Steps To Block Trackers With Firefox

Have you ever noticed ads of the same articles that you were browsing a few minutes ago? That happens because websites track your online activities and show you targeted ads. Isn’t it irritating and intimidating at the same time. Nobody likes to get spied on, therefore we often choose not to be tracked by websites as well. For that either we change the browser settings, or we use an extension.

Firefox 65 is one of the latest browsers which help you opt out. With the help of the new version of Firefox, you can avert websites from tracking your content without any extensions.

In this post, we have discussed how to block tracking websites with Firefox. First let’s know about content blocking in Firefox.

Content Blocking In Firefox

Content Blocking is privacy settings featured to stop trackers and cookies which have an impact on your browser performance and privacy.  These settings first came out, as tracking protection with Firefox 63 and now it is revamped and named as content blocking.

Firefox partnered with Disconnect (organization whose aim is to provide users liberty to surf internet without the fear of getting tracked. Firefox comes with an ability to block a list of familiar  trackers when you surf internet.

If you want to get the list of trackers which are blocked by Disconnect, you can visit its website. Firefox 65 offers three options to safeguard your privacy when online.

Content Blocking In Firefox

Standard: The option only blocks familiar trackers in Private window, which creates an equilibrium between performance and protection.  This setting doesn’t block third-party tracking cookies.

Custom: If you wish to block tracking websites as per your preferences, you need to opt for Custom. It is a combination of Strict and Standard which gives a user control over cookies and  trackers

Strict: It blocks all familiar trackers along with third-party tracking cookies in all windows, be it private or regular.

Note: Some of the websites work on cookies, if you block all of them, website might not work as it is intended to.

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Activate Content Blocking

Now that you know about Content Blocking and how it helps, let’s move on to next segment, enable content blocking. You can access these settings, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Firefox, go to Menu and click Content Blocking.

Activate Content Blocking

Note: In case you don’t get the option, you need to upgrade Firefox.

Step 2: You will get Content Blocking, select mode for blocking content from Standard, Strict and Custom.


Step 3: If you go for Custom, then you need to enable two settings Cookies and Trackers  manually.

Note: Under trackers, you can either block them in Private window or block all of them. Wherein in Cookies, there are options to block all cookies, all third-party cookies, cookies from unvisited websites or  third-party trackers.

Activate Content Blocking step-3

Step 4: You can further change the settings as per your preferences. Under Trackers, click on Change Block List.

Step 5:  A list will appear: basic protection (Recommended) – that allows trackers so websites can function properly. strict protection – Blocks known trackers. Some websites may not function properly.

Activate Content Blocking step-5

Step 6: Choose one and Save changes.

You can send websites a “Do Not Track” signal that you don’t want to be tracked however it is ignored most of the times.

Once done with customized the settings, you can close the window. Now whenever Firefox block content, you will see a shield icon on your address bar between site info and green lock.

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Steps To Disable Blocking for Specific Sites

When you block all the cookies and trackers, there is a possibility that some parts of website can misbehave or don’t work as they are intended to. If this happens after customizing the content blocking feature, don’t disable it, add exceptions for individual sites.

Step 1: Locate & click shield icon, then tap “Turn off blocking for this site.”

Step 2 Now add a website as Exception to Blocking Content

Step 3: Once done, refresh the page.

When the page will load, all the cookies and trackers will work. When you are on that site, you will see shield with a strike through it.

So, in this way Firefox helps you to block trackers and browse privately. Liked the article? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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