20 Best Free Android Apps 2021

Duplicate Photos For Android Top 10

If you recently purchased a new smartphone then you might be getting the most out of the useful preloaded apps. But if you want to use your smartphone efficiently then you may need some extra third-party apps.

Depending on the purpose and area of your interest, you will find many applications on the Play store. In this article we are listing 20 best free Android apps that will help you to do a lot more with your Android smartphone.

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Best Photography Apps For Android 2021

If you are a photography lover and purchased a high-end device to click stunning photographs then you can not only just click them with your smartphone you can also add life to them. Here is the list of best Android apps for photography which you can use on your smartphone if you have a photographer inside.

1. After Focus:


If you want your photos look like they are clicked from a professional DSLR then this is the best application you will find on the play store. Luckily the application is free for Android users. It is very simple to make selection of foreground using this app and after that you can blur the background, can add color pop and many other amazing effects to your photos.

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2. Snapseed:


Another best application to delight the photographer inside you is Snapseed the application is fully loaded with quick editing buttons. Application perfectly fits your requirements either if you are looking for professional photography tool or the quick editing tools. Some of my favorite features of this app are Face spot light, adding text to images and healing. It is a must try app for photo editing lovers.

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3. Duplicate Photos Fixer:

Duplicate Photos Fixer

Being a photography lover managing photographs is another major task for a user. Duplicate Photos Fixer from Systweak software is a wonderful app which can help you to identify and clear duplicate photos quickly from your device. The best thing you will like about this application is that it finds and duplicates on the basis of content not on the basis of file name. Before clearing duplicates application also allows you to backup your photos.  After that you can clean all the duplicates in one tap which not only helps you to manage photos but also helps you to spare disk space.

4. Sweet Selfie:

Sweet Selfie

If you love to click selfies with family and friends. Then sweet selfie is a must have app. There are number of filters you can try on the go. Even if you do not have a high-end front camera Sweet Selfie will make your pictures look amazing. You can make collage and can add stickers to your photos and if your device do not have front camera flash then too you can click selfies with better light using virtual front flash.

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5. Prisma:


Hope you have seen some amazing photos of your friends with having watermark of Prisma. Application is loaded with preloaded filters. You cannot do deep editing with the photos using this app you can only add filters and can adjust intensity of filters. Some of the filters make your photos look like they are painted by professional artists which makes it best Android apps 2021 for photo editing.

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Best Messaging and Chatting Apps For Android 2021

Connecting people in a better way is the first thing we expect from our smartphone. Android smartphones are already loaded with the compatibility to share multimedia content with your friends and here are some applications which will help you do this is in a better way.

 1. WhatsApp:

WhatsApp android app

Undoubtedly WhatsApp tops the list of best free Android apps for messing. You will find almost everyone having smartphone on this messenger. So, if your device is not having it preloaded then get it from the play store. It is not just a messenger it comes with amazing features such as you can share multiple files types upload status and can go for voice and video calls.

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2. Tinder:

Tinder - best android app

If you are looking for an application which can also allow you to connect to strangers. Tinder is moreover a dating app but once you get someone matched you can send and receive messages. Here you can find someone for dating purpose and until the profile is not liked by both sides it is not a Match. It is comparatively a safe application because you will see the matches which are known to one on your friends on Facebook.

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3. Snapchat:

snapchat - best free android apps

Snapchat is the next best app in the list of messaging or chatting. It is something more than normal text chatting. You can send someone snaps that means you can send text with a photo or video with different face filters. You can also set your story and people can view. It sends their comments directly to you as a chat message. Face filters are funky really funky you can also create your funky avatar using bitmoji.

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4. Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger

Hope you have used the web version of Facebook messenger but the app is something more than that if you have more than one Facebook account then you can be logged in to both the accounts at a time using Facebook messenger. Like other chatting apps and messengers, you can send pictures, voice messages and can-do video calls. No matter on which device your friends are logged in to Facebook messenger you can still chat with them.

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5. Hangouts:


There was a time when the messenger from google was known as Gtalk. Now you will find Gtalk is updated to Hangouts. Every user using an Android device must have a Google account to download apps and on hangouts you just need a Google account to add people in your friend list. You can interact with people without having or sharing the phone number. Like other chatting apps it is also having some cool features such as location sharing, video calling and file sharing.

