10 Quick Gmail Tips and Tricks to Boost Productivity

One in seven people across the globe use Gmail but they too aren’t aware of various options provided by Gmail. Using Gmail, you can not only check mails, but can also highlight important ones, filter garbage, block user and do lot more.

Gmail offers various features but since most of them are hidden users are unable to take advantage of them. Here in this article we will make you know about these amazing features and how to use them. These features will not only help you organize, manage your Gmail but will also enhance Gmail experience in a fun and easy manner.

1. Set limit to unsend a sent Message

Ever found yourself in a situation where you regret after sending a message? If yes, this undo feature is designed for you. This feature can be found under Gmail Settings > General tab > Undo Send.

By default, it is enabled in the new version of Gmail and cancellation period is set to 05 seconds. But if you want to increase this time frame you can do so by clicking on the drop-down arrow and select the time frame. Maximum time period you can set to undo a sent message is 30 seconds.

Remember: You need to undo sent message within the time frame. Once you send the email under yellow banner you see the Undo option.

Set limit to unsend a sent Message

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2. Block users

Another important and hidden Gmail tip and trick is blocking a particular user. No longer you need to mark the mail as spam or delete it. You can simply block the user and stop receiving emails from a specific sender. For this open the email you received from the sender you wish to block. Here next to reply button on the right side you will see three vertical dots. Click on it and select Block.

Block users

3. Check who’s sharing your Gmail address

Gmail tips and tricks discussed in this article will not only make things simple but will also let you track the site, selling your email address. To find it enter your Gmail address as explained. Say for example your Gmail email address is [email protected] to track the shady website, you need to add period (.) in the address. Once it is added to the email address it will look like [email protected]. Submit this edited email address at the dubious site. If you receive email on the modified account you can very well know site is shady. As the email will be send to [email protected].

Remember: Adding a period doesn’t change your email address. It is a way to identify shady sites that send your spam emails.

4. Send an error free email

Want to leave an impression on the person with your email? If so, you need to make sure there are no spelling errors in the email you send. For this once you type the email click on three vertical dots present at the bottom right corner and click on Check spelling. This Gmail tip and trick will help you draft and send an error free email.

Send an error free email

Remember: An error free email plays important role in leaving an impression.

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5. Add Emoji

You can not only add Emojis to WhatsApp or iMessage you can even add them to Gmail messages. For this you need to simply click on the Emoji tools found at the bottom of the compose or reply window.

Add Emoji

6. Check if someone else is accessing your Gmail

Gmail is not just an email service provider it even lets you know if someone else is accessing your Gmail account and at what location. To know this, you need to scroll to the bottom of Gmail Inbox and use this Gmail tip and trick. Here you’ll see an at the bottom right corner that reads “Last account activity.” Here, click on Details to get all the information. Not only this if you find any Gmail web session suspicious you can Sign out of all other Gmail web sessions and change your password to stay protected.

Check if someone else is accessing your Gmail

7. Send and Archive together

There are certain emails that we want to archive after replying. But with Gmail we do not have to follow this 2-step procedure as Gmail allows to archive send mails. To enable this Gmail tip and trick, you need to head to Gmail Settings > Send and Archive. Here, select the radio button Show “Send & Archive” button in reply.

Send and Archive together

8. Gmail Preview Pane to check emails

This one is most useful Gmail tip. As it will let you view and respond to emails without leaving Inbox. Preview Pane is Gmail labs feature that will allow you to reply and navigate your Inbox. To enable it head to Gmail Settings > Labs. Here scroll down to look for Preview Pane and enable it. Click on Save Changes, now you will be able to preview emails while you navigate your Inbox. This Preview Pane can set to vertical, horizontal. For this click on the toggle button that appears at the upper right corner of your Inbox.

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9. Mute a conversation in Gmail

If a Gmail conversation is disturbing, you can Mute it using Gmail tip. Once the conversation is muted it  will go straight into archives. To mute a conversation tick mark it > click on three vertical lines just above to the conversation. Here select Mute to stop seeing it in the Inbox. You can unmute it anytime using the same steps if you want to start receiving it in the Inbox.

Mute a conversation in Gmail

10. Give someone else access to your Gmail account

With this feature you can allow someone else to read, send or delete messages on your behalf. This feature is beneficial when you are in a no reception zone and don’t want to miss on any important email.

To use this feature, you don’t need to share your login id or password, what you need is to simply provide other persons email address whom you want to allow access.

For this head to Gmail Settings> Accounts and Import > Grant access to your account. In addition to this can even enable Leave conversation as unread when opened by others.

Give someone else access to your Gmail account

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Using these 10 amazing Gmail tips you can be a pro at using Gmail. These Gmail tips will help you get best from Gmail the popular email service provider. Hope after knowing these Gmail tips you now agree Gmail is not only a free email service provider. It is more than that. In addition to this, you can add themes, schedule, snooze a reply, can set canned reply to save time and lot more. If you face problem in finding these options let us know. We will share more Gmail tips and tricks to boost productivity.

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