How To Setup iCloud Mail On Android Phone

If you are switching from an iPhone to Android, you might be feeling a bit anxious about losing all Apple services. Though you can’t enable all services of iCloud for Android; however, there is one Apple iCloud service that you can continue to use on Android phones after you’ve switched. That service is iCloud mail. 

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While Apple doesn’t allow you to set up another account on your iPhone besides your Apple login ID, Google does allow you to access iCloud mail on Android. While it is recommended to use a Google ID as your primary login on Android, you can add an Apple ID on Gmail using a simple process. So, let’s set up your iCloud login on Android and restart your Apple account on an Android phone:

How to Enable Mail Services from iCloud for Android?

To enable iCloud mail services on Android, you need to go through the procedure explained ahead: 

I. Enable App-Specific Password

iPhone’s two-factor authentication doesn’t work on Android phones, and therefore it is not possible to directly add your account associated with iCloud mail on Android. For such services, Apple allows users to generate a separate password called “App-Specific Password”. To enable the App-Specific password, go through this procedure:

Step 1: Sign-In to Your Apple ID on your laptop/desktop. 

Step 2: Scroll down to Security section. 

Step 3: Click on Generate Password under App-Specific Password.

Step 4: Provide a password label. Be brief, but make sure it is easy to remember. 

Step 5: Save password. Now you can proceed to set up iCloud mail on Android phone using this password. 

NOTE: In case you don’t see this option for App-Specific password in the Security section of your account. Then first you need to enable two-factor authentication on your Apple ID. For this, you’d be required to use a Mac, iPhone, or an iPad.

Bonus Tip:

Use TweakPass for saving important Passwords such as the App-Specific Password you just generated. TweakPass is an SSL-certified secure vault, where you can store your passwords in an encrypted format and then retrieve them for use anytime. The vault would let you save passwords in a breach-free arena and would save you from the hassle of remembering multiple passwords. Plus, it would save you from reusing passwords, which poses severe risks of its own.

II. Add iCloud Mail in Gmail Account

Now, as you’ve set up an App-Specific password, you now need your new Android phone to go through the second phase of the process. Follow the procedure below and complete the setup for operating iCloud mail on Android: 

Step 1: Open Settings page on your Android phone and head to Accounts

Step 2: Scroll down and find Add Account option symbolized by (+) icon. 

Step 3: In Add Account section, tap on Gmail Personal (IMAP). An IMAP setup means that your email account would be stored on servers and therefore would be usable on several devices.

Step 4: In this step, you’ll be prompted to register your ID for iCloud mail via Gmail. Add your iCloud mail here. 

Step 5: In the Password section, add the App-Specific Password we generated in the first phase. Now you know why that password was essential for using iCloud mail on Android. 

Once the process is complete, you’d be able to see your Apple account for iCloud mail in the Gmail app, which comes pre-installed on every Android Phone. You can tap on your iCloud account and switch to it within the Gmail app with other accounts. This way, you’d be able to use iCloud mail on Android phone via Gmail. 

NOTE: The above screenshots are from Pixel phone, which runs on stock-Android OS. The process of finding the option for Adding Account may be slightly different in other phones having a separate OS for the interface. However, an Accounts Settings menu is found in every Android phone.

How to Use Microsoft Outlook to Use iCloud Mail on Android?

If you’re not using Gmail as your primary email service provider, you can also use Microsoft Outlook to set up an iCloud mail on your Android phone. To do that, the first phase would be the same as we did for adding iCloud mail in Gmail. Set an App-Specific password. For phase two, the process becomes easier. 

Step 1: Download Outlook app on your phone. 

Step 2: If already downloaded, click on the Add Account from the menu.

Step 3: Type your iCloud mail ID, followed by the App-Specific password. 

Here, you don’t have to add the account via Settings and can directly use Outlook app to add iCloud mail on your Android phone. 

So, now you don’t have to worry about your mails that you send through or receive via your iCloud mail ID. You can simply use the Gmail app and switch to your iCloud account within it to use it. Just ensure that your two-factor authentication for Apple ID is on before you generate the App-Specific Password.  Plus, make sure your choose Gmail IMAP option to register the iCloud mail on Android via Gmail.

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