Improve Your PC’s Sound Performance Using These 5 Best Sound Equalizers!

Working for self-music production or willing to set amazing music in the bar so that everyone just chills? Or if you are a regular music listener, be it in office or home, a sound equalizer will perform in a rather amazing way than thought of. Don’t believe us?

Well, let us tell you that sound equalizer is capable of adjusting frequency response with the use of linear filters. In old times, heavy instruments were used for the process but now, audio equalizers are enough to perform the action. Access base management when bass needs to be boosted or change the settings according to other low-frequency sounds or customize it the way you want, this is what these tools provide you in-hand easy.

5 Best Sound Equalizers!

Whatever be it, learn about these sound equalizer apps in Windows and play a better sound manager for yourself.

1. Window Default Equalizer

This in-house audio equalizer is quite basic in looks and functions and so it’s working. Yet you can choose pop, rock, bass, treble, etc. to customize it manually.

For the adjustments, begin with right-clicking the speaker icon from the taskbar. Choose ‘Sounds’ and another window will appear. From this, select Playback.

In this tab, right-click on the default speaker and select Properties. As another window comes up, choose the Enhancement tab and tick-mark the checkbox before Equalizer.

Here, you will be able to see various properties that Windows Equalizer can work upon.

Window Default Equalizer

2. Equalizer Pro

Works not only as an audio equalizer but an enhancer as well, Equalizer Pro is a great tool for the segment of bass, mid, treble, etc. A clean and clutter-free interface makes it a big yes where it also offers a ten-band equalizer to its users.

Yes, it might sound less as compared to others, but its 20 equalizer presets make it no less than others. These presets are used for listening modes and act as bass boosting features. You can also consider making unique presets and save them for later use.

Preamp volume control offers a single band to boost overall sound without the need to regulate each band separately.

Equalizer Pro

Cost: Free 7 Days Trial post which you need to pay $19.95

Download Here!

3. Equalizer APO

You can call it a very powerful and most customizable windows equalizer which has an unlimited number of filters and can work on a large number of channels. Your sound quality will surely be enhanced using it.

As you install it, a detailed list of devices and connectors appear in front which can support Equalizer APO. After installing it accordingly, access the configuration TXT file and learn the required parameters in detail.

Interestingly, it supports a low CPU usage, 3d Surround sound and one can create multiple profiles to switch in between.

Yes, you need to edit these filters in a TXT file due to lack of Graphical User Interface, yet it proves to be one of the best audio equalizers and recommended by many.

Equalizer APO

Cost: Free

Download Here!

4. FX Sound Equalizer

You may call it a combination of an equalizer and a real-time audio processing feature. It takes care of booming bass and providing clear audio to the users quite efficiently. Once downloaded, you won’t even find the necessity to buy new expensive speakers.

If you consider the equalizer, you get 10 bands in between 110Hz to 15KHz along with sliders that can reduce muffled sound, add sound depth, provide dynamic boosting and the surround sound.

Moreover, when the music is on, FX can automatically optimize the real-time sound without any delay. This feature definitely makes it distinct from all. You are also free to customize the program according to your preferences.

Enjoy freely good music without sound distortion using this amazing windows equalizer!

FX Sound Equalizer

Cost: $31.99

Download Here!

5. Realtek HD Audio Manager

Another simple yet constructive open-source tool lets you improve the output quality to a great extent. You can easily change sound settings in the speakers, microphone, etc. with the ten-band set. The band range begins from 31dB and various presets like live, pop, rock, club, awaits to be fixed.

The most enticing feature is ‘Environment’ that works according to the required condition. For example, it could be the living room, underwater, sewer pipe, forest and more.

Here, ‘Room Correction’ offers sound effects according to the room you are present in and ‘Speaker Configuration’ allows the setting of the speaker in a required mode.

Realtek HD Audio Manager

Download Here!


It is evident that these sound equalizers can boost the sound quality to a great level as well as allow good customization. You can begin with Windows default equalizer and later upgrade to others, as and when required.

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