How To Get Rid Of SearchMine From Your macOS

So, you are bothered by SearchMine malware? You have come to the right place; here, we explain how to remove this nasty malware from Mac and prevent Safari, Chrome, & Firefox from being redirected to the rougeSearchmine website.

Teens are always at odds with parents and elders. They do exactly the opposite of what they are told not to do. If you ask them to be careful while downloading anything they won’t listen. Especially when the word Free, attached to a download not only teens, but we also overlook the caution- There’s nothing called a free lunch.

Why would anyone spend time and money to create a website to give something for free?

Will they do it out of goodness, or is it some sort for a scam?

Ask these questions first, then trust anything that says Free.

So, of course, I said all this because my younger sibling also ignored my advice, and we got SearchMine malware/virus embedded into Chrome on the Mac.

What is SearchMine on Mac?

SearchMine is a hazardous browser hijacker, and it can modify both the homepage and search engine for your web browser to

Threat Profile

Name SearchMine ( browser hijacker
Category Mac adware, browser hijacker, redirect virus
Related domains,,
Detection Systweak Anti-Malware: Adware, browser hijacker McAfee: RDN/Generic.osx
Warning Signs Changes home page, search engine, and redirects web browsers to slows down the system, adds sponsored content, and attacks the system. You cannot remove it easily
Distribution Method Fake Adobe Flash Player update popups, freeware bundles, spam
Threat Level Medium-High
Damage Alters browser settings, tracks internet activities, shows ads, redirect searches
Removal Scan your Mac using Systweak Anti-Malware to detect and clean all related files. Use it to remove other infections that harm your system and are a risk to data security.

How does SearchMine Browser Hijacker Work?

When it comes to browsing the web, the browser hijacker is a big nuisance. It changes browsers settings without user consent and redirects to rogue sites.

SearchMine Browser

SearchMine does the same, and it keeps redirecting the victim to the page. This not only disrupts online browsing, but all digital activities are also tracked.

Be it Safari, Chrome, or Firefox this browser hijacker can make changes to all. Therefore, removing it from Mac is required.

How to Get rid of SearchMine Browser Hijacker, Adware from Mac?

Below we will discuss manual and automatic ways to remove SearchMine from Mac.

Tip: For successful and complete removal of SearchMine, follow the step by step instructions.

Solution 1 – Manual way to delete SearchMine

  1. Open Finder
  2. Click Go > Utilities
  3. Look for Activity Monitor and click it.Activity Monitor
  4. Here look for the process that reads SearchMine or Search Mine. Select it and click Quit Process.
  5. You’ll now receive a pop-up message asking if you are sure to quit the process. Click Force Quit.
  6. Again click Go button and this time select Applications. Look for SearchMine entry > right-click > Move to Trash/ Bin. When asked for a password, enter it and click Ok.

This will help remove SearchMine from your Mac.

Solution 2 – Removing SearchMine from Web Browser

To get rid of SearchMine, you first need to restore default browser settings. Remember doing so will clear web browser history and browser customization.

Steps to remove SearchMine from Safari

  1. Launch the Safari browser. Click Safari from the menu and select Preferences
    Safari browser
  2. Click the Advanced tab in the new window that opens and check the Show Develop menu in the menu bar option.Advanced tab
  3. This will add Develop entry to the Safari browser. Click it and select Empty Caches.Empty Caches
  4. Next, click the History tab from Safari menu > Clear History.History tab
  5. Specify the time and for which you want to delete the history. If you are okay deleting all search history, select all history > Clear history
    Clear history
  6. Head back to the Safari menu, click Preferences, and select the Privacy tab. Click Manage Website Data option.Privacy tab
  7. Safari will now enlist the nameof the websites that store your data. Click Remove All to delete stored data. The dialogue box described this data.
    That’s it. Restart Safari SearchMine should now be removed.

Deleting SearchMine from Chrome Browser

  1. Open Chrome browser
  2. Click Chrome to get Preferences
  3. Click Advanced to unhide options > Reset settings
    Reset settings
  4. Click Restore settings to their original defaults > Reset settings.

    original defaultsReset settings

This will set Chrome to default, thereby removing SearchMine.

Steps to get rid SearchMine from Firefox

  1. Launch Firefox.
  2. Click Help from the menu > Troubleshooting InformationTroubleshooting Information
  3. This will open a new window here click Refresh Firefox.Refresh Firefox
  4. To confirm the action, click Refresh Firefoxaction

That’s it, SearchMine will now be removed.

Automatic and the easiest way to remove SearchMine

The tool that will help clean SearchMine from Mac is called Systweak Anti-Malware. Developed by Systweak, a renowned and well-known company, this tool is a one-stop solution for all your viruses, malware, adware, browser hijacker, and other related problems. The tool is light on system resources and is efficient. With regular virus database updates, it effectively scans and cleans all existing and latest threats.

To use this automatic solution, and save yourself from all the hassle of manual steps, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download and install Systweak Anti-Malware
  2. Double click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instruction to set up the protection app.
  3. Once the app is installed, let it download virus definition updates.
  4. Click Start Scan to check your Mac for malware, spyware, virus, SearchMine, and other malicious products.Start Scan
  5. Wait for the process to finish.finish
  6. Look at the scan results. If you see No Threats, everything is perfect. However, if there are any infections detected to see the result and click Fix Now.   In addition to this, you can disable startup items and boost Mac startup. For this, click the Startup tab > ScanNo Threats
  7. Now. You’ll now see apps that run at startup click Remove to disable them. This will help speed up Mac.speed up Mac

Alongside you can set a scanning schedule for automatic scanning and keeping your Mac infection-free. This robust security tool will help remove SearchMine and other nasty infections that are installed on your Mac without your knowledge.

robust security tool

This is all using these simple steps you can get rid of the malicious SearchMine browser hijacker. To stay protected from such infection you should keep an antivirus like Systweak Anti-Malware running on your Mac. This tool will help stay protected. This means without going through any manual steps or trouble; you can easily stay away from threats.

We hope your problem gets fixed after using the steps explained above. Do let us which step worked for you in the comments section. If you have any questions or need any more information, let us know.

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