How To Fix OneDrive Unable to Move Shortcut Error

Stuck with OneDrive unable to move shortcut error on Windows? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. By following a few workarounds, you can easily get past this alert and start accessing your OneDrive folder again without any hindrances.

How Useful is OneDrive on Windows?

Launched back in 2007, OneDrive is Microsoft’s dedicated cloud storage and file hosting service that allows users to store their data in shared access. From your work files to personal data including pictures, videos, audio files, the OneDrive cloud storage platform helps you to store everything in one place. All the data that you store on the OneDrive is easily accessible from other devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

OneDrive unable to move shortcut error

OneDrive comes loaded along with Windows update so that you can easily store, share and collaborate with friends and family. It also comes packed with advanced features like Personal Vault, Document scanning, Files on Demand feature that doesn’t take up local storage space on your device.  OneDrive is truly an essential part of the Windows OS. Isn’t it?

How to Fix the “Unable to Move the Shortcut” OneDrive Error on Windows?

One of the main reasons that triggers this alert is when you’re trying to move the folders within OneDrive directories. For example, if any user shared a folder with you and then unshared it later, the shortcut of the folder may still keep lying in the OneDrive directory.

OneDrive unable to move shortcut error

So, due to permissions issues, the “Unable to move the shortcut” alert can pop up on your Windows PC. Here are a few resolutions that you can try to fix the OneDrive sync issues.

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#1 Move the Shortcut Folder

Did you try changing the location of the shortcut folder? Well, simply place the shortcut folder in OneDrive’s root directory so that you can avoid encountering the alert. First, move the shortcut folder to OneDrive’s root directory and then try moving it to the preferred location.

The good thing is that OneDrive will specify the name of the problematic shortcut folder in the alert. So, read the name of the folder and then locate it in OneDrive’s root directory.

#2 Check for Available Storage Space

OneDrive unable to move shortcut error

Is your OneDrive account running out of storage space? Well, if you don’t have sufficient space on the OneDrive, you may encounter the “OneDrive unable to move shortcut” error on Windows. Hence, try removing or moving a few files to a different storage space to make room on the OneDrive account.

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#3 Reset OneDrive Cache

To manually reset the OneDrive app on Windows, we will take the help of the Run administrator box. Here’s what you need to do.

Press the Windows + R key combination to open the Run dialog box.

Type the following command in the textbox and hit Enter.

OneDrive unable to move shortcut error

%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

By executing this command, you can remove OneDrive’s local app data and cached files to reset the application.

You can also run the above-listed command in the Command Prompt terminal instead of the Run dialog box. Try either of the ways to reset OneDrive’s cache files.

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#4 Choose Folders to Be Synced

Are all the existing folders on your device synced to OneDrive? If yes, then here’s something that you can try to sync a fewer number of folders.

Locate the OneDrive icon on the Taskbar. Right-click on its icon select “Help and Settings”. From the context menu that appears on the screen, tap on “Settings”.

OneDrive unable to move shortcut error

In the OneDrive’s settings, switch to the “Accounts” tab. Tap on the “Choose Folders” option.

Now, uncheck that problematic folder to stop the OneDrive syncing.

Save your settings, reboot your device to check if you’re still experiencing any issues.

#5 Unlink OneDrive

Tried the above-mentioned resolutions and still no luck? Well, as a last resort you can try unlinking OneDrive from your device. Follow these quick steps to unlink the OneDrive account from your Windows PC.

Locate the OneDrive icon on the Taskbar, right-click on it and select “Settings”.

In the Settings window, switch to the “Accounts” tab.

OneDrive unable to move shortcut error

Tap on the “Unlink this PC” option.

Press the OK and Apply buttons to save the recent changes. Once you unlink the OneDrive account from your PC, you won’t receive any related alerts or notifications.

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Was this post helpful? Did the above-listed troubleshooting methods help you in getting past the “OneDrive unable to move shortcut” error? If not then you can also try contacting the Microsoft support team for further assistance. Head on to OneDrive’s Setting> Help and Support and then contact Microsoft’s team as they can guide you through any issues.

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