10 Best Time Tracking Apps For Android To Boost Your Productivity

Have you ever spent time in one thing more than you imagined?

We are sure that you have. There are times when we get stuck on one thing and keep doing it, until and unless we are stopped to do it. This wastes our time and also keeps other tasks and projects pending.

The question is, how can we save time? How can we manage all the things in given period of time? How can we boost our productivity to make the best out of every minute?  

Don’t worry! This can be done! We can do it with the help of automatic time tracking apps for Android.

Yes, this can be done by using tracking apps, which will track everything that we work on and will create timesheets. They use a smart tracking software with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor activities of the day. It keeps track of every activity in background, which helps you in providing accurate time track of your activities and time spend on them.

So, with time tracker apps for Android, there will be no more inaccurate data, no wasting time and other billable hours. Let us take a look at some of the best time tracking apps and best time management apps for Android that will boost productivity and will make you understand the value of time as well.

But, before beginning let us know, what are the benefits of these tracking apps and how can we boost productivity with them.

How To Boost Productivity With Time Tracking Apps?

There are several ways in which one can boost their productivity by using tracking apps. Let us see how they help you improve your productivity and what are its benefits:

Bills Time Accurately

As time tracking apps allows you to keep track of everything you do while working. They eliminate the need of remembering tasks or reminders, because time management apps create accurate timesheet of all your billable time.

Improves Concentration

They reveal how you get distracted and how much time are you wasting, to make you understand your inefficiencies and lack of productiveness. By knowing everything, it helps you concentrate and focus on multiple tasks at once to make sure that you give time to everything with particular timing sessions.

Helps in Tracking Unnoticed Tasks

There are several tasks that are left unnoticed, and even if we memorize them somehow, they are still not given much time, then what is needed. Tracking apps allows to put detail to every work be it pending work, meetings, projects, or unnoticed tasks.

Calculate and Assess Time Value

They reveal exactly how much time you give individual task or project, which makes it easy for them to understand to calculate and assess how much time your spending doing nothing. So, to increase profitability and to make you understand time value, time tracking app will help you out..

Best Time Tracking Apps For Android

Now, that we know the benefits of time management apps, let us look at some of the best time tracker apps and time management apps for Android device. Let’s begin:

1. TimeTune – Optimize Your Time

To manage and optimize your time, on top of the list of best time tracking apps for Android is TimeTune. It is a time management app with routine scheduler and planner to increase your productivity and to improve your daily routine. You can setup routine for coming weeks with the use of daily scheduler.


  • Manage & optimize your time
  • Set daily & weekly schedules
  • Create custom tags for quick identification
  • Set reminders & timers

Well, it’s a great task reminder and time management app to set up your schedule and daily routine for weeks.

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2. Smarter Time – Time Management – Productivity

Now, improve your focus and boost productivity with this time management app for Android. It comes with fully automatic time tracker to prepare a time log of your daily schedule. Smarter Time has a sleep tracker to make sure you don’t skip proper rest, as it may be harmful for your body.


  • Automatic time tracking
  • Has Google Calendar integration
  • Thorough analysis of time spent on activities
  • Review weekly reports
  • Sleep tracker

However, this time management app for Android is an all in one combination to keep you on track and on schedule every time.

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3. aTimeLogger – Time Tracker

aTimeLogger is a time management app & tracker app for Android. It tracks all your personal and work activities to increase your productivity. This time management app is basically for business personnel’s, who have an intensive and tight daily schedule. Also, for parents who wants to monitor their child activities and want to manage their time accordingly.


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Stats available in graphs and pie charts
  • Delivers reports in CSV and HTML formats
  • Supports Android wear
  • Comes with automatic time tracking with Tasker

Schedule everything you got in just a few clicks with this time management app to increase your productivity every day

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4. Time Tracker – Timesheet

This time management app is also known as Gleeo Time Tracker. It is an app that records time with minimal efforts in just few clicks with its superfast time recording tool. Here, you can switch between two different tasks and also, access recorded time stats of every activity.