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Best Security and Optimization Apps For Android 2021

Because you use your smartphone for most of the things such as for clicking pictures, for sending messages, for booking online tickets and many other things this is why they have all the critical information about you. At the same time, you always want these devices to perform well and to process fast. To maintain security and performance on your Android device here are some best Android apps in 2021 for this purpose.

1. Duplicate Files Fixer:

Duplicate Files Fixer

If we talk about optimization then you will find duplicate file fixer from Systweak actually helps you to recover lots of disk space on your device. When you use the same device for a long time it accumulates lots of cache and duplicate files. The application finds duplicate files in just one tap and you can clear them very easily. Intelligent algorithms of the application identify duplicates on the basis of content of file not based on the name of file. It also allows you to clear caches and this make the app complete solution for optimization. If we talk about optimizing your device it is one of the best Android apps 2021.

2. 360 Security:

360 Security

The application is loaded with the most needed features of an antivirus. With the assurance of the security of your device with the antivirus you will get most the features which makes use of the device productive for you. It allows you to add widgets and buttons which helps you to access music touch and other features quickly. It provides you peace of mind by analyzing applications access to your payment details and other critically important data.

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3. Systweak Anti Malware:

Systweak Anti Malware

Systweak Anti Malware works on the real time scanning of the application at the time you are installing it on your device. With the help of this application you will be able to identify what all permissions are granted to which all applications because when we install an app we hardly see what all permissions we are accepting and click Yes. Another major feature of the application is that it shows you which components of the app are turned on and if they can be harmful for your device. For example, if you have installation of applications from unknown sources is turned off then it will show you on the home screen of app. It is a must have security app for your Android device.

4. App Lock:

App Lock

Privacy is another aspect of the device security. So, when you can lock individual applications using a third-party app then it is nothing like it. App lock allows you to lock your applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and your personal gallery.  You can set a passcode pattern or finger print depending on the device to lock unlock apps. The application is secure enough that it asks you for a passcode even if you access it from the widgets or from the Notifications.

5. CCleaner:


The application is known as the best app to cleaning junk from your Android device. Application boosts performance of your device by cleaning caches created by other applications or web browsing. It monitors CPU usage and thus keep providing you the best performance on your device by allowing you to close background apps. The application is having inbuilt scheduler on which you can seclude your cleaning tasks. Using the app, you can see the list of apps with details that which app starts automatically with startup.

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Best Work or Business-Related Apps For Android 2021

Another name for the smartphones are personal digital assistants. When we use them as PDAs we want them to remind us certain things, to store lists, to translate things and to scan documents for us. So, if you do not find inbuilt apps of your phone enough to solve these purposes then here is the list 5 best free Android apps which make your Android device your personal digital assistant.

1. Evernote:


Some devices come preloaded with this App. The application deserves to be on the first place when we talk about the list of apps best for work and business purpose. If you scan a business card it has capability to straight away add it to your contact list. You can sync your added content across your devices. The app helps you to scan your receipts and bills on the go and later you can find them by text in them which makes it best free Android app.

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2. Cam Scanner:

Cam Scanner

Use your smartphone as scanner to convert hard copy of documents to the soft copy. Application is capable to auto crop the scanned documents to make writing and graphics clear and sharp. You can search your scanned documents with name and with their content. With the app, it is now easy to convert scanned documents to PDF or JPG. The app also allows you to set password for the scanned documents. With the app, you can sync your scanned documents cross platform.

Note: As the app is of Chinese’s origin, it may not be available in India, because the Indian government has banned some of the Chinese apps

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3. Swiftkey:


When you handle your work or business from your smartphone then you really need to type fast and accurately. Swiftkey solves this purpose effectively. You can set layout of your keyboard by choosing from the themes provided. The application is very helpful if you need to type in multiple languages frequently.

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4. Google Translator:

Google translator

Here is another application which can make it easier for you to handle your work or business from your smartphone. If you deal with the clients from the different parts of world and with different languages then Google translator breaks language barriers effectively. It gives you voice to voice translation and you can even translate text written on the paper or on sign boards to your native language.

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So, these were best free Android apps you can choose any of them according to the usage. This list will save lots of time for you now you do not need to install hundreds of apps to get the best one you can choose the best for you from this list.

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