How To Block Facebook From Tracking You On Firefox

Facebook has been tracking us just like many other companies trying to work on the feed for giving us more personalized information. Since Firefox is working for the users to make it better and safer, there is a way to block trackers from Facebook from tracking you. In this post, we would like to tell you how you can block the number one social media platform Facebook from tracking your activity while on Firefox browser. Secure Firefox browser and make your data online safe.

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There is an add-on generated explicitly by Mozilla Firefox for Facebook tracker blocking. This is named as Facebook Container to contain Facebook to its browser web pages and not to be snooping on the user’s online activity outside the page. You can find the link to the official Firefox add-on over their official Website or add it from the browser’s list of add-ons. Firefox giving us more reasons to choose it over Google Chrome.

How does Firefox block Facebook from tracking you?

Mozilla Firefox comes with an official update on putting a strict stop on the tracking of any kind by Facebook. The social media giant Facebook has been working ever since on people’s data and information to keep its newsfeed and advertising strategy functioning. Firefox 74 has the updated add-on called Facebook Container, which will stop the website from following through any online activity of the user outside Facebook web pages.

So whenever you get this free extension from Mozilla on your Firefox browser, you will be safe from any Facebook trackers in other web pages. When you open Facebook, this will show you a blue box icon on the address bar with Facebook written before it. It is an indication that the Facebook Container is enabled on your browser, and therefore, only Facebook pages will be able to be recorded by the social media platform.

facebook tracker
Image source: Mozilla Firefox Official website

Facebook won’t be able to track any activity on the web when Facebook Container is turned on. Learn more such Firefox settings to make yourself a pro.

How does Facebook Container work?

Facebook Container is a Firefox browser extension for cybersecurity. It prepares a different instance for the browser to be used by Facebook related web pages. This helps in making the web browsing secure as now the Facebook trackers can’t reach users web activities. One must know all the tips for better browsing experience on Firefox. And therefore, Facebook Container is a must to be used extension for all those who access any of the Facebook-owned services i.e. Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

As you get the Facebook Container and activate it, everything inside of the container is limited to Facebook-related pages. The container acts as the barrier between the two worlds, separating them securely. It works on the sole motive of keeping your browsing activities safe from the Facebook trackers.

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firefox facebook container
Image source: Mozilla Firefox Official website

However, in the cases where you are needed to interact with the Facebook account on other web pages for login or similar activities, you can check the Exception section of Facebook Container.

Simply add the website by clicking on the Allow Site in Facebook Container which appears on the top-right side of the browser on Facebook Container icon.

How to install Facebook Container?

1. Open your Firefox web browser.

2. Get Firefox Facebook Container from here

3. Locate the button which says- Add to Firefox. Click on it.

4. A permission box will drop down, click on Add to give it permission to install the Add-on.

Note: If you are using Facebook while performing this task, you will be logged out of the Facebook page. It also deletes the cookies it has collected from Firefox.

5. Now, you are ready to use Facebook, Messenger or Instagram by Facebook using the web browser easily. Facebook is contained to its pages and your activity outside of it will not be recorded. An icon appears on the address bar as you access Facebook pages. It appears with the name Facebook and a fencing icon.

Image source: Mozilla Firefox Official website


Facebook Container is the best add on Firefox could have provided to the users for safety and privacy purposes. The blocker will put restrictions on Facebook to track user’s online activities to gain access to more personalized feed. We would strongly suggest you use this add on your browser and enhance the experience. Firefox working on making privacy the priority makes it the next best option.

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We hope that using this add-on simplifies your usability of the web browser. Using Facebook and also being able to browse the internet without getting tracked on Firefox is made possible only with Facebook Container.

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