How To Personalize Windows 10 Spotlight Lock Screen

Windows 10 offers a crazy collection of desktop wallpapers & backgrounds if you have Spotlight feature turned on. These images look aesthetically beautiful every time you lock your computer & they even get changed daily. Since several users are searching for ways to find & save these gorgeous Windows Spotlight Images so that they can use it as a screen wallpaper or somewhere else.

We have listed some tricks to request new Windows Spotlight Wallpapers anytime you want & few more tweaks to personalize your Windows 10 lock screen.

How Do I Locate & Save Windows Spotlight Images?

Follow the steps below to find & save Windows 10 lock screen images location:

Step 1 – Launch Run Window. (Press Windows + R keys)

Step 2 – Execute the following command line & hit Enter key.


Windows Spotlight images

Step 3 – A folder will be opened in File Explorer. A warning pop-up might appear on your screen, but it’s alright to skip it by pressing OK. Next, you have to copy & paste these folders in Spotlight as a permanent location. To do so: Go to This PC > Pictures > Spotlight.

Windows Spotlight wallpaper

Step 4- Now rename these files with anything you like, but it should end with JPG extension.

Step 5- You need to filter these Spotlight images because not every file is of your use; some might be just cached junk.

Now that you’ve successfully found the Spotlight wallpapers that were hidden in particular folders, it’s time to use them and personalize your Windows desktop. Hope this quick method helps you to save Windows Spotlight Images 2020.

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How To Change Windows Spotlight Wallpaper?

If you are stuck with a particular Spotlight image for days & can’t wait for Windows to change it, there’s a quick way to do it yourself. Follow the instructions below to get a new Windows Spotlight Image for your Lock Screen.

Step 1- When Windows 10 Spotlight shows you the image, it asks your opinion whether you like it or not. Based on the feedback, it tries to show you relevant images on the lock screen.

Step 2- So, next time you wish to replace the Spotlight wallpaper, hover to section ‘Like what you see?’. You will be shown the options: I Like It! & Not a Fan.

Windows spotlight images 2020

Step 3- Hit the Not a Fan option, as soon as you do that, a new Spotlight background image will be replaced on your Windows 10 lock screen.

This is the quickest way to change the Spotlight wallpaper. However, you can also head towards the Personalization group of settings > Lock Screen > Background > Choose Windows Spotlight and select a new image of your choice. Lock the screen to implement the changes!

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Few Tweaks To Personalize Your Windows 10 Lock Screen

As promised will be sharing a few ways to customize your lock screen:

1. Alter Your Boring Sign-In Background

If you are tired of seeing the boring solid color screen while signing-up there’s a way to change it with a photo. To do so, head toward the Windows Settings > Personalization > click on the Lock Screen & enable the option saying, ‘Show lock screen background picture on the sign-in screen’.

 2. Set Screen Timeout On The Lock Screen

Well, if you are someone who often forgets to lock the screen while stepping out of the office, you set the time for the screen to turn off automatically after a specific time. To do so, go to the Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen > it the Screen timeout settings. From the drop-down menu, select how you would like your display to turn off.

3. Enable Notifications On Windows 10 Lock Screen

Well, if you want your lock screen to show you important notifications from particular apps, you can do so. To set a particular application to show instant notifications, here’s what you need to do: go to Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen > From option ‘Choose an app to show detailed status’ hit the (+) icon and choose the app you want notifications from.

4. Activate Cortona On Your Lock Screen

If you want to chat with someone even when you are locked out of Windows, Cortona brings a way to do so. Navigate to the Settings > Cortona & enable the option “Use Cortona even when my device is locked”.  Now you can have basic information, weather news, and more right on your locked screen. If you grant specific permissions to Cortana, it can even help you check your emails, calendar, make appointments & do more without even unlocking your PC.

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