How To Change Windows Terminal Background Image

One simple method to personalize your command line experience is to change the background image of the Windows Terminal. This enhances the experience and gives it a more personalized feel. Three techniques to modify the Terminal background image in Windows 11 are described in this tutorial.

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How To Change Windows Terminal Background Image

Method 1: Use The Options To Modify Windows Terminal Background Image

Using its option is the simplest approach to modify the background image of Windows Terminal. To achieve this, launch Windows Terminal and modify the app’s settings. This is how you do it:

Step 1: Open the Windows Terminal program by clicking on the Windows icon to access the Start menu. Then choose Terminal from the list after typing “Terminal” into the search field.


Step 2: The Settings option may be found by clicking the dropdown menu icon in the top left corner of the Terminal application once it has been launched.

Settings option

Step 3: Navigate to Defaults in the left column of the settings box. To enlarge appearance, move to the right side of the page and press Appearance.


Step 4: Click the Background picture path option after navigating to the Background image section.

Background picture path

Step 5: Next, select the background image you wish to use by clicking the Browse option.

Browse option

Step 6: To confirm your choice, click Open. You should now be able to see the chosen image as the terminal’s background.

Note: The background image path option also allows you to easily copy and paste a picture’s file path.

Step 7: After that, simply click the Save button to set the background image.

You should now be able to see your personalized background image in the Windows terminal.

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Method 2: Use The File Explorer To Modify Windows Terminal Background Image

Another excellent method for changing the background picture of your Windows Terminal is json. Open the settings.json file in any text editor, such as Notepad. This is how you do it:

Step 1: Open Windows File Explorer by pressing Win + E.

Step 2: Double-click on C: drive and then click on the User folder.

Windows Terminal

Step 3: Open the AppData folder and the Local folder after finding your username in this folder.

Step 4: Locate and open the Packages folder in the Local folder.

Step 5: Locate and open the folder named Microsoft.WindowsTerminal_8wekyb3d8bbwe.


Step 6: Finally, double-click Settings to open settings.json.

Step 7: There is a section called backgroundImage in the settings.json file.  Use Ctrl + F to locate it quickly.

Step 8: To set your own image as the Windows Terminal background, input its path here.

After pasting the picture path, save the settings file and quit the text editor. Simply restart your Windows Terminal to apply this new background image. The terminal window should now show the updated background image.

Method 3: Use The Command Prompt To Modify Windows Terminal Background Image

You can also modify the background image for your Windows Terminal using the Run Command. You can easily access and alter the settings.json file using this tool as opposed to looking for it in Windows File Explorer. Utilizing the Run Command tool, adhere to following guidelines to change your Windows Terminal backdrop image:

Step 1: Press Win + R to open the Run command.

Step 2: Put the following command in the text box, then hit Enter:



Step 3: By doing so, the settings.json file’s location in the Local State folder will be opened.

Step 4: Select Open with -> Notepad with a right-click on Settings.

Open with notepad

Step 5: Replace the picture path with your own by descending to the backgroundImage section and scrolling down.

Step 6: To save the changes, hit Ctrl + S on your keyboard.

You now understand how to use the Run Command tool to change the background image of your Windows Terminal.

The Final Word

The background picture can be easily added to or modified in the Windows Terminal. All you have to do is open the settings.json file, where you can also change the transparency of your image. Just keep in mind to restart Windows Terminal when you’re through editing. To understand how to customize Windows, read this article.

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