10 Best Stock Trading Apps for Android To Lookout

Investing in the Stock Market is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires years of experience and relevant knowledge with some good luck too. However, things have become easier with the advent of Android Stock Apps which not only provide the latest financial and Investment news and stories but also help you to keep a track the rise and fall of your invested stocks every single moment. Some of these apps also provide you with the opportunity to invest and trade in cryptocurrencies as well. Other benefits of using Stock trading apps for Android include:

  • Plan for your retirement to spend those days in peace.
  • Make additional income and fulfil your dreams
  • Easily track the market on your smartphone or tablet without visiting the Stock Exchange.
  • Become an expert about all the Stock’s value, price, the trend with a few taps on your smartphone.
  • Learn to analyse charts and graphs about the commodity market of the US and other markets.

But with so many trading app options available, it becomes difficult to choose the best Stock App for your Android smartphone, among the rest.  And that is the precise reason why I have compiled a list to help you start the trade.

A quick mention of some noteworthy stock trading apps.

1) Acorns Android Stock App for Amateur stock traders.

2) Robinhood Android Stock App for Intermediate stock traders.

3) Investing.com Android Stock App for Professional stock traders.

The Best Stock Apps for Android in 2023

1. Yahoo Finance: Free with Ads

Yahoo Finance

One of the most well-known Android Stock apps is Yahoo Finance. It provides the latest financial news, tracks the real-time information on all stocks and keeps a record of your personal invested portfolios. Yahoo Finance provides information on currencies, equities, bond, commodities and the world market. Users can also check information on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and can set options to receive notifications on price changes. Yahoo Finance is a complete Stock assistant in three ways:

  • It helps the users to view the current stock prices of stocks they have invested in.
  • The latest business and finance news is updated regularly.
  • Allows the users to log into a broker’s account where they can actually buy or sell stocks.

Pros of using Yahoo Finance.

  • Users do not need to create a Yahoo account to use the app.
  • It lets the user view charts in landscape mode and compare various commodities.
  • Yahoo Finance app provides information about past trends of a particular stock.

If a user has a Yahoo account, then he/she can sync the app with the website on their PC. This will display the same results on all the synced devices.

Cons of using Yahoo Finance.

  • There is no separate section for Cryptocurrencies and are mixed together with stocks.
  • There is an increase in sponsored news stories, and some of them are not related to trade or finance.
  • The app does not support any widgets or special features.
  • Although it is free to use, one must bear a few annoying ads.

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2. Investing.com: Free with Ads.


One of the best stock apps for Android, Investing.com  is totally based on the popular website of the same name. The latest financial news available on the app is either from Reuters or its own website, Investing.com. Investing.com app offers live market prices and trends of stocks, commodities, bonds, foreign exchanges and much more. It also offers:

  1. Updates on important global economic events through its built-in calendar.
  2. Allow the user to create a precise portfolio of specific stocks and commodities that the user has invested in.
  3. The figures and numbers displayed on the app are all from live updates of stock and even cryptocurrency charts.

Benefits of using Investing.com App:

  • Forecast trends.
  • Latest financial news from across the globe.
  • Currency converter
  • Alerts can be set for changes in stock with values related to price, percentage, volume.
  • Easy to use interface.

Limitations of using Investing.com App.

  • It offers only one black and grey theme colour.
  • Annoying ads that can be removed for $1.99 per month or $19.99 annually.

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3. MSN Money: Free with Ads.

MSN Money

Developed by one of the most famous software giants, MSN Money is an Android Stock App by none other than Microsoft. This app assists the user to keep track of their investments and provides financial news from all over the world through trustworthy sources such as Microsoft news, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Bloomberg, Forbes and Reuters. Additionally, it offers:

  • Special tools and specific calculators.
  • Information on Cryptocurrencies and commodities, including Gold and Oil.
  • A vast collection of extensive news from sources across the globe.

What to like about MSN Money?

