Make Google Lens App Useful With These Features

Google Lens App has some amazing features, and we would like to list them out for you. Be it finding all about the book by scanning its cover or identifying objects around you. It has helped users in many aspects. We would like to talk about such features, which will help you in everyday life. Presently Google Lens app is only available for Android devices. You can get the app from Google Play Store, and it works fine with the inbuilt camera. Google Lens app for iOS devices is available for the use of object identification and other features. Let’s learn some of the latest features and other unique usages of the Google Lens on your smartphone.

Use These Features to Make Life Easier With Google Lens App

Here are some of the best features of the Google Lens app. Along with the latest updates from Google Lens, which will now make the app more powerful to be used on multiple devices.

1. Pronunciation

Image source: Google Blog official website

As you are about to read a script for a video or a speech and not sure about how to pronounce a word? Use Google Lens app to help you out, with the scan using the phone camera. You can point out the text to Google Lens and then, select the word. Tap on the Listen button on the screen, which is a recent addition to Google Lens app. It will play the word on your speaker for you to understand how to pronounce it.

2. Copy To Computer

Copy To Computer
Image source: Google Blog official website

Google Lens app can now be much more helpful with the new feature. This will enable you to copy a handwritten note to be sent directly to your computer. It requires you to have a device connected to the same Google account as on your smartphone. All you need to do is point out the camera to Google Lens to detect it and show in text. Now, you will see the options below it, tap on Copy to a computer. The text will immediately go to the connected Google account, and you can use it on your computer with the paste command.

3. Translate Words

Translate Words

Another feature of Google Lens is that it can pick up the words from handwriting, printed copy. The people can use it to copy a text when walking out quickly. Think of it as the way of taking your grocery list with your phone. Trying to look up that quote? Just scan it with your Google Lens app. You can also translate the words with the help of Google Lens app and help yourself in a foreign country.

4. Track Packages

Track Packages

Use Google Lens to track your packages with its wonderful scan technique. If you always worry about when your packages will reach its destination, this app is for you. All you need to do is point your camera to the package details. Google Lens app will then pick up the information from it and search Google for the tracking detail page of the logistics. It is a clear and easy way of keeping track of all the packages you send. As a retail or manufacturing unit, you can take advantage of this app a lot.

5. Add Business Contacts

In a hurry, but need to get that contact information with you after a client meeting. Just swipe your phone out and scan the business card. Your work will be done by Google Lens app, as it saves up the details. So just open your app and scan any business cards for trying out. It gives you instant results from Google for the images and also the option to add the details on the Contact.

6. Detect URLs From Other Devices

This has been a problem since ever as we want to open up the same web pages from the desktop. One method is to bookmark the webpage and use it in the synced device with the same Google account. Google Lens app makes it easier for you to copy those URLs from the computer. Just have to point out the phone camera on the address bar of your browser. Google Lens app works like a charm for picking up the text, and then, you can see the search results for it. Open the webpage directly on your mobile phone.

7. Get Information About The Objects In Images

Get Information About The Objects In Images

While you are doing an image search on Google, you will now see a Google Lens icon on them. You can tap on it, and select certain objects to search more about them. This also works for the Google Lens app as it will help you find out about the objects you are looking at. It can be any object such as a bag, and you can get shopping websites as related information. Point out the camera on an object and then, tap on the item you need to inspect online. This will help you find Google search results on it with similar objects.

Wrapping up

These are all the unique ways for you to use Google Lens app on your phone. With the latest feature added on the Google search, you can also look for the items on the images. This feature works for iOS devices as well, so enjoy the little change which you can see with the Chrome update.

We hope this article will be helpful to you as you can use Google Lens for more than one reason. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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    In Firefox I normally use right-click > “Open in new tab” when browsing web pages. This can also be done when clicking on a bookmark. . . Is there any way to get Firefox to do this automatically (by default) when left-clicking a bookmark instead of having to do the right click?.

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