Best Windows 10 Wallpapers: Download Free HD Wallpapers For Windows 10 Laptops

Windows 10 laptops have some amazing home-screen wallpapers and backgrounds. But most of the styles we use for home-screen backgrounds start feeling outdated after a while. And, you can’t just have that one good-looking pic of yours set as a desktop background for the entire life of your system. What you need is to get some best HD backgrounds for your Windows 10 desktops or laptops. And, there’s no shortage of them. There are various platforms where you can download free HD wallpapers for Windows 10 laptop. Many of them can be downloaded directly from Google search.

But the question is – which are the best HD backgrounds for Windows 10 desktop screens. Well, in this piece, we’ve uncovered some of the best options for you to download as free HD wallpapers for Windows 10 system for yours. Now, some of them can be downloaded from here itself in high resolution while for some we’ve offered you a redirecting link so that you can download it directly from the source.

So let’s get started and see which are some of the finest HD wallpapers for your Windows 10 laptop:

Best Windows 10 Wallpapers

Best HD Background for Windows 10 Desktop or Laptop – For Movie Lovers

To begin with, let’s get going with our favorite picks among movie-inspired HD wallpapers for Windows 10:

1. Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun Maverick
If you love movies, then how can you not love Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise’s look in the 1986 film Top Gun changed the way men dressed and gave them a whole new hairstyle to flaunt. And now, with its sequel Top Gun: Maverick set to hit theatres, it’s just getting movie lovers crazy.

Before the film gets its release, you can have Maverick decorate your Windows 10 screen by downloading this free HD wallpaper for your Windows 10 laptops. This one’s a graphics piece with Tom Cruise’s Capt. Pete Michelle looking at the sky where he has belonged with his classic naval MiG-28 at his side.

Download in Full HD

2. Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

The character of Joker the archnemesis of Batman from DC Comics has been immortalized not once but twice on the silver screen by two different actors. We’ve all loved Heath Ledger in his portrayal, but it’s time to give Joaquin Phoenix his due credits as fans just like he received from the critics.

So download this free HD wallpaper for Windows 10 laptop and revive this iconic anarchist on your home screen. The wallpaper is a sober one but wonderfully reflects the dual nature and identity of Arthur Fleck with a shade of sunset-like color.

Download in Full HD

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3. Rise of Skywalker: Rey vs. Kylo Ren

Rise of Skywalker Rey vs. Kylo Ren

The Skywalker Saga ended with the latest installment in the series Rise of Skywalker. The film concluded just like the original trilogy conclusion Return of the Jedi depicting an iconic lightsaber battle between Rey and Kylo Ren.

Download the free HD wallpaper for your laptop or desktop with the shades of galactic blue and red while a shadow of villain Emperor Palpatine looks over a wicked smile on the two protagonists. Time for a space duel!

Download in Full HD

4. Black Panther

Black Panther

Well, we can’t forget Black Panther when we’re talking about films. The film changed the way superhero films are perceived, and it was a perfect blend of mesmerizing visual effects and elements of culture and traditions of ancient Africa.

This artwork makes up one of the best Windows 10 wallpapers with both Black Panther and his nemesis Killmonger making the screen. If you’re a Marvel enthusiast and want this background on your desktop/laptop, then download this free HD wallpaper and get going.

Download in Full HD

Best HD Backgrounds for Windows 10 Desktop or Laptops – Favorite Animated Characters

Get your inner kid out and select from the best HD wallpapers for Window 10 laptops and desktop screens:

5. Scooby-Doo


Scooby-Doo is one of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time. The famous companion pet of the ghost-hunting team of teenagers and the best bud of Shaggy is known for his comic expressions, his cuteness, and his dedication and loyalty towards his friends.

And if you want to download an HD wallpaper for Windows 10 desktop screen, then this one will lift your spirits.

Download in Full HD

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6. Pikachu


I remember how I used to wait for the clock to hit 5:00 in the eve so that I can enjoy the only 30 minutes I had the television for myself. Pokemon remains in the hearts of thousands of kids and is still loved by them even after they are all grown up.

And, it’s time to get a bit nostalgic and download this HD wallpaper for your Windows 10 laptop. Pikachu’s cuteness will surely brighten your day whenever you’ll turn on your system.

Download in Full HD

7. Goku


If you’re an anime fan, then you do love Dragon Ball Z. The iconic, long-lasting anime series has a worldwide following. And, Goku is the biggest badass capable of taking down the greatest villains ever created in the history of pop-culture. And more powerful he becomes, more classic his looks get.

This Windows 10 wallpaper of Goku in his fantastic beast mode will proudly shine on your laptop screens and make it more appealing in all aspects.

Download in Full HD

8. Batman


DC Comics’ legendary character remains the most iconic superheroes and is the beating heart of DC’s entertainment division even after 80 years of his origin. But, among all the versions of Batman, the best is from the famous 1992 series, Batman- The Animated Series.

And this wallpaper is from the same show. Batman, looking at the Gotham skyline as the proud protector of the city, assuring himself that he will never fail in keeping his promise to the people of Gotham. This sketch-like free HD wallpaper for Windows 10 should be on your download list.

