Microsoft Integrates Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT) With Its Search Engine – Bing

Microsoft called a surprise meeting on 7th Feb 2023 where it announced “A new day for the search” and revealed a plan for integrating AI tech with Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. This meeting was called after Google announced its “Live From Paris” AI meeting and scheduled a day before Google’s big announcement.


Microsoft Integrates ChatGPT With Its Search Engine – Bing

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced on Tuesday that Microsoft’s long-struggling Bing search engine will incorporate the robust powers of language-based artificial intelligence, ushering in what he called a new era for the online search.

Using the AI bot ChatGPT’s creators’ technology can be seen as an unprecedented challenge to Google’s two-decade reign of power over the search engine market. Instead of the usual list of links to external websites, Microsoft expects that bolstering Bing with ChatGPT will significantly change online search by offering ready-made answers utilizing several sources.

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Why Does Microsoft Want To Integrate AI In Bing?

Most of you know that Google has dominated the search engine and browser industry with Google Chrome and Google search engine integrated into it. Google Chrome was an amazing browser compared to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Apple’s Netscape. Even though Microsoft tried to revamp its browser by releasing Edge browser integrated with the Bing search engine, it was not able to shake Google from its top position.

Microsoft wanted to do something different to capture the market share and become the number one search engine provider. A third party, OpenAI, enters the search engine market with an AI Chatbot tool known as ChatGPT.

Microsoft understands that this is the perfect opportunity to get back at Google and promises an investment of $10 Billion with Open AI. And within a few days, Microsoft announces that the Bing search engine will now be integrated with ChaptGPT, an AI bot that will take Bing to another level.

How Can You Use the All New AI Integrated Bing?

The integration of ChatGPT AI Bot and Bing is probably one of the biggest technology news of 2023 and the first step in changing the world of search engines as we know it. Google has also leaked information about its own AI Bot “Bard” and we are still waiting for the official announcement. However, these search engines are not available to use by the common public just now. To use the new Bing, you have to register and join the waitlist. Here is how you can do that:

Step 1: Visit the new Bing website using any browser.

Step 2: Click on the “Join the waitlist” button.

Join the waitlist

Step 3: Sign in with a Microsoft account.

Sign in with a Microsoft account

Step 4: Enter the code sent to your email as a one-time verification procedure.

one-time verification procedure

Step 5: You will be redirected to a page stating “Great! You’re on the waitlist”.


Step 6: Click on the Access the new Bing faster button.

Click on the Access

Step 7: The next step allows you to get ahead in line after completing a task. That includes installing the Bing App on your mobile device by scanning a QR code or by Setting Microsoft as the default browser and search engine on your PC.

Microsoft as the default browser

That’s It, Now you have to wait until you can start using the all-new Microsoft Bing integrated with AI.

Note: Remember, you can skip Step 7 if you do not want to use Bing as your default search engine for now.

Why Is Google Worried?

Before ChatGPT suddenly appeared on the scene two months ago, any meaningful challenge to Google’s dominance seemed inconceivable. Search is Google’s biggest source of revenue. With 84 percent of the global search engine market share, Google’s search engine generates tens of billions of dollars in ad sales each quarter. It accounts for more than two-thirds of the tech giant’s overall revenue. In the previous year, Bing had a mere 9% market share. Google reportedly deemed ChatGPT’s enormous success a “code red” threat to the firm and transferred teams to come up with an immediate solution and speed up ongoing AI development.

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What Does The Future Of Search Engines Speak Of?

Future Of Search Engines

Google announced on Monday that it would be releasing its own version of ChatGPT, a bot named Bard that would similarly provide near-immediate replies upon request, ahead of Microsoft’s debut because it was alarmed by the unexpected rivalry. In the meantime, Google has already added more conversational features to its search engine, such as delivering quick links to the questions that are most frequently related to a search request.

Chinese search engine giant Baidu announced on Tuesday that it was getting ready to release “Ernie Bot,” an AI-powered chatbot, albeit the exact launch date was not disclosed.

It would also be interesting to know that before ChatGPT was released, OpenAI had dazzled computer nerds with Dall-E 2, a program that generates digital graphics in response to a straightforward command. There are no reports related to Dall-E 2’s future integration with Bing or any other tool that matched Dall-E 2 capabilities.

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Microsoft VS Google

Microsoft VS Google

Here are a few events related to Browsers and Search Engines that display the Microsoft VS Google rivalry.

Google Does Not Exist. 1995 Microsoft launches Internet Explorer Browser.
1998 Google founded and introduces Google Search 1998 Microsoft introduces MSN Search
2007 Google introduces Universal Search feature in Google Search. 2006 MSN Search rebranded to Live Search
2008 Google launches Chrome Browser. 2009 Live Search rebranded to Bing.

(Because It’s Not Google)

2012 Google processes knowledge graph feature. 2015 Microsoft introduces the Edge browser.
2020 Google did not release any major updates during the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic. 2020 Microsoft rebuilds Edge based on the Chromium platform
8 Feb 2023 Google’s announcement about integrating its own AI tech, Bard (based on LaMDA) with Google Search. 7 Feb 2023 Microsoft announces integration of AI chatbot, Chat GPT with Bing.
  • Please note the Google Event “ Live from Paris” has not occurred yet at the time of writing and publishing this blog.

Your Thoughts On Integrating AI Chat Bots With Search Engines

It is interesting to know all about Microsoft VS Google and trust me this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more to know about the rivalry in the field of cloud computing, Office apps, and more. But that is a different story for a different time.

It is important to note that while our search results would be more enhanced using AI-integrated technology, where does that leave our data security and privacy?

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