How To Create And Use A Password Reset Disk In Windows 10

Owing to the security concerns people have started to keep strong login passwords for their PC’s. While this is the need of the hour and provides security, it however is difficult to remember so many passwords.

Having said that, there may be instances when you are trying to log in to your Windows 10 PC and as soon as you press the Enter key, you get a message saying your password is incorrect. Despite trying all possible combinations, you are still unable to login and the only resolution you are left with is a Windows password reset.

Well, the next question that may arise is how to reach the password reset wizard without entering the existing login password. A password reset disk is the perfect solution when you are stuck and cannot think of any solution.

What is a Password Reset Disk?

A file created on a USB flash drive or an external SD card, that when plugged or inserted into your Windows 10 PC directly lets you reset the password of your Windows 10 PC on the lock screen. It does so by directly opening the password reset wizard on the lock screen. This file is known as a password reset disk.

A password reset disk once created can be used multiple number of times.

Note: For a password reset disk to work, you should be using a local account on your PC. It will not work on Microsoft accounts.

How to Create a Password Reset Disk:

The following section describes the steps involved in making a password reset disk, please follow them step by step and easily rescue yourself:

  1. Plug a USB drive into your Windows 10 PC. Creating a password reset disk does not reformat the USB drive, it, however, is always recommended to take a backup of your USB drive data before.
  2. Now type “create password reset disk” in the Search bar on the taskbar. This will present a list from which you need to select “Create a password reset disk”.
    Create a Password Reset Disk-2
  3. Clicking on it will open a Forgotten Password Wizard. Select Next, choose the USB drive plugged to your Windows 10 PC and then again click on Next.
    Create a Password Reset Disk-3
  4. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your current login password. Enter the current password of your local account and then click on Next.
    Create a Password Reset Disk-4
  5. The password reset will then be created. When the progress bar reaches 100%, click Next.
    Create a Password Reset Disk-5
  6. Lastly, click on Finish.
  7. This is it, keep this USB drive safe and use it whenever you have to perform a Windows password reset. Do note, the same USB drive will work even if you have changed your login password many times.

How to Use a Password Reset Disk:

So now when you try to login the next time and you forget the login password and cannot recover it with the hint, don’t worry.

Follow the steps below to see how you can use your Password reset disk:

  1. Connect the USB drive to your Windows 10 PC.
  2. Now, click on Reset Password.
    Use a Password Reset Disk-2
  3. This will open the Password Reset Wizard. Click on Next to proceed.
    Use a Password Reset Disk-3
  4. Now click on the drop-down button to select the USB drive that you are using as a password reset disk and then Next.
    Use a Password Reset Disk-4
  5. The password reset wizard will then ask you to enter the new password.
  6. You will also be asked to enter the password for confirmation and a password hint too.
  7. Once you have entered the password and the hint, click on Next.
    Use a Password Reset Disk-7
  8. Lastly, click on Finish.

That’s it!

Now on whenever you are stuck on the login screen of your Windows 10 PC, simply insert the password reset disk and rescue yourself. Just follow the steps mentioned in the article and easily reset the password of your Windows 10 PC directly from the lock screen.

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