Download in Full HD

Best HD Backgrounds for Windows 10 Desktop or Laptops – Space

Space exploration wallpapers make some of the best HD wallpapers for Windows 10. Download free HD wallpapers for Windows 10 laptop/desktop screens from the space section and get your screens to the stars.

9. Supermassive Blackhole

Supermassive Blackhole

We obviously can never see a black hole the way it’s depicted in fictional programs and movies, but we can get as close we can by downloading this free HD wallpaper for our desktop. The image shows a striking black hole acting as a barrier between two dimensions in a far galaxy with rings of lightning stars surrounding it.

Download in Full HD

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10. Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon

Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin made history becoming the first two men to step on the moon’s surface. This accomplishment by NASA is regarded as its most successful venture into space. Download this free HD wallpaper for your Windows 10 laptop and experience this “giant leap for whole mankind” every day you turn on your system.

This graphics image is a small depiction of Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon after putting an American flag on the moon’s surface.

Download in Full HD

11. Astronaut in Space Station

Astronaut in Space Station

A dark-shade graphics with a hint of blue, this wallpaper shows a lonely astronaut in a space station with sort of a glimpse of planet Earth in the background through that glass. From what looks like a rope connecting his suit, he is probably going out for a spacewalk.

Download free HD wallpaper for your desktop screen of this astronaut if you’re into dark colors and are excited about space exploration and space technology.

Download in Full HD

12. Orion


If you’re looking to downloading free HD wallpaper for Windows 10 laptop, then you will definitely like this space-genre background. This picture is of the Orion constellation in deep space among all other stars. The hint of nebula blue in between and the blend of different color combinations give it a realistic touch and will make your screen highly appealing to look at. If you have an ultra HD screen laptop, then this is going to look more mesmerizing as the colorwork will be more visible and the minute details will shine out on-screen.

Download in Full HD

Best Windows 10 Wallpaper 4K

The modern laptops come with a 4K display. This gives you a more immersive viewing experience, and these screens are best for graphics designers and videographers. Download these best Windows 10 wallpapers in 4K and do justice to your laptop background.

13. Ocean Waters

Ocean Waters

This aerial view of the sparkling blue ocean water is jaw-dropping and is a perfect fit for your 4K laptop screen. The detailing given to the water sparks will be amplified further by your 4K-powered screen and will glorify it to the highest levels of mesmerization.

So, if your system has a 4K resolution compatibility, then forget downloading free HD wallpapers for Windows 10 laptops and get bigger with 4K.

Download in Ultra HD 4K

14. The City at Night

The City at Night

There is nothing better than to get a rooftop view of the shining city in the night. If you go into the detail of this image, then you can notice that image encapsulates the entire city. The image covers the inner suburbs of the city and then extends ahead with the buildings getting higher, ultimately reaching the skyscrapers at the end.

The color combinations of this image will act as the best Windows 10 wallpaper in 4K for your laptop screen and will brighten up the 4K screen beyond its capacity.

Download in Ultra HD 4K

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15. Daft Punk

Daft Punk

This is exclusively for music lovers. Daft Punk are the coolest EDM artists and music composers. They don’t show their faces and famous for their wear cool outfits at their concerts and their movie appearances. So, “Get Lucky” with the best Windows 10 wallpaper 4K that shows Daft Punk in their iconic looks, graphically edited and colorized with new combinations. The wallpaper is a perfect fit for you if you also tune in to music whenever you feel stressed or piled up at work.

Download in Ultra HD 4K

Best Windows 10 Wallpapers HD – 3D

Well, to get a full 3-D effect you need a 3D monitor screen, but these wallpapers are designed to support 3-D screens. But a Windows 10 laptop with a 4K display will show the effects reduced in 4K format. Here are some best Windows 10 wallpapers in HD -3D:

16. Particles


This image titled Particles shows hundreds and hundreds of small particles bundling up together to make up an abstract object and that too in multiple color combinations. There are shades of yellow, red, and blue in various contrasts with a hint of white and black in between. The image will make a perfect Windows 10 HD wallpaper – 3D and will convert your screen into a color palette.

Download Here

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17. Cubes


These cubes piled up like building blocks or giant shelves in a never-ending library gives a lasting three-dimensional effect on high-resolution screens of a Windows 10 laptop. On a 15-inch screen, this will provide a maze-like effect and will embellish your laptop screen with a 3-D structure. Download this one of the best wallpapers in 3D for Windows 10 laptops and lighten up your screen.

Download Here

18. Light Abstract

Just like the Particles, this image also gives a lightning effect on your screen with a 3D effect. One of the best Windows 10 HD wallpaper with the 3D-like resolution, Light Abstract is a blend of yellow color with shades of blue and black adding up to the brightness.

Download Here

These are some of the best backgrounds in HD for Windows 10 laptops and desktops. Download free HD wallpaper for Windows 10 laptops through the given links and embellish your screens with high-resolutions graphics images. The 4K desktop screens can also be downloaded for Windows 10 laptops with lower resolution displays. The effect is reduced as per the output of your display.

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