  • A well designed and better app as compared to other financial apps designed for Android users.
  • Easy to use interface which allows the users to switch between Trading News and Trading Stocks.
  • Users can customize lists of their preferred stocks with just a few taps.
  • With a single account signed in, Users can have all their settings synced overall Android and iOS devices and PC.

What not to like about MSN Money?

  • The app does not allow to add or remove new sources of trading news.
  • Displays annoying ads which can be somewhat frustrating while you are trying to do some serious business.
  • User interface though well designed but is not very easy to use.

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4. JStock: Free with Ads.


Another huge app to make the list of the best stock app for Android is JStock.  It includes tons of information as it supports 28 stock markets worldwide  and has maintained a chart history of 10 years. It facilitates stock charts that display profits and losses along with current bid prices of your invested stock. It also offers:

  • Management of individual portfolios and dividends.
  • Latest Financial and Investment news.
  • Easy to understand charts based on previous and current values along with the fluctuation trends.

What is so good about using JStock?

  • You can set stock price alerts and see a summary of your portfolio.
  • Supports widgets for your watchlist, portfolio, and world indices.
    Special notes feature that you can use to write instant ideas that storm your brain while reviewing the stocks.
  • It supports cloud backup only on computers, supporting major OS namely, Windows, Mac and Linux.

What is not so good about using JStock?

  • JStock does not offer stock trading functionality
  • It features an old user interface as compared with others.
  • Also has annoying ads which can be removed with a one-time payment of $7.99.

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5. Robinhood: Free with Ads.


One of the newest Android Stock App, Robinhood is perhaps the only app that charges no commission on the transactions carried out, yet. It requires the user to link a bank account to the app, which enables      the users to buy and sell stocks within seconds. The Robinhood app was released before its own website launched. Some of its features include:

  • Users can create their own watchlists which can feature all the stocks owned by the user.
  • It facilitates live updates and current rates of all the stocks and commodities.
  • Allows buying and selling of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.

Advantages of using Robinhood App.

  • Users can buy and sell stocks and cryptocurrencies within the same app.
  • Buying & Selling of stocks can be completed with just a few taps and requires no other services.
  • Makes buying and selling stock significantly easier than going through a bank or other service.

Disadvantages of using Robinhood App.

  • This app has been reported to crash often on older Android devices.
  • It does not feature investments like Mutual Funds.
  • All features especially Cryptocurrency trading is not available all across the globe.

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6. Webull: Free with Ads


When rating on a commission basis, Webull is one of the best stock apps for Android as it facilitates fee-free trading of stocks and commodities. It also features real-time prices, creating custom portfolios along with the latest investment news from well-known financial publications like Bloomberg, CNBC and Reuters.

Some of the best features include:

  • Users can buy and sell stock within the app itself
  • No commission fees
  • One free stock provided by the app for new users.
  • Support themes to make the app appear cool.

Some features which raised a doubt are:

  • The app design was not very appealing
  • Requires knowledge and experience of trading before being able to use the app.
  • The charts and graphs were too detailed and difficult to understand.

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7. StockTwits: Free


StockTwits is a well-designed app, which displays the latest investment news, stories and Stock rates from various trading companies across the world. It also lists the current value of cryptocurrencies and features an earnings report calendar, which provides information on your stocks. StockTwits has inculcated a chat feature within its app which allows its users to chat with other traders. Other features include:

  • It provides a custom list of all the probable investment prospects, making it one of the best stock apps for Android.
  • A distinct trending list of the stocks that are making the news and their movements on the charts.
  • StockTwits allows the user to link their brokerage accounts with other apps that will enable the buying and selling  stocks like Robinhood, Fidelity etc.

What We Like

  • The user interface is simple to use and looks great.
  • The connectivity to actual trading apps like Robinhood is quick and simple and allows the users to trade stocks and cryptos within the app.

What We Don’t Like

  • The chat rooms are not regulated and hence information provided from them cannot be trusted.
  • An account must be created which requires a lot of details to be created successfully.

