Microsoft Build 2023: Key Highlights from The Event

Much Like Google I/O and Apple’s WWDC (WorldWide Developers Conference), tech giant Microsoft has its own developer event ‘Microsoft Build.’ Just as Google I/O and WWDC captivate the developer community with their groundbreaking unveilings, Microsoft’s Build emerges as the platform for the tech giant to showcase its latest features and engage professionals who rely on its tools.

With the commencement of Microsoft Build 2023 on Tuesday, the stage was set for a cascade of exciting revelations from the technology behemoth. Breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of innovation, Microsoft left no stone unturned in its quest to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into an extensive array of its applications and services. From the highly anticipated Windows 11 to the ubiquitous Microsoft 365 suite, the company unveiled its ambitious plans to harness the power of AI.

Microsoft Build 2023: Big Announcements

Microsoft’s highly anticipated developer conference, Build 2023, the tech giant delivered a series of significant announcements. With a keen focus on AI, Microsoft unveiled a collection of major updates and reveals during this flagship event. 

Let’s dive into the highlights of the key announcements that have captured the attention of every user who uses Microsoft tools. 

1. Windows 11 with AI Copilot

Windows 11 with AI Copilot
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Prepare to witness an intelligent revolution on Windows 11 as Microsoft introduces its formidable AI companion, Copilot, to the operating system. With an already proven track record of seamlessly integrating into Edge, Office apps, and GitHub, Copilot now takes its rightful place within the Windows 11 taskbar.

Microsoft has revealed its plans to conduct public testing of this remarkable feature starting next month, paving the way for wider adoption in the near future. A  single click on the Copilot icon reveals an immersive sidebar experience, poised to revolutionize how you interact with your apps. Seamlessly integrated into your workflow, this intelligent companion awaits your commands, ready to rewrite, summarize, and provide explanations for text across various applications. 

Not stopping there, Copilot extends its capabilities to enable convenient adjustments to your computer’s settings, putting you in complete control.

2. Bing and ChatGPT

Embarking on an exciting collaboration, OpenAI has chosen Bing as the default search engine for its esteemed ChatGPT chatbot. Starting May 23, ChatGPT Plus users will witness a new dimension of knowledge as Bing-generated citations are seamlessly incorporated into the ChatGPT responses. Not leaving free users behind, OpenAI has also unveiled a plugin that extends similar functionality to all, enabling them to leverage the power of Bing within ChatGPT. 

3. Use Microsoft 365 Copilot with Plug-ins

In the development surrounding Microsoft’s 365 Copilot, the tech giant unveiled a useful upgrade: the introduction of plug-ins. Expanding the capabilities of this AI assistant, Microsoft now supports three primary categories of plug-ins. These encompass Power Platform connectors, Teams message extensions, and tools leveraging the cutting-edge technology pioneered by ChatGPT. 

Moreover, users will have the liberty to choose from a myriad of third-party plug-ins, providing an unparalleled level of customization and flexibility.

4. AI-infused Windows Terminal

Prepare for an extraordinary collaboration as Windows Terminal embraces the power of AI with an integrated chatbot fueled by GitHub Copilot. Developers utilizing GitHub Copilot can now harness the chatbot’s capabilities directly within Terminal, enabling them to execute diverse actions, receive insightful code recommendations, and gain comprehensive explanations for errors.

Microsoft announced its exploration of integrating GitHub Copilot into other essential developer tools, including the widely used WinDBG. 

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5. Integration of 365 Copilot in Microsoft Edge

Integration of 365 Copilaot
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Microsoft introduces 365 Copilot to Edge in an exclusive preview. This game-changing addition promises to deliver a host of powerful work-based functionalities right at your fingertips within the Edge sidebar. Designed to enhance productivity and streamline workflows, the tool harnesses the content of the website you’re browsing to offer intelligent assistance. Seamlessly collaborating with Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Outlook, Excel, and more. 

Imagine effortlessly drafting an email, seamlessly adding crucial data to a spreadsheet, or effortlessly generating status updates derived from chat threads. This is just a glimpse of the boundless potential that awaits you. 

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6. Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Microsoft introduced a developer-centric platform, aptly named Microsoft Fabric. This groundbreaking platform aims to be a comprehensive hub for analytics, catering to all your data requirements with a unified approach. With an extensive toolkit encompassing data engineering, warehousing, science, integration, real-time analytics, and beyond, Microsoft Fabric positions itself as the ultimate solution for developers seeking a robust analytics platform. 


Embracing its identity as a developer’s haven, Microsoft Build served as the ultimate platform for unveiling a multitude of announcements tailored specifically for developers. With a keen focus on empowering the developer community, Microsoft delivered a plethora of exciting updates and breakthroughs during this extraordinary event. 

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