10 Best Terminal Emulators for Windows 11/10

Looking for a Terminal emulator for your Windows PC? Terminal emulators are used by Windows and Linux users to connect to the operating system’s command-line interface (or simply called “command prompt”). Users of Windows terminals are forced to utilize a third-party Windows 10 terminal emulator due to its shortcomings.

Terminal emulators play a crucial role in operating systems, and Linux users are no exception. Terminal emulators allow you to run apps, terminal commands, and other tools using the command line interface.

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Need for Terminal Emulators for Windows 11/10

PowerShell is now available in Windows for shell scripting and other tasks that Command Prompt could not perform. But, the third-party terminal emulator for PC offers the additional functionality that programmers, network, and system administrators require in their terminals.

But due to the customization and extra capabilities offered by third-party terminal emulators for Windows, tech-savvy individuals prefer them.

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10 Best Terminal Emulators for Windows 10/11

A terminal emulator is a program that emulates software operations and permits the computer system to connect to a remote system via a command line or graphical interface. The Secure Socket Shell (SSH) encrypted network protocol enables file transfers between the host computer and the distant machine. This program allows the host computer to run the remote computer in addition to file transfers.

Many different terminals can be used on these operating systems. To help you out, we have carefully selected the 10 best terminal emulators for the Windows platform.

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Let’s check them out!

1. ZOC Terminal


For those programmers who wish to access data on UNIX workstations from Windows, this is the ideal SSH client. Although it is not free, it has several great features for power users. This is a one-stop tool for developers since it integrates access to text-based servers and distant workstations. It supports a variety of connection methods, including Telnet, ISDN, and SSH.


  1. ZOC supports keyboard and mouse input.
  2. It has a modern user interface that simplifies your job.
  3. The user can look for text and highlight it using automatic highlight features.
  4. Lots of customization options.

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2. MobaXterm


With this all-in-one tool, remote computing is simple. MobaXtrem has home and professional editions, respectively, are its paid-for and free versions. This modern terminal emulator for Windows includes a tabbed SSH client, network tools, and other features. You can simultaneously perform the same command on several servers using Mobaxterm.


  1. An interface that is easy to use.
  2. There is a password vault.
  3. Portable and lightweight
  4. You can easily save MobaXterm on a Flash drive and use it anywhere because it includes a portable version.

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3. Xshell


Xshell is a robust terminal emulator for Windows 10/11 that efficiently mimics a host system. It is a licensed Windows 10 terminal emulator regarded as the most capable SSH Client in the industry. Additionally, Xshell is designed for Windows PCs but can easily connect to Linux servers. Finally, it is renowned and regarded as one of the finest terminals for its privacy and security. There is, therefore, no chance of data loss.


  1. It has a function called automatic terminal lock to prevent any unauthorized access.
  2. Support for the serial, telnet, and SSH protocols.
  3. Updates are downloaded and installed automatically.
  4. Your data is safe because it uses the MIT Kerberos verification technique.

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4. Cmder


Cmder is an open-source & free Windows terminal emulator. The Cmder is an outstanding Windows 11/10 terminal emulator in C++ and Powershell. It provides a Unix capability to a Windows PC, making it workable with MinTTY,myysgit, and PowerShell. This terminal emulator, which is portable on a USB stick, simulates video gaming consoles on your computer.


  1. Programmers can utilize a portable version of it on a USB drive.
  2. Works nicely with command-line programs.
  3. To build unique color and transparency schemes, Cmder provides a Monokai color scheme.
  4. VS Code terminal is also compatible with Cmder.

5. FireCMD


If you want to establish a UNIX-like environment on Windows, FireCMD is the ideal solution. Users can perform multiple tasks because it supports multiple tabs. Its basic GUI, which resembles another Windows office program, makes it incredibly simple to use for even non-technical people. FireCMD allows you to run multiple console programs simultaneously in a tabbed interface.


  1. Has multiple tabs feature with an intuitive interface.
  2. Provides support for HTML and CSS.
  3. Several programming and scripting languages are supported.
  4. Fonts, style, and color can all be changed.

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6. ConEmu


ConEmu is a tabbed console emulator that’s also open-source and designed primarily for Windows. It is an open-source, free Windows 10 terminal emulator that provides support for various console programs, including WinAPI, Cmd, PowerShell, and others. This practical, thorough, quick, and reliable tool serves as a terminal for GUI-based apps.


  1. It provides a suitable, consistent, and friendly method of changing the window’s size.
  2. Supports resizing of windows dynamically.
  3. It is free and open-source software.
  4. Separates and organizes the various apps into tabs.

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7. Hyper


Hyper is another remarkable software that runs on several operating systems. It is a terminal emulator on Windows, Linux, and Mac. For speed and stability, HTML/CSS is used in the development process of Hyper.  The primary purpose is to establish a dial-up connection with another system. This tool can easily connect to several systems using SSH and a dial-up modem.


  1. It is open-source software that is free.
  2. It can transport data between networks such as hosts & servers.
  3. Plugin supports.
  4. Lots of options for customization.

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8. Babun


Another high-level tool based on Cygwin is Babun. A shell that was created in Windows using Cygwin, a UNIX-like environment. It includes zsh, a community-supported framework for managing Zsh settings. A Pact is a feature that Babun already has built-in. Developers can access shell provisions at any time, thanks to this Pact functionality. It also has a lot of add-ons that greatly expand its capabilities.


  1. Beginners may use it since it is simple to set up.
  2. Enables the running of Linux applications.
  3. Has all the features of Cygwin and much more.
  4. Intitutavie and easy-to-use User Interface.

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9. Git Bash Terminal


You may use the Git Bash tool to operate Git in the BASH emulator. Additionally, programmers noticed the great value in this tool due to the widespread use of Git and GitHub in many projects. You will be able to experiment with other functionalities, such Git Aliases, after properly installing Git Bash on your Windows machine. The Git Bash terminal software is fully compatible with Windows 11, much like Windows Terminal.


  1. Easy to Install and Set up.
  2. It is extremely flexible.
  3. Lots of options for customization.
  4. Right-click on a folder in Windows Explorer to enter the BASH or GUI.

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10. Mintty


For programmers who mostly utilize Cygwin for Windows Shell, Mintty is a unique piece of open-source software that is perfect. Mintty is a lightweight, open-source console emulator that works flawlessly alongside Cygwin for Windows shell. The display is clear and supports emojis, graphics, and photos. However, Mintty’s compatibility with xterm is its biggest benefit.


  1. It is lightweight and Portable.
  2. To make programming easier, Mintty provides a drag-and-drop feature.
  3. Using UFT-8, you can encrypt any character that exists.
  4. Users can customize fonts and colors to suit their preferences.

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To Wrap This Up

SO, our list of best terminal emulators for Windows 11/10 ends here, and these are some of the greatest terminal emulators available online. You can get any of the ten terminal emulators listed above according to your preference. Please leave a comment if you know of any worthy application that is absent from our list. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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