How To Use Appsgeyser To Create Android App Online Without Coding?

There are over a billion smartphone users, and that count is ever increasing. Have you wondered what is that makes our smartphone so dear to us? Well, it is the apps, of course. No one would want to use a smartphone without apps as it would just become a portable landline phone. There are over 100 apps installed in our smartphones, and most of us never keep a check on all.

Well, do you know how these apps are created? I am not much of a programmer myself, but do know that creating an app is a difficult task and requires extensive programming and coding skills. I have tried pondering over tutorials on Java and C++, and you have to trust me on this one, developing an app may not be exactly rocket science, but is nothing less severe than that.  But then, I discovered online websites that could help you create a small app of your own, and some of them are free for personal use. One of the best Android App makers is AppsGeyser and which brings me to the next important question:

Are you ready to develop an Android app on your own?

With Appsgeyser, this mammoth of a task can be established within a few clicks. Just follow the exact steps mentioned below, and I can guarantee that you will have created a working Android app, installed on your smartphone in only 15 minutes.

Let’s Start! with AppsGeyser

Step 1. Open the website and create your account

Click on this link to open Appsgeyser, which is a free Android app maker website.

Next, click on the Login link on the top-right corner of the page and enter the registration details to create your account.

AppsGeyser Android App maker- Register

Step 2. Begin the app creation process

Click on Create App button located on the top right corner.

Choose Individual and select from a broad category of 24 options as to which type of app you want to create. The categories include free video calls, Quiz, Wallpaper, E-book reader, messenger, browser and others.

I chose a Colouring Game app for demonstration purpose and named it Colouring Flowers.

The App creation process has now started, and it will be a few more steps before your app is created. Also, remember you might receive different options while creating an app depending upon which app you would like to create.

AppsGeyser Android App maker- Types of apps

The first option you would receive while creating a Colouring Game app is to upload a few black and white pictures that you wish to colour up. Click on the Next Button.

AppsGeyser Android App maker- Attached Images

After you have added the pictures, you will get an option to name your app and add a description of it.

AppsGeyser Android App maker- App Name

The third step involves choosing an icon for your app. You can either select a terrible default icon, of course, or create a new one by yourself and upload it.

AppsGeyser Android App maker- App Icon

And you are all done. Click on the create button to create your first app.

AppsGeyser Android App maker- Create

Step 3. Download and Install your newly created app

After you have clicked on the create button, the Appsgeyser website will redirect you to your Dashboard. From the menu on the left, click on Download option.

AppsGeyser Android App maker- Download

Scroll down the download page, and you see four options to download the app.

Publish: This is a paid option and would publish your app on the Google Play Store.

Download: This will download the Android Package or APK installation file to your computer. You can then transfer this file to your smartphone or tablet.

Scan the QR Code. This will download and install the app directly into your Android device.

AppsGeyser Android App maker- QR Code

Note: You can use the QR code scanner in your mobile and scan the code above. You will get the details of the app I created but might not be able to download it as it might have been expired.

Share This App. You can share the download link of this app via Twitter or Facebook or copy the download link and share it by any other means.

AppsGeyser Android App maker- Share

Note: Don’t expect anything extraordinary as this is the first app you have created without any coding skills or experience.

You can always edit the app and add more features to it. It was surprising to see that the edit option contains far more options as compared to creating the app for the first time.

Step  4. Trying out the new app

I have used the third option and used a QR scanner to scan the QR Code and install the app directly to my mobile.

AppsGeyser Android App maker- Truying new app

The installation process is a bit complex as this app is not downloaded from Google Play Store and hence, provides a lot of prompts.

AppsGeyser Android App maker- large prompts

Once installed, you can then try out your app.  The app you have created will only remain for 24 hours, and then it will be deleted. However, the APK you download can be used several times in any devices without any issue.

I have shared a few screenshots of the Colouring Flowers app that I created along with this tutorial.

AppsGeyser Android App maker- Coloring Flowers 1


AppsGeyser Android App maker- Coloring Flowers 2

However, the save button on the right corner did not work. The other two buttons, one to clear the colours and the other to choose the image worked fine.

Step 5. Publishing your App

AppsGeyser Android App maker- Publish

If you are satisfied with your app and want to publish it online to an Android market then, you can do that also with a few steps. But remember publishing an app is not a free task and can charge you when you turn commercial.

AppsGeyser allows its users to publish the created app on Google Play Store or to other alternate Android Markets like Amazon Appstore, Aptoid, SlideMe and GetJar.

For Google Play Store, which is the most popular of all the app stores, you would have first to fill in other required details.

The one-time registration fees for new developers is $25, and it takes up to a couple to days to process it.

Also, you will have to leave your free account and get a premium account with Appsgeyser, which starts from $5/month for an individual plan billed annually.

How was the journey of using Android App Maker like Appsgeyser to create your first app?

Creating an Android App was never this easy. Although there are limited customisation available for someone who doesn’t know how to code, AppsGeyser is one of the best Android app makers online. The apps created through Appsgeyser have been published on the Google Play store and are used by many without issues. So, it is time to unleash the hidden coder within you and create some new apps. Happy Coding!

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