Here’s How You Can Make Wonders Work With Dropbox Zoom Integration

Let’s Get Down To The Basics And Understand How You Can Make Zoom Work Wonders Right From Dropbox Itself

Zoom has become one of the hottest platforms for team meetings. Coming to which, an important aspect of team meetings is that you can share content with the whole team so that there is clarity in the tasks. Come in the beautiful Dropbox Zoom integration!

1. What Wonders Can Zoom Integration With Dropbox Do?

Let’s consider a scenario and see how this Zoom Dropbox integration can be a saviour.

You and your teammates are working on an important project which includes spreadsheets, graphics, word documents, Powerpoint presentations and other documents. This is just one part of the task. The task also requires you to have exhaustive discussions with your team. And, not to forget the minutes of the meeting are something that all team members should remember.

Now, when you integrate Zoom with Dropbox, here are the features which will make the above scenario smoother than ever before –

  • You Will Be Able To Create And Join A Zoom Meeting Right From Dropbox Itself

Zoom Dropbox integration makes things fast, simple and super easy ! You won’t have to jump to Zoom for creating and joining meetings and then, switch back to Dropbox to access files that are needed to be shared

  • Share Dropbox Content On Zoom

You will be able to share Dropbox files and folders right in the Zoom meeting itself. And, if there are any discrepancies and doubts regarding the content, the teammates can send messages right on Zoom itself

  • Record Zoom Meetings

Feel that the minutes of the meeting were crucial and something that teammates must keep in mind and adhere to. Thanks to the Dropbox Zoom integration, you can now save yourself from keeping a diary and pen or even notepad because now you can automatically keep a recorded zoom meeting and other transcripts and save a copy of these on Dropbox.

You and your teammates can keep a word to word track of whatever it is that was told in the meeting. Isn’t that wonderful?

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2. How To Connect Dropbox With Zoom?


Zoom integration with Dropbox is simple. For all these wonders to manifest, you will first have to connect Zoom to Dropbox. Follow the steps below and see how it is done –

  1. Connect your Zoom account to your Dropbox. Once you have entered your Zoom ID and password
  2. Dropbox will ask permission to access your Zoom account. Give permission
  3. It will even ask if you wish to copy the recording of the meeting from Zoom cloud to Zoom folder in Dropbox. Enable these settings
  4. Now, log on to Towards the right click on your profile picture and then click on Settings
  5. Head to the Connected apps tab, and you will now be able to see Zoom

3. How To Create/ Join A Zoom Meeting In Dropbox?

Business Analysis

Creating and joining Zoom meetings right from Dropbox is an exceptional feature. That’s because you can create a session, which can be focused on a particular file. Again, steps are simple and easy to follow –

  1. First, download the Dropbox Desktop App and open it
  2. Click on the name of the file regarding which you wish to conduct a meeting
  3. Towards the right side of the file preview option, you will find the Zoom icon, click on it
  4. You will also see the name of the members with whom the file is shared, Select the name of the members/ users you would like to have a meeting with
  5. Click onStart meeting and choose if you wish to Record this meeting or not

You will even have the option of viewing the transcript as well as viewing the recording of the meeting.

Note: As a protocol or as an advanced intimation, you may text or mail the members well in advance that a meeting would take place regarding a particular file at a designated time.

4. How To Share Dropbox Files On Zoom?

Dropbox Files On Zoom

Let’s say that during a Zoom meeting, your team leader asks you to share a file for reference. To do this follow the steps below –

  1. Inside the Dropbox Desktop app click on the file that you wish to share
  2. On the right-hand side click on the dropdown under the Share tab and then click on Zoom
  3. You will now be asked to present your Zoom ID. Once you have entered the Zoom ID, you will join the meeting, and a screen sharing window will appear. Click on Share
  4. You can also click on the tab of the internet browser which displays the Dropbox file

So, Make Team Meetings Better Than Ever Before

Now is the time to be smart. Now is the time to encourage your team to work faster and quicker than ever before. You can chuck hopping from apps to apps to throw in content in compelling content in meetings. It’s all going to happen at one place when you make use of the goodness of Zoom Dropbox integration. We’ll keep on sharing such tips and tricks, till then you can dive in and watch other appealing tech-related stuff on Systweak. Follow us on social media – Facebook and YouTube.

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