Using Same Passwords For Every Account? It’s Time To Address This Concern

There are uncountable service providers who are spread across the internet to lure more and more consumers. On the other hand, we always wish to get the best deals, so we scour through every site to get our favorite service/product at a most preferred deal. However, what we don’t realize is that while doing so, we log ourselves into tens of sites that ask for our email ID and a newly-created password.

Though registering your email there doesn’t make your account that unsafe, but the habit of using the same passwords in all logins to avoid forgetting complicated password combinations can be a significant threat. People tend to register new accounts on different e-retail sites, travel sites, and other newsletters that suffice their interests and preferences.

But what they don’t realize is that they are practically sending traces of their passwords and email ID across the internet, which are vulnerable to hijacking and theft.

In such a scenario, the best solution is to use a reliable password manager tool or application, that can vault your login credentials and help you remember all your password combinations. Let’s see why users of the present need such help and what would be its importance in their internet presence.

Why People Use Same Passwords?

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Passwords are tricky combinations. In order to make it impossible for anyone to guess, most of us add symbols and signs along with mixed-case word formations. However, given the number of sites we access via email logins today, it’s impossible for anyone to create multiple such combinations and moreover, remember which one they were using for a particular site.

For example, let’s say your password is “Systwe@kSoftw@re”. Here the letter “a” is replaced by an “@”. Now, the least any user would do that it would change the symbol for another letter to create a new password for a different login; but, would prefer to keep it almost the same, so he/she doesn’t forget it. With more than a hundred sites, it’s seemingly impossible to remember all the combinations, and you’d probably be locked out of your own account if you mistype a password regularly. So, why not just use the same password for all such logins and keep yourself at bay from forgetting your login credentials, right?

WRONG. Using the same password is dangerous and risky. How?

Risks of Using Same Passwords

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Most of the hackers use phishing attacks to hijack your accounts. This includes trying to get a user install some malicious file or open a virus-laced link on his/her device. These malicious files are sent via emails, which are registered on several of the service websites, including shopping portals, travel booking sites, newsletters, and social media networks. One of the most used ways for account hijacking that hackers use is password trial. The attackers use combination tools and software to lay out thousands of possible password combinations for your account, and they then try them one-by-one in a hit-and-trial scenario. It sounds impractical, but even the major ransomware attacks are spread similarly throughout the globe.

Using Same Passwords

So, imagine one of the combinations is perfectly matched, and now hackers are into your system. If you are using the same password for all logins. That particular combination can be used to breach all your accounts, and you’ll be at high risk of information abuse and identity theft. These attacks are more prevalent in enterprises, where different server networks are protected by a similar password combination. If one server is breached, so are the others, which would prevent any containment of the associated risks.

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Password Reuse is a Major Concern

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Password reuse is something a majority of people follow. A 2017 survey by Keepers Security suggested that approximately 85% of people, mostly aged 18-31 years, reuse their passwords for different site logins. Another survey in the US found that two-thirds of the total respondents had the same password for personal and work-related accounts. The results of such surveys have also inferred that people also refrain from changing passwords on regular intervals, which leave their account further vulnerable to newly-emerging phishing and hijacking practices.

In such a situation, where users have tens of third part email registrations, and no frequent changes or even minor differences in password combinations, the only way out to a secure resolution is using a reliable password manager. And TweakPass is an excellent choice in that matter.


tweak pass tool

TweakPass is one of the finest password manager application available that can help you protect, access, and remember all your passwords for multiple logins and portal accounts. TweakPass acts as a secure vault, where you can store your passwords and access them anytime you want.

TweakPass itself is protected by a master password, which is basically the security code to your vault. Since the applications in SSL-protected, your master password is encrypted at all times and is never saved with the TweakPass developer server. Besides having SSL-protection, TweakPass ensures that any of your passwords saved on your browsers are also vaulted. That is what TweakPass comes with an added layer of security in the form of browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge.

Why TweakPass?


Firstly, TweakPass is the only password manager, where you do not have to fear for the misuse of your master password. When you set the master password, it is not saved on any server in any form. The master password remains in sole ownership of the account holder, and therefore, cannot be accessed by anyone, even TweakPass developers. This way, you can rest assured that all the passwords you’ve saved in the TweakPass vault, can never be accessed or seen by any individual apart from you. TweakPass also allows you to set a hint to the Master password for your convenience in case you can’t remember it. While setting up passwords for security, TweakPass also scans through your browser to check if you have saved a password on any site. This way, you do not forget to save any of your login passwords and credentials.

And then there is the highly reasonable price. TweakPass is available at a very basic price of $2.5 per month, which is billed annually at $29.95 only. This is way less than most of the other password managers available at other providers.

In order to know how you can get TweakPass and set it up, you can refer to the TweakPass installation guide here.

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TweakPass is highly reasonable and comprehensive in terms of use. By facilitating safe security for your passwords, it ensures that you do not have to reuse your password and logins for multiple sites and portals. It would also help you in accessing your passwords securely without any external interference or fear of hijacking. Password reuse is dangerous, especially for enterprise accounts. A single server breach would let hackers breach into all your accounts in case the passwords are the same. So, it’s better to take proper precautions in advance and get TweakPass to keep your accounts safe from multiple breaches and hijacking attacks.

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