  • Easily organize and manage different activities
  • Create project and assign tasks
  • Switch between multiple tasks
  • Allows exports & import of data in CSV format
  • Ad free

Gleeo – Best time management app for Android is not only limited to these features, you can extend and use some more extra features with Sync & Team service and with Automagic Premium.

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5. Timesheet – Time Tracker

This app for Android comes with multiple functionalities to make the most every day. It allows you to record time with just a single click. Here you can add breaks, expenses and notes in your schedule from within the app. You can even backup working schedule and experience on cloud.


  • Time tracking & project management
  • Track your daily expenses
  • Export data in XLS & CSV format
  • Supports Dropbox/Drive Backup
  • Supports Android wear

This is not it, it also offers real-time synchronization, location-based tracking, and Google calendar plugin to save and manage your time accordingly, making it one the best time tracking app for Android.

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6. Timely: Time Tracking App & Billable Hours Tracker

Well, as we know time is power, this app for Android increases your power by managing your time accordingly. Just create weekly timesheets with automatic time tracking, which tracks all activities and the time spent in each activity. To increase your efficiency, you can prepare charts and timesheets, in which you can add task and activity breakdowns.


  • Comes with AI-assisted time logging
  • Automatic and accurate timesheets
  • Offers real-time project dashboard
  • Project budget tracking

This time management app is basically for entrepreneurs and business personnel’s, who wants to hold down their limit to save money and also wants to make the most of every second.

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7. Swipetimes › Time tracker – Work log

Swipetimes is a time tracker app for Android, which effortlessly lets you manage your work and other activities in a timely manner. It generates accurate time sheets and stats based on your logs to save you your precious time for other activities. As it is a project-based time tracker app, it tracks every moment spent on projects and tasks, resulting in increased productivity.


  • Track time spent on projects and tasks
  • Set reminders and alarms
  • Powerful reports with exact overview of logged time
  • Export data in Excel, JSON and XML formats
  • Comes with automatic backup
  • Supports Google Drive and Dropbox

Use this app to make the most of every minute you spend working. Make sure, you follow your schedule properly to become what you wish for.

This app is no longer available on Play Store

8. Hours – Time Tracker

It is the most simple and easy to use time tracker app, which allows you to track your daily activities and time spent on each one of them. To track what you’re doing, just press play button and tracking will start. You can also create projects and tasks individually with same names


  • Generates weekly and daily stats
  • Exports data in XLS format
  • Comes with data backup and restoration
  • Ads free

Well, this app is developed by a layman user, who wishes to save everyone else’s time with the help of this app for Android.

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9. Hours Keeper – Time Tracking

This app is an easy and simple to use time tracking app, which easily track your hours spent working and also can calculate your earnings. It has a feature to record daily working hours for every individual task and you can also calculate overtime and break time as well.


  • Simple and streamlined user interface
  • Real-time hours tracking
  • Generate PDF invoices and earnings report
  • Export data in CSV file format

You can also sync your data with all of your devices. It comes with in-built calendar app to map your daily earnings for each month

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10. Time Tracking App TimeCamp

This is a time management app for Android to monitor the time and your daily activities. You just have to log your time and create new tasks. Based on which this app will generate important analysis report to make you aware of your total time spent on several activities.


  • Start or stop tracking time anywhere
  • Generate analysis reports based on activities
  • Edit time entries
  • Make notes and create an entry at that time
  • Explore and create new tasks & projects

This Android time management app is definitely amongst the best ones, which is simple and easy, yet very important for day-to-day life.

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Wrapping Up: Best Android Time Tracking Apps

So, this was the list of some of the best Android time tracker apps to boost your daily productivity & profitability, to assess time value, and also to manage your time while focusing on every task individually. These apps will definitely bring a change in life and will guide you to the path of success. Download and install your favorite one right away from the given links.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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