How To Remove Or Fix Browserassistant.Exe Error?

A well functioning browser is essential to surf the web seamlessly, isn’t it? But, what if you find that your choice of browser is acting up? What if you start encountering pop-ups appearing for no evident reason? You will be worried. One of the most hazardous elements that lead to unwanted popups or browsers acting up is PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), adware, virus, or malware. In this blog, we’ll talk about one such element called BrowserAssistant.exe and how we can remove it.

What Is BrowserAssistant.exe?

BrowserAssistant.exe comes across as a legit executable (.exe) file, but it is a Trojan that Targets some of the famous browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. When the BrowserAssistant injects its script into the browser, resulting in several redirects or popups.

It can subsequently access your computer and add applications in the Windows registry, Program, and Features folder, and even the startup folder. So, measures must be taken to remove BrowserAssistant.exe before it causes any harm to your computer or jeopardizes your privacy.

How To Remove BrowserAssistant.exe?

Here are some ways you can delete BrowserAssistant.exe:

1. Use A Dedicated Cleanup Software

To get rid of BrowserAssistant.exe, you can take the help of cleanup software. One such software is Advanced System Optimizer. It helps you remove junk files and unwanted clutter and also offers defense against trojans, malware, and other threats that may put your PC’s privacy at stake. You can use its Security & Privacy module, which can help you get rid of BrowserAssistant with the below-mentioned steps –

  1. Install and run Advanced System Optimizer and register the tool. Select the scan type.
  1. Click on Security & Privacy from the left-hand pane.

Security & Privacy

  1. Click on System Protector.


  1. Download updated database and then click on Start Scan Now


  1. Click on Clean All to remove the threats from the system


2. Get Rid Of Browserassistant.exe Using Control Panel

This is the first step that you should take to remove browserassistant. To delete browserassistant.exe using the control panel, here are the steps –

  1. In the Windows search box, type Control Panel and press enter
  2. Click on Programs and Features
  3. From the given list of programs, click on Browserassistant
  4. Now, click on Uninstall from the top
  5. Click on Yes when prompted

3. Running The Uninstaller In File Explorer

Program files

If BrowserAssistant is a part of a legit software program, quite possibly, it would also have an uninstaller too. You can directly head to the directory in the File Explorer and delete the executable file from there. Here’s how this can be done –

  1. Open the File Explorer in Windows 10
  2. Type or copy-paste the following path in the Windows search bar –

C:> Program Files> Realistic Media> BrowserAssistant or Browser Assistant > BrowserAssistant.exe_uninstall.exe

  1. Run the uninstaller file located in the folder

4. Removing BrowserAssistant From Browser

One way to get rid of BrowserAssistant is by removing anything that you find suspicious from your browser. For this purpose, let’s consider Google Chrome. We’ll be taking the help of Settings in Chrome –


  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Click on three vertical dots
  3. Then click on More Tools > Extensions
  4. Now, have a look at all the extensions. If you find any extension to be suspicious or corrupted, click on Remove

It would also benefit if you clear browser cookies, history, and other cached data (files and images). These would help you get rid of any privacy traces. Here are the steps to do the same –

browsing data

  1. Again, click on three vertical dots from the topmost right corner
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Under Privacy and security, click on Clear browsing data
  4. Click on Clear Data

The same can also be done by using the Privacy Protector module of Advanced System Optimizer. To use the same, here are the steps mentioned below –

  1. Install and run Advanced System Optimizer
  1. Click on Security & Privacy from the left-hand pane
  2. Click on Privacy Protector and then click on Start Privacy Scan


  1. Click the Clean button


1. Is BrowserAssistant.exe safe, or is it a virus or malware?

As mentioned above, browserassistant.exe can be planted in your PC as a potentially unwanted program (PUP), malware, adware, or even virus. It is, therefore, important to get rid of it as soon as possible. But, since the executable file may be legit, removing it without a specialist software’s assistance can cause more harm.

2. Can I remove or delete BrowserAssistant.exe?

With the above-mentioned ways, you can get rid of browserassistant.exe. However, we recommend installing anti-malware software or specialist software like Advanced System Optimizer, which would remove browserassistant safely without causing your PC any harm.

3. What does Opera BrowserAssistant do?

While Opera Browser Assistant might be the legit program that comes bundled when Opera gets uninstalled, if you fear that it could be a Trojan or malware, you can help with one of the steps mentioned above.

4. How to fix BrowserAssistant.exe

There are several ways to deal with BrowserAssistant.exe. You can get rid of it by removing it from the control panel, clearing cache and cookies from the browser, or even running the uninstaller (if it comes bundled with legit software). However, we’d suggest that you take the help of a third-party tool such as Advanced System Optimizer.

5. Do I need an Opera browser assistant?

No, an Opera browser assistant is not required. To get rid of the Opera browser assistant, you can uninstall Opera and reinstall Opera. Once reinstalled, the assistant should be gone.


So, this way, you can get rid of BrowserAssistant.exe, especially if it’s a virus. If you have found the blog to be helpful, do give it a thumbs up. Follow us on social media – FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

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