. This means that Right Backup can be accessible on mobile phones (both Android and iOS) as well. The application you need to download from the Apple App Store and Android Play Store is Right Backup Anywhere, which acts in direct compatibility with the original Right Backup software purchased for Windows/Mac.


So, there is no extra charge for having the Right Backup on mobile. You get that with the Windows/Mac app and you can just download the mobile counterpart from the respective mobile app store.



It’s no news that tech giants like Google have met heavy public and legal backlashes in regard to data security of users. It has been a very common concern of users that their information and data is sold off to marketing analysts by these firms and is heavily used for pushing advertisements. The revenue models of business corporations like Google and Microsoft has left user information vulnerable to scrutiny from third-party vendors, who, in turn, use that data to fund their ad campaigns.

Ease of Use


Besides having a universal and secure plan, Right Backup is quite easy when it comes to its usage. The software has a basic UI, where you can easily run a backup session, either in automatic mode, or custom mode. You just need to select the folders you need to back up and leave your system for a while to let Right Backup do the job.

Right Backup’s reliability lies in its independence from a secondary associated service. It’s a backup software only and there are no hidden plans or charges that one needs to pay for the device and OS change anytime during the subscription period. With a massive 1TB of cloud space, one can back up a variety of data or information in both written and multimedia formats on the software.

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With Flickr deleting your pics to lure you into paying additional subscription charges and keeping your data at the bay of loss, it’s highly important to switch to a service that never hampers your data or extort additional payments. That being said, you can now choose Right Backup and make a smooth transfer of all your information and data securely.

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