Boost Bass on Windows 10 Without Third Party Apps

Did you know that the speakers are not solely responsible for the sound output? Well, if you are not happy with the sound quality of your speakers, you can stop blaming yourself for buying them. As, the sound output largely depends on the sound card, audio settings on your system. So, let’s get to the bottom of this issue and learn how to boost bass in Windows 10. In this blog, we will tell you how to update your sound card driver using multiple methods and to adjust sound boost settings to help Windows bass boost.

Fixes: Boost Bass In Windows 10-

1. Update Your Sound Card Driver-

There are various methods to download the correct sound card driver on your computer. Since device drivers are responsible for the communication between the software and system, they need to be in the best shape. The software keeps getting updates and your sound card driver might be outdated. You can update the device drivers by – manufacturer’s website, manual method, automatic method. Here, we explain all three of them to you.

There are a few methods that can be used in USB drivers download for the latest version. 

Method 1: Manufacturer’s website –

The audio device on your computer belongs to a company and all you need to do is find out the manufacturer and go to its official website. You can find the latest version of the device drivers released on it. 

Step 1: Look for the device name on the official website.

Step 2: Check for the compatible version for your device and then click on the download button for the device driver.

Do you find it a little confusing? Check out another method that can help you achieve driver updates manually.

Method 2: Manual method to update device drivers-

To get the device driver updated manually, you can get help from the Device Manager. Follow the instructions to update your device drivers to boost bass in PC:

Step 1: Run Device Manager by searching it on the Start Menu. 

bass boost windows 10

Step 2: In the Device Manager tab, you will see the list of devices. Go to the Sound, video, and game controllers. Right-click on it and click on Update driver.

bass boost windows 10

Step 3: Now click on the Search automatically for updated driver software and Windows will search for the updates and install it on your computer.

boost bass pc

Restart your computer to apply the changes once the updates are downloaded. 

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Method 3: Automatic Update Using Smart Driver Care-

Smart Driver Care

Since sound card drivers play an important role in Windows bass boost. We suggest using  Smart Driver Care for updating the device drivers automatically on Windows PC. It is a wonderful tool to help you fix the missing, outdated, faulty, incompatible, and corrupted device drivers. Smart Driver Care incorporates a huge database of device drivers and keeps updating it for the benefit of Windows users. Once you install it, it will automatically scan all the defective or missing device drivers and then upon your command, update them. Follow the steps below to find out how to use it to boost bass in Windows 10-

Step 1: Download Smart Driver Care from the download button given below:

Step 2: Run the setup file and install the program completely. Also, give the necessary permissions to the application to make changes to the system settings. 

Step 3: Once Smart Driver Care is installed successfully it will launch the program on your computer. 

Smart Driver Care

Click on the Scan Drivers section to get the list of the outdated drivers present on your computer. 

Step 4: As you are presented with the outdated drivers’ information, you need to click on the box in front of them to select them. If you wish to select all of the drivers, you can checkmark the Outdated Items. 

Smart Driver Care

Step 5: Now, click on the Update All button. This way Smart Driver will be able to install the drivers for the sound card and you will be able to boost the bass on PC.

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2. Adjust Sound Bass Boost Settings-

Follow these instructions to change the sound setting on your computer which will help in a bass boost in Windows 10.

Step 1: Go to the Taskbar and right-click on the Volume button. 

windows bass boost

Click on the Sound Settings option. 

Step 2: This will open a tab for Sound Settings and you need to scroll down to the Related Settings. Click on the Sound Control Panel.

boost bass pc

Step 3: Under this new tab, go to Playback and select the speakers or headphones. Now go to the bottom and click on the Properties.

increase bass windows 10

Step 4: Under the Speakers Properties, go to the Enhancements and mark Bass boost. Now click on Apply to make changes.

windows bass boost

This is how you can easily achieve the Windows bass boost by tweaking the audio settings.

Wrapping Up-

When looking for boost bass on PC, the driver update and changes in the audio bass boost will help you. We recommend using Smart Driver Care as it comes with a quick fix and reliable database to update drivers. Use it as the driver updater to update the sound card driver to increase bass in Windows 10.

Download Smart Driver Care

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How can I boost the bass on my computer?

You will be able to increase bass in Windows 10 using the methods shown in the blog post. Apart from this, you can also use the Windows bass boost applications to get more options. These will help you in boosting your computer’s bass quickly.

Q2. What equalizer is best for bass?

There are several sound equalizers available for Windows PC. We have curated the best of them in this list, read more about them in this blog post.

Q3. Is bass boost good for gaming?

Bass boost does not affect the gaming in any way. All it will do is help you to improve your bass boost for your game and you might enjoy it. We recommend using the surround sound gaming headsets to enjoy the games.

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