How To Make Split Screen Videos In Windows 10

Well, you’ve landed in the right place. In this post, we will discuss how to make a multi-screen music video. As the name infers, split-screen or multi-screen video means playing two videos simultaneously side by side, up-down, vertically, or in any style. 

These days to create comparison videos, promotional videos, or even to make conversational video side by side video technique is used. If you are also fascinated by it and want to learn how to make two videos side by side, you are in luck. In this write-up, we will discuss how to make a split-screen video using Wondershare Filmora X. Also, you can read our previous post on Best Split Screen Video editor to know about the other tools.

Though there are several video editors available in the market. But this one comes in handy for both beginners and advanced users. Moreover, it offers animated split-screen presets that help quickly create a multi-screen video.

How To Make Split Screen Videos

So, without any further delay, let us learn how to use Wondershare Filmora X and make multi-screen music videos. 

How To Make A Multi-Screen Video using Presets?

1. Download and install Wondershare Filmora X 

2. Launch the split-screen video editor. 

3. Create a new project by pressing Ctrl + N

Wondershare Filmora X

4. Import the media files by clicking Import > Import Media Files

How To Make Split Screen Videos

5. From the toolbar, click Split Screen and select from the available preset.

Wondershare Filmora X

6. Right-click the preset > Apply

How To Make Split Screen Videos

7. Now that you have added a preset to the timeline, it’s time to add the video.

8. Before that to access the advanced split-screen option, double click the added preset. 

9. Next, drag and drop the video clip in the preview window and arrange clips on the side-by-side screen. 

10. Trim the split-screen video (if required) and adjust the starting time of each added video clip

11. Click Ok to save the changes

Note: To make division visible you use the border option 

12. Thereafter, to add music to split-screen video, add the audio file and place it on the respective tracks of the timeline. This will merge the audio into the music and you will get a side-by-side video with music. 

13. Once all the changes and edits are made, hit Export and save the side-by-side screen video in different formats. 

That’s it, using these simple steps every time you want to create a multi-screen video you can. In addition to this using Wonderware Filmora, you can also create your split-screen video without preset styles.

How to create Split Screen Video Without Using Presets?

1. Drag and drop the multiple video clips on different timelines. 

2. Select the clip > preview them > remove the unwanted part.

3. Split the screen in half or in the portion you want. Adjust the position using the transform option.

4. Drag and drop the rotate or scale slider.

5. Apply Effects > manage the audio effects > export the split-screen video and save it in the format of your choice. 

This is how you can create a side-by-side video with or without presets. 

Conclusion: How To Create A Multi-screen Video?

To make videos more creative and to grab viewers’ attention the split-screen effect can be used. Using it, you can make a person appear at different places at the same time. It’s like the person has cloned themselves. 

As explained, you can use Fillmore Wondershare to create a split-screen window. Also, you can use the presets and advanced video editing options to create a multi-screen video. Hope you enjoyed reading the post and will use Filmora to create jaw-dropping and astonishing videos. 

Do share your experience with us in the comments section below.  Your feedback matters. If you like the article and find it useful, share it with others and upvote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I make a split-screen video for free?

  • Download and install Wondershare Filmora X 
  • Run the best split-screen video editor. 
  • Create a new project or press Ctrl + N to create a new project. 
  • Click Import to add media into the media library.
  • Next, click the split-screen button > choose from the list of presets > drag and drop it onto the timeline.
  • Double click the side-by-side screen preset to access advanced options.
  • Drag videos and arrange them. 
  • Trim the split-screen video and adjust the start time of each video > Ok 
  1. To add border checkmark border option 
  2. Save the multi-screen video and hit Export to upload or burn it on a DVD. 

Q2. How do I put two videos together side by side?

To put two videos side by side, you can either use Wondershare Filmora X or can use Collage Maker the free online tool to create side by side video. 

Q3. Can you split a video on one screen?

When using Wondershare Filmora X yes,  you can split a video on one screen. Place video on timeline > play the clip > to split the video, select the part you want to remove and that’s it.

Q4. How do you make a split-screen video in Windows Movie Maker?

  1. Launch Windows Movie Maker
  2. Import the video clip.
  3. Head to the toolbar > click Split Screen. 
  4. Select the screen type. 
  5. Customize split screen settings. 
  6. Export video and save the video in the format you would like to use it. 

Q5. How to use a Shotcut as a split-screen video editor?

  1. Open Shotcut the split-screen video editor 
  2. Import video > add a filter > adjust size and position > select Distort > set the size. 
  3. Add another video just below the first one and make the changes. 
  4. This will give you a multi-screen video. 

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