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8. Stock Quote: Free.

Stock Quote

Stock Quote is one of the few Android Stock Apps that provide After hours and Pre-Hours information on stocks and currencies from the global markets. The app also features the latest financial news and investment stories on trading along with relevant posts from Facebook and Twitter. Users can create portfolios which would be auto refreshed to provide current fluctuations in the prices and volumes of their invested stocks. Important features about Stock Quote include:

  • It provides information about indices such as NASDAQ, Dow Industrial Average and SP500.
  • The reports generate in Stock Quote app not only compare different stocks values but also provide data related to RSI (Relative Strength Index) and MACD (Moving Average Convergence & Divergence).
  • There is an option to take a backup of the data on cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Users can also export data as a CSV file on a SD card.

The good things about Stock Quote:

  • Allows users to create a password to save personal information and portfolios.
  • Provides different options to create charts sorted by the name or value of the stocks.

The not so good things about Stock Quote:

  • Interface of the app has an outdated design.
  • The fonts and the button sizes are too small that makes it uncomfortable to use.

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9. My Stocks Portfolio: Free / $15.99

My Stocks Portfolio

A powerful Android stock trading app, My Stocks lets the users      create customized portfolios related to their personal stock investments and view the market prices and even get quotes if they want to sell them. Like others, this app also features a news section with blogs from popular finance publications such as Yahoo finance. Other features include:

  • Home screen widget support on your smartphone.
  • Users can create unlimited portfolios with different stocks.
  • Interactive chars that can be viewed at fullscreen
  • Allows users to sync settings and portfolios across multiple devices.

Why to use

  • Allows the users to keep track of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and altcoins.
  • Facilitates data backup to Google Drive or email.
  • Users can also set a password to lock their information.

Why not to use

  • A lot of annoying ads with the free version.
  • Expensive as the premium version is available at $15.99

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10. Acorns: Free / $1monthly


If you are a beginner with almost negligible knowledge about Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and other trading stuff, then I personally would recommend to use  Acorns. This best stock app for Android            presents the balances and earnings in a simple chart that is easy to understand. You can also choose to donate a small amount on every purchase you make to their account or make bigger donations manually.

The Process of Acorns Investment.

Step 1. Link your bank account or credit card with Acorns app.

Step 2. The app will then track your daily spending and round the amount to the nearest dollar.

Step 3. The excess amount will then be collected and transferred to Acorns own account.

Note: You can manually transfer funds in your name to the Acorns account.

Step 4. Acorns app then takes over and invests the collected amount from your account in a series of Stocks and Bonds.

Note: The Acorns app has a built-in advisor, which automatically creates a portfolio and invest your amount in stocks with different risk levels.

Some of the liberated features include

  • You don’t really need to know anything about the stock market.
  • It just requires a few dollars to set up an account and start trading.

Other restrictive features are

  • Unless you are planning to go higher and invest more, the donations and $1 fee could make you lose more than you earn
  • If there is any specific stock, you want to purchase then you would have to look for another Android Stock App.

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Best Stock Apps for Android: Your choice?

If you are a full-time Stock Broker or just want to make a few extra bucks, these apps would help you invest and trade your stocks, bonds, cryptos and commodities with ease. Some of these apps allow you to trade while others provide latest news and stories about finance, trade and investment from across the globe. I personally started out with Acorns as I knew nothing about stock trading and I sure did learn a lot. When I decided to take the reigns of my investment into my own hands, I switched to Robinhood. However, it is totally up to you as to which app you want to choose and carry out your business.

The Stock market is a dynamic market, and one cannot predict the future of any investment with a definite and accurate result. Only if you have a few dollars to spare then try to invest them through any of these apps and feel the excitement of your new venture. There are no guarantees of the outcome of the investment, and I recommend you read all the terms of the agreement before initiating and trade. But one can always try as there is nothing wrong with making a few extra dollars to get those pair of shoes which you never needed but wanted to add them to your collection.

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