7 Best Free Speech-to-Text Apps For Android in 2023

“I don’t want to type today at all as I am traveling but need to finish up the blogs today.”, as soon as I told my colleague, she instantly asked me to go for a speech to text app. Honestly, I was a little hesitant to go for it at first, thinking it would not be so cool. But after I tried one of the best speech to text app, I went through my journey looking at the beautiful roads, greenery, and sunset while finishing the whole assignment.

A good speech to text app works with minimum errors, can deal with complexities and contains advanced technologies. If you also want to go for any of the speech to text apps, we are compiling here the list for you.

Although, Android has a native speech to text feature that can be accessed in the following manner. Settings > Personal > Language and input > Speech > Text-to-speech output, for more of the voice to text apps, scroll down!

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Best Speech To Text App (Free) 2023 Edition

1. Google Keyboard

Usually installed in all new Android devices, Gboard can be downloaded through Google Play Store as well. Interestingly, it doesn’t let you switch between various apps and works all-in-one.

Google Keyboard


  • Offers Voice typing where you can dictate, and the rest of the work is done on its own.
  • Change the handwriting style in cursive or printed letters.
  • It provides hundreds of languages like Arabic, Assamese, Turkish, Vietnamese, etc.
  • Gestures are workable with this best free speech to text app.

Download Here!

2. Speechnotes

A speech to text app that can tackle non-stop and unlimited dictation is right here! It has been used by various bloggers, writers, drivers, joggers, and many others who call themselves multitaskers. Oh yeah!



  • Quick timestamps and codes to note down full date-time, only date, etc.
  • No worries if longer breaks are taken in between the dictation. It keeps working as per your wish.
  • Reduces spelling errors on own, exports file in other formats and share with friends straight away.
  • Recognizes verbal commands like punctuations, new lines, etc.

Download Here!

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3. SpeechTexter

Very simple to use and easily navigable, just tap on the microphone button and start speaking. This powerful speech to text app will show you the best results in no-time.

SpeechTexter - best speech to text app


  • Easily create long posts, SMS, emails, tweets, etc.
  • Multiple supported languages like Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Lao, etc.
  • None of the speeches is stored in their own servers thankfully. Yet, Google servers might keep in their backend.

Note: This app has been discontinued.

4. ListNote Speech-To-Text Notes

Another speech to text app is here to take down all your notes without much errors or glitches.

ListNote Speech-To-Text Notes


  • With a single button tap, hands-free speech recognition is activated.
  • Make easy filters to find notes later and organize them in the library.
  • Deleted notes can be recovered from the Trash.

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5. Narrator’s Voice

Why wouldn’t you want to try a speech to text app that contains varieties of voices of your choice and have a wide range of languages? I know you want to, hence let’s find some of its features.

Narrator’s Voice - speech to text apps


  • This talk to text app allows you to type whatever you speak.
  • At the same time, you can use it as text to speech app, use expressive voices, make funny messages, etc.
  • Changes the speaking style and hence, recommended by many YouTubers and video makers.

6. Dragon Anywhere

An easy way to capture your thoughts and organize them in the phone through speech to text app is here. Dragon Anywhere is loaded with a plethora of features that allows free trial at the beginning and later can be purchased for further use.

Dragon Anywhere


  • Fast and accurate dictation with 99% speech accuracy is worth to try for.
  • A robust voice formatting and editing allows ease of use.
  • All the communications are secured with grade encryption.
  • Add professional formats in between.

7. Google Assistant

When your Google Assistant can make things easier for you, you can keep speech to text app aside for some time. Google Assistant can copy down what you say apart from making quick phone calls, sending emails to people, set reminders, play music and whatnot.

Google Assistant


Conclusion For Dictation

After explaining some of the best speech to text apps, we are sure you are going to use one of them for your utmost comfort. If you ask, SpeechNotes and Speechtexter are some of the best speech to text apps. However. , Google Assistant is the perfect hit, if you don’t want to install any apps for the task.

Which one do you like and want to stick with? Let us know in the comment section below!

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