[Solved] You Are Not Currently Using a Display Attached to an NVIDIA GPU

If you’ve ever used an Nvidia graphics card on your desktop computer, you’ll be aware of the “Not Currently Using Display Attached to Nvidia GPU” error. Users’ top choices for graphics cards are NVIDIA products. Meanwhile, several users have recently brought up the issue with NVIDIA’s graphic cards’ display settings.

This error message typically appears when you try to open NVIDIA graphics settings. When you launch the NVIDIA Control panel, if the error message “Not Currently Using Display Attached to Nvidia GPU” appears, don’t panic; we’ve got you covered.

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But what does it mean? Should you be worried about this error message? Does it indicate some severe problem with your graphics card? Fortunately, no. It is just an alert from Windows that detects when the discrete graphics card is not in use. Read on to know more about this error and how to fix this error once and for all.

Reasons Causing  “Not Currently Using Display Attached to Nvidia GPU” Error

Understanding the potential causes of the problem with the NVIDIA Control Panel is crucial before moving on to possible fixes. So here, take a look at some possible causes of this error.

  • It’s possible that the monitor/display cable is not plugged in correctly into the GPU display ports or is connected incorrectly.
  • This problem could arise if your PC’s NVIDIA Graphics Driver is damaged or missing.
  • It’s possible that the GPU is not activated for the Display or the PC’s GPU services are turned off.

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Now let’s jump on to the fixes for the above-stated issue.

How To Fix the “Not Currently Using Display Attached to Nvidia GPU” Error

It isn’t a serious problem and does not mean your graphics card has failed. In general, it is merely an alert informing you that you have connected your monitor to the wrong graphics card or that there is something else related to your computer that could be stealing power from the GPU.

Follow these fixes step-by-step so you can use your Nvidia graphics card again.

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Fix 1: Ensure Your Monitor Cable is plugged correctly into the right GPU display port

Unbelievably, it is among the simplest remedies that can be as simple as plugging your display cable into the appropriate GPU’s display port. This is mainly aimed at desktop users with CPUs that have integrated graphics.  Some individuals make the error of connecting the display cable to the motherboard instead of the GPU card itself. The discrete graphics card is ignored because the display uses integrated graphics instead.

If you’re one of the users who feel uneasy using your hardware, speak with a specialist to have it examined. Once finished, check to see if the “Not Currently Using Display Attached to Nvidia GPU” error has been removed or not.

Not Currently Using Display Attached to Nvidia GPU

The steps below can be used to determine which GPU your display is utilizing:

  • Press the “Windows” button and type “settings,” and tap on “Open” to launch “Windows Settings.”
    Not Currently Using Display Attached to Nvidia GPU
  • Then click on “Display” and now scroll down a bit and under the “Related settings,” choose “Advanced settings.”
    Not Currently Using Display Attached to Nvidia GPU Not Currently Using Display Attached to Nvidia GPU
  • Here you can find your display’s GPU under “Display information.”
    Not Currently Using Display Attached to Nvidia GPU

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Fix 2: Disable Automatic GPU Driver Updates

  • Press the “Windows” button and then type “View advanced system settings” and tap on “Open.”
    Not Currently Using Display Attached to Nvidia GPU
  • Choose the “Hardware” tab and click “Device Installation Settings.”
    Not Currently Using Display Attached to Nvidia GPU
  • A pop-up device installation settings window will appear to choose the option “No” from it and hit the “Save changes” button.
    Not Currently Using Display Attached to Nvidia GPU
  • Select the OK button in the “System Properties” box to finish the procedure.
    Not Currently Using Display Attached to Nvidia GPU

Fix 3: Update the Nividia GPU Drivers

The next step is to ensure that your Nvidia GPU drivers are the latest. However, you can manually update  NVIDIA drivers via the company’s official website. This approach requires knowledgeable, skilled people to search for and download relevant drivers. Using a fully automated driver updater application is a simple way to update NVIDIA GPU drivers.

Advanced Driver Updater by Systweak Software can update the drivers automatically if you lack the time, patience, or ability to do so manually. Your PC/Laptop will be instantly recognized by Advanced Driver Updater, which will then locate the appropriate drivers. You are not required to be aware of the specific OS your computer is using; you are not required to bother downloading the incorrect driver, and you don’t need to worry about installing it incorrectly. Advanced Driver Updater manages everything.

This is a much faster approach compared to using the device manager to update the drivers. Follow these steps below to update your Nvidia GPU drivers with the help of Advanced Driver Updater.

  • Download and install the Advanced Driver Updater by clicking on this.
  • After installation, double-click on the ADU icon to launch it.
    Advanced Driver Updater
  • To begin scanning, choose the “Start Scan Now” button.
    final fantasy 14 crash
  • Choose “Update All” to address any driver problems if you are a registered user. If not, and you are using a free trial version, you must update drivers one at a time by selecting “Update driver” for each outdated driver.
    advanced driver updater
  • After updating the Nvidia GPU drivers, check to see if the problem persists.

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To Wrap This Up

So, by following these above-stated methods step-by-step, you can easily fix this “Not Currently Using Display Attached to Nvidia GPU” error. Tell us which of the following approaches worked best for you. Please share your experience with us. And if you have any valuable suggestions or questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below. We would love to hear back from you.

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