Identify Objects With Your Camera Using These Apps

Smartphone with a camera is no more the traditional component to click pictures. It is used to do so much more enthralling such as using AR stickers to make the images interesting. One might use the camera to recognize the face and gestures to click a picture. Similarly, now you can identify objects with a camera on your smartphone. This is one useful technique which can help you find out information about the subject clicked by your camera. Let’s discuss apps to identify objects with camera:

Google Lens

Since Google Lens is made available for all Android devices supporting the technology. It’s a whole new world to discover out there with the phone in your hand. You can do a lot with this app which uses the visual recognition of objects. You can get information about the famous monuments or buildings such as YouTube videos available on it. Find out about the species of plants and animals with their respective Google results. Along with the search, it will give you the reviews available on the place or things you see.

google lens

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Cam Find

Cam Find is said to be the first visual search engine app for smartphones. It can do a lot on its time for gathering information of an object with its image. Click a picture on your phone camera and get the internet search results, video and related images. You can also get a lot more with this app as it allows you to share results on social media. Get to search the price and comparisons online for the object. Additionally, it has QR and barcode scanner, language translator, voice and text search which makes it a friendly app. You can save the identified objects to your collection if you wish to check the list later.

cam find

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Before admiring the served food, you ask yourself a question “How many calories?” then this is a  must-have app for you. This app uses the amazing technique of visual recognition in real-time by finding out food items in your plate. You have to be thankful to the makers as it will then calculate the calories for each item and show results. It has been very successful among people who keep track of their health. CalorieMama shows you which dish is Vegan or Keto by the image clicked on your phone. Creates a chart for your meals, and also shows you what intake is good for your body. Plus, you would see that the app has different workout plans provided by professional trainers.


Android users Get it here.

Apple users Get it here.

Flow Powered by Amazon

This app by Amazon majors in identifying the books, DVDs and CDs including other products which can be found on the website. As you click picture from your smartphone, the product shows along with its price on the website. Flow recognizes millions of products listed on Amazon so you can check them along with the description. It is a barcode scanner too, find out more about any product by clicking an image of the barcode mentioned on the product. The good part is that is works for both portrait and landscape modes.

Simply get the app from Google Play Store and point it on the object to get information on it. Another amazing part is that it stores all the identified objects data in its history. It is helpful to get reviews on Amazon for the product when buying it.

power by amazone

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LeafSnap is a first of its kind app which uses the technique to identify the species of plants. You can get the app for iPhone and iPad. All you need to do is click the picture of a leaf to find out all the information available on the app. The vast data is formed by  Columbia University and currently focuses on trees found in the Northeastern United States and Canada.

It can be used to educate the students in virtual reality. Find the leaves, flowers, seeds, barks and petioles. This can be a fun start for the people who love to take a closer look at nature. The ones who are interested in finding more on the go. You no more have to take a leaf home with you to study.


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Not Hotdog

Not hotdog is an app which can be used to have fun, it uses the object identification game seriously. You can put any object for recognition and it will tell you if it is a hotdog or not. Use this tool to snap objects and share that in your friend circle for a good laugh. It is although trusted to be one to identify the one thing its name suggests- Hotdog. Anything else will be disregarded as NotHotdog and it will be a pleasure to know that.

not hotdog

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With all the images captured or download in process of identifying process, you might find yourself swimming in a pool of pictures saved up in your phone, it’s time to delete the duplicates from your smartphone. It is highly possible to download the same picture several times or to click multiple shots which are identical. Make it clutter-free and easy to manage now with the Duplicate Photos fixer. It will quickly scan and delete all the duplicates on your device.

To Conclude

You can get a number of apps for your smartphones to identify objects with the camera. The image recognition for objects can be used for several purposes. All of the above-mentioned apps work with a different angle as some can be educational while others can help you shop better. You have to try one of them now and let us know which one did you like the most.

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