7 Best Free Music Key Finder Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC (2023 Edition)

Are you looking for a reliable song key finder tool? Well, if your answer is yes, then you are at the right place! In today’s article, we’re going to review some of the best programs available in the market that allows a music fanatic to identify and understand the notes, melody, chord, and harmony of a song. In addition to, finding music keys, these utilities hold the capability to detect a song’s BPM (tempo) as well. You’ll be displayed information like beat intensity, replay gain, title, genre, artist, and so on. 

Most of the best music key finder software for Windows listed here can detect keys in real-time using advanced algorithms. Not only this, if any music track contains key in its metadata, then some of these tools can show that as well. Using this metadata information, you can even write a song key on your own. 

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Which Is The Best Program To Find Song Keys For Free?

So, without further ado, let’s check out the list of Best Music Key Finder Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC

1. Rapid Evolution

Our very first recommendation in the category of “Top Song Key Estimation Programs” is Rapid Evolution. It claims to have “the largest collection of song key and BPM information in the world” & we can’t deny the fact. They do have a huge database! It’s a useful tool designed for aspiring DJs & individuals who want to detect song key, BPM, Beat Intensity, and Replay gain of a track. Not only this but Rapid Evolution can also be used to add metadata tags to music also. It also helps people who want to keep their songs organized based on different parameters. 

Rapid Evolution


  • Excellent user interface. 
  • Supports the following audio formats: MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, MPC, etc.
  • Allows you to save & share information about the song you detected the key for. 
  • Effortlessly identifies song key, BPM & Beat Intensity. 
  • Feature-rich song key finder software for Windows. 

  • Can’t be 100% accurate, but still a reliable option to consider. 

Download Rapid Evolution Now! 

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2. KeyFinder

KeyFinder had to be included in our list of best song key finders for Windows desktop (2023). The application can analyze multiple music tracks at once and provide users with accurate keys in it, so they can easily understand the scale and harmony of a song. The key estimation software has a minimalistic interface, supports a wide array of codecs but it doesn’t bring along a dedicated media player with it. Its product developer claims that the algorithms used in it are pretty impressive and certainly puts it in the same league of paid music key finder tools. 



  • KeyFinder is an open-source key detection tool.
  • Focuses on harmonic & tonal mixing. 
  • Helps in unleashing your imagination as a DJ. 
  • Shows the metadata of a song. 
  • Works well on both Windows & Mac OS. 

  • It no longer offers new updates. 
  • Doesn’t offer library management options. 

Download KeyFinder Now! 

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3. Rekordbox

Next on our list of Best Music Key Finder Software for Windows is Rekordbox. It is an excellent program packed with a variety of tools designed for professional or aspiring DJs. The key estimation tool not only helps in identifying or analyzing the key of a music track but also assists in changing the keys or mix tracks according to your choice. It has both free and paid versions available, you just need to create a free account before you can start using the key finder app on your Windows PC. 



  • A straightforward and intuitive software.
  • Helps in creating playlists based on certain criteria. 
  • Tools to track playback & waveform visualisation, cue/loop functions.
  • Analyze and adjust beat patterns.
  • Best music key finder software for advanced users. 

  • Limited trial period of 30-days. 

Download Rekordbox Right Away! 

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4. Song Key Finder by Vocal Remover

Song Key Finder is another fantastic application that helps in analyzing the key for one or multiple songs in one go. As soon as you land on the web app, you’ll witness a clear, straightforward, and dark interface with options to browse files from the desktop and utilize tools like Vocal Remover, Pitch Changer, Tempo Changer, Audio Cutter, Audio Joiner, Karaoke Recorder, and more. They even have a fantastic support team to resolve your queries as soon as possible. 

Song Key Finder


  • A great key estimation tool for browsers. 
  • Clear & straightforward user interface. 
  • Numerous tools for producing professional results. 
  • In-built tool to test microphone & check if it’s working properly. 
  • Supports multiple languages: English, French, Italian & more. 

  • The app/tab may crash if you select too many files at once.

Try Song Key Finder Today! 

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5. Mixed in Key

Mixed in Key is a popular utility that can be used by both DJs and Music Producers. The key estimation software supports analyzing multiple music files in one go so that individuals can instantly start with harmonic mixing. Unlike other music key identification tools, it supports several plugins and bundles, which can be easily downloaded from their official website only. Using these add-ons, you can easily get help with key detections, melodies, chord creations, and beat making

Mixed in Key


  • Best tool for Harmonic Mixing for DJs and Music Producers.
  • Advanced key detection that allows you to find compatible songs for mixing.
  • Best music key finder software, compatible with both PC & Mac. 
  • Supports customizable ID3 Tagging. 
  • Allows you to export cue points to other third-party tools. 

  • No trial version is available. 

Install Mixed In Key Today! 

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6. GetSongKey

GetSongKey is the best music key finder software for Windows, Mac and is also available to use as a web-based app. The software is utilized by popular musicians, songwriters, and DJs and helps them to find the key to a song instantly. Not only this, but you can also link our Spotify account with the tool to find keys from your playlist. If you check out their website, you can also find a list of Best Hits which shows the most searched keys for specific songs. On the whole, the application is a great choice for both novice and professional users who are considering harmonic mixing and so on.



  • Instantly convert any song key between Music key, Camelot wheel, or Open key notation.
  • Supports transposing any chord progression into a different key. 
  • Provides suggestions for best harmonic mixing. 
  • Supports extracting song keys from chord progressions. 
  • Best music key finder software that also supports making complex melodies. 

  • Poor support assistance. 

Try GetSongKey Now! 

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7. Tunebat

Last but not least in consideration, Tunebat arrives as a free key analyzer and BPM for songs that are already released. It comes with a huge database of music tracks since it uses data from Spotify and also helps you to access lots of insights for popular songs. It’s an online service, best-known for being utilized by music producers looking to remix songs and for music fanatics who want to understand more about a music piece by recording and tuning it.



  • Best music key finder, known for keeping your music files secure. 
  • Developed by audio experts to ensure maximum accuracy level. 
  • Holds a database of more than 40 million music tracks. 
  • Accurately renders information for BPM. 
  • Provides great recommendations for harmonic mixing. 

  • UI may seem underwhelming to some users. 

Try Tunebat Right Now! 

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Our Favourite Music Key Finder Software For Windows PC

We recommend our users to try Rapid Evolution, since it’s a useful tool designed for aspiring DJs & individuals who want to detect song key, BPM, Beat Intensity, and Replay gain of a track instantly. Not only this but Rapid Evolution can be used to add metadata tags to music also & it helps people to keep their songs organized based on different parameters. It has an attractive user interface and is a suitable choice for both beginners and advanced users. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Wrapping Up Our List of Top Music Key Finder Tools (2023)

Q1. How do you find out what key a song is in software?

We have shared a list of the best music key finder software for Windows and all of their help in finding a key for any song in no time. You can use Rapid Evolution to find keys: 

  • Add single or multiple songs via Import feature. 
  • Select them on the main interface & right-click to choose the Detect > Key option. 
  • Once the detection is complete, you’ll be displayed the song key estimation. 

Q2. Is there a key detector app?

Yes, you can try the Song Key Finder Android app to identify keys in a music track using your smartphone. 

Q3. How do you analyze a song key?

Well, the easiest way to analyze a song key is through its key signature. The number of sharps/flats in the key signature tells you the key of the song. 


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