Top 5 Tilt Shift Apps for Miniature Photography

You may have heard about miniature photography before, sometimes referred as miniature faking. Artists who photograph miniature images never fail to amaze with their creativity and skills. Those small & cute photograph makes everyone go Awwwww!

Miniature photographs are nothing but taken with the help of tilt shift camera techniques. The camera movements on small format cameras to use tilt for selective focus results in miniature view.

Tilt-shift lenses or camera with bellows were used before to take photos in such style. Miniature photography is quite hot these days. While learning the technique to click miniature photos is not everybody’s cup of tea. But we can make it as simple as ABC, how? Read the coming blog.

 You just need few ingredients to become an expert of tilt shift photography:

  • Your Android device, any of the camera apps we will share below, and an amazing view, that will look good in their miniaturized form.

Best Tilt Shift Apps to Click Amazing Miniature Photographs

So, are you ready to do some fun in the world of miniature.? Here we go with the list of Top 5 Tilt Shift Apps for everyone who is new in this realm.

  • Tilt-Shift Camera

Tilt-Shift Camera

Tilt-Shift camera tops our list which is entirely dedicated to produce best miniature photographs. Tilt- Shift camera is well known for providing high quality pictures with filters like Tilt-Shift, Diorama, Toy and Miniature.

You can adjust blur, contrast, color & saturation for stronger miniature effect. It also offers a real life or you can say a live preview feature that shows you an end result of the picture before applying a miniature effect.

You can download this 5 Star tilt shift app here!

  •  Snapseed


Developed by Google, Snapseed is treated as one of the most powerful professional apps ever. To manage your tilt-shift photos, you can totally rely on this 30 tool & filter package app.

When we describe a miniature effect, it specifies a technique for blurring background while keeping the central strip of an image sharp. You can do it manually or use specially-made applications like Tilt-shift filter in Snapseed.

All you have to do is the load the picture in Snapseed > look for tilt shift filter at the bottom right corner > alter the height of sharpness by dragging up & down the inner set of lines > control the strength of the blur to your taste and refer tools like adjusting color, contrast & saturation to give the scene a look more like a miniature model.

Available for both iOS & Android!

  • Instagram


Surprised? But yes, Instagram comes with a tilt-shift option that was introduced back in 2012. It’s on our list because, common who doesn’t use Instagram today- it made our life simpler with everything we need is present in a single app. To apply a tilt-shift effect:

  1. Open your phone, launch Instagram!
  2. Once you have selected a photo, click on blue “Next” icon at the top right of your screen. Then, click on Edit option.
  3. Swipe right to see different options, click on the second last one feature i.e. Tilt Shift!
  4. When you apply tilt-shift, another menu pops up that offer three options: Off, Radial, and linear.

–       Off: there’s no bokeh in your picture and tilt shift is off

–       Radial: gives you a circular ring inside which everything gets focused

–       Linear: It offers bokeh horizontally, you can manually adjust the area in focus.

Your picture with On Point tilt shift effect is ready for your Instagram feed!

Download (iOS & Android)

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  • Miniature Camera

Miniature Camera

Generate your own miniature or tilt shift world with this amazing Miniature Camera. Just take your phone, launch this cam and capture photo, this app will automatically convert your picture with great tilt shift/miniature effect in real time.

Like every tilt shift apps, it has several options to change blur radius, adjust focus area up, down, horizontally & vertically, you can even control the size of focused area.

A free tip, for the ones who are looking forward to download this app: Ideally, try to click a picture from a distance of at least 50 feet. Try adjusting your angle to get rid of distracting elements.

  • Awesome Miniature- Tilt Shift

Awesome Miniature- Tilt Shift

Last in order but not of importance, Awesome Miniature- Tilt Shift is another powerful app devoted towards compactness or miniaturization. It has Live Blur feature which makes it stand out. It helps in controlling the blurring of a scene in real-time.

It also offers a Compare Button through which you can check all the changes made into your photo with the original one. Pretty nice feature, right? No this it consists 30 awesome effects, editing features with real time controlling.

You can save your picture in various resolutions up to the size of 2048 PX. Though it’s available for free, but to get a pro version with more editing option you can buy it at the price of $3.99.

Download this wonderful package of features, right here

A Bonus Tip for Beginners: To give a great miniature effect to your picture, try to shoot the subject from a high angle (or The Bird’s-eye view). All you need to start with a tilt shift lens that simulates a shallow depth of field, which helps in creating an illusion of looking down to a miniature form.

There aren’t many apps dedicated to miniature photography, after assaying from eligible apps we listed these top 5 Tilt Shift Apps. We hope this article has excited the mini photographer inside you. So, stand and go out to capture the miniature world. You can also share your beautiful miniature pictures here in the comment section below! Also let us know which app worked the best for you.

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