Gmail Update: Transform The App With These New Features

Do you have multiple Gmail accounts on your phone, and you find the constant switching tiresome. Then, the latest Gmail update is going to make you happy. The Gmail update brings its Mobile app with the swipe feature to switch between the accounts. There are a number of other Gmail features for which you would like to use the app more on your smartphones. Gmail can be used to boost productivity with a few tips.

The Gmail updates which introduced to its mobile app are being listed below:

Latest Gmail Updates You Must Know

1. Swipe feature Gmail App:

Gmail lets you switch between different accounts within the app. Earlier, you needed to switch the Google account by going to the left side menu and selecting the account. To make the function much easier and handy for all the Gmail app users, you need to swipe the profile picture. It is as easy as it can be when you are using two or more Google accounts, keep swiping till you see your profile picture associated with the account.

This method as easy it seems have the benefits of fast switching between the accounts with just one swipe. This featurehas also been released to other apps, including- Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Movies, and more. This Gmail feature works for both Android and iPhone. Let’s learn the quick steps to switch accounts in Gmail app on your phone:

Step 1: Update the Gmail app on your phone.

Android users can go to the Google Play Store and click for updates. iPhone is usually set on auto-updatefor all apps, provided it is connected to Wi-Fi. However, to cross-check, you can go App Store and make sure Gmail is updated on iPhone.

Step 2: Launch the Gmail app.

Step 3: Go to Profile picture icon on the Top-Right corner.

Step 4: Swipe up or down on the Profile icon.

Here, you can see the change in the inbox items. This is because it can switch between different Gmail accounts with one swipe.

2. Gmail dark mode:

Gmail dark mode

The dark mode on Gmail would really enhance its look. The Gmail app on your smartphone will soon be viewed in dark mode also. Some users have to wait for the Gmail update to be rolled out for theirsmartphones, while othersalready use it. The Gmail app for iPhone has the dark mode sincethe iOS 13 system update. That iOS 13 version along with other features, brought  the official dark mode for the device’s inbuilt system. You can turn on the dark mode for iPhone for the system apps along with a few apps on your iPhone. Android phones have the dark mode on for several apps but Gmail. Although the premium phones like Samsung S10 and Pixel 4 can view Gmail in dark theme. Learn more on how to turn on Dark mode for all Google apps.

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 3. Multiple inboxes for GSuite users:

Multiple inboxes for GSuite users

 When you are a GSuite user, you have more emails popping in than others. As Gmail comes with a great interface to divide work mainly from the random subscription mail, one has added more Gmail features. This time, the multiple inboxes will be sorted in one and the primary mails can be seen. You can now check the newly updated Gmail settings with Multiple Inboxes move to the Inbox settings section from the Advanced Settings section. The important messages will appear next to the Primary inbox.

4. Add Attachments from Files App:

add attachments
Image Source: Google

Ever since the iOS 13 have made changes to the system Mail app, people have moved to other apps. This time Gmail made a good move over the app for finding a solution for iOS. It now allows the attachments to be added from the Files app. The native Files app has most of the data from Camera roll and Drive. To attach anything from Files app, tap on the attachment icon on the Gmail app. Now, you can see the native file from the Files app under section named Attachments. Pick a file directly and attach in on your mail on the Gmail app on iPhone.

Note: This feature may not be available for everyone as of now. It will take a couple of weeks to roll out, so if you don’t see it yet, then be patient.


These Gmail updates are going to help you transfer the app use on smartphones. While the iOS users are enjoying the Gmail dark mode, Android users with latest versioncan also use it. All the other Android devices will have to wait for Gmail dark mode on Android until the Android 10 rolls out for them. will have to wait for a while. The swipe feature is the major change which makes switching between accounts super easy.

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