How to Speed up Windows XP: Optimize Slow Running Windows XP Computer

If you are a Windows XP user struggling to bring newness in your old PC, then you may not find many updates trolling for you. But to your ex-version of Windows can get higher if you try out some tricks to speed it up.

There must be myriad reasons for your computer to slow down. Some of you mustn’t be having enough RAM to support all files and applications while others may be having a dropping CPU. However, your computer is of great use, since it helps you out in all blues.

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Tips to Speed up Windows XP

Here are some of the ways to speed up your old Windows XP.

Clean out all Cache Files:

Your system may be creating cache files even in the week when you didn’t touch your system. Cache files are hidden temporary files that silently occupy space on the hard drive. These files get automatically created in routine computer functioning. Cache files also get created when system isn’t in use. This happens when you haven’t shut down your PC and applications silently run in background.

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These files can be deleted in a few simple steps. Click on ‘my computers’ and right click the drive you want to delete temporary files from. Now select the properties option from it and click on disk cleanup. A list of files will open before you, select ‘temporary files’ and click on ‘ok’ button to delete temporary files.

Alter Virtual Memory Settings:

Virtual Memory in your Windows XP works as subsidiary to its RAM. It stores much information on the system in situations when physical RAM is running out of storage. Therefore, virtual memory acts as another store house for your Windows XP. Changing its settings will bring much impact on your system.

Change the virtual memory of your system under control panel. Click on the start button and then on control panel, type virtual memory in the search bar. Now open ‘System’, you will see a list of options on the left panel, click on ‘Advanced System Settings’. You will see performance option in the list, click on its settings. Now click on Advanced and then on ‘change’ button. Now enter new virtual memory space in it and reboot your system, in order to bring these changes in effect.

Trim Down Unwanted Files:

There must be many files on your Windows XP that need not to hog space on the disk. Remove all these files and recover gigabytes of space on disk. This will help in speeding up the Windows XP. Lesser the cache and obsolete files on your Windows, more effective and proficient will it work.

Clean up Autoloaders:

Every time when Windows boots, it automatically loads some programs, these are called autoloaders. Autoloaders are also responsible to slow down the system. Sometimes these autoloaders are small in size but many in numbers and sometimes a few in numbers but big in size. However, both the kinds are source of data clogging and space-hogging. You should changes settings for the same to speed up your Windows XP.

Click on the start button and type run in the search section. Open the run program of your Windows XP and type ‘msconfig’ and click on ‘Ok’. Now click on ‘Startup’ and untick the options to disable them. Press ‘Ok’ to save the changes.

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Choose Smarter Way to perform all this at once:-

Performing all these steps will help you speed up your Windows XP. But at the same time, takes a lot more time than it requires. All these steps can simply be performed by special tools exclusively meant for this purpose. One such tool is Advanced System Optimizer, which optimizes the disk to bring it to the finest working state. A few of its functions are listed below.

  • System Cleaner: Cleans the disks to recover disk space and ensures less system crashes. It cleans out all the unnecessary and obsolete files that make your system work improperly. Thus helps in enhancing system performance.
  • Driver Updater: It helps you find latest drivers, which makes sure that your system works faster and smoother. Automatic driver updates are enabled with the tool, requiring less effort from the users’ side. Along with doing all this, it also backs up existing drivers before installing new ones.
  • Game Optimizer: Game lovers would love this feature! Advanced System Optimizer temporarily blocks all interruptions and makes computer a gaming machine while gaming is on. The tool enables gaming mode with a click and lets the user have fun in their private gaming zone.
  • Disk Optimizer: De-fragmenting your disk becomes simple and effortless once this handy tool is installed on your system. You will enjoy smooth and swift system, which would load data faster than ever.
  • System Protector: Last but not the least, Advanced System Protector will protect your system from all spyware and safeguard it 24×7. It won’t let any malware enter into your system and block any of your personal information.

All these remarkable features of Advanced System Optimizer will make your Windows XP run smooth and stable. Less crashes and optimized system are the greatest benefits of the tool. These benefits are not just limited to Windows XP, but Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 users can also enjoy them.

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