How To Fix Windows + Shift + S Not Working On Windows 11/10

Windows + Shift + S is a convenient tool in Windows 11/10. Especially for those who depend heavily on taking screenshots, the likes of bloggers, and content creators, the key combination is almost like a natural habit. But what if Windows + Shift + S refuses to function? Would you bring your blog with a deadline attached to it to a standstill just because the Windows + Shift + S key combination is not working?

Understanding The Issue A Little Better –

It could be that the key combination, i.e., Windows + Shift + S, is not working or one of the functions this combination does, is not working. For example, you might take a screenshot using the key combination, but you won’t be able to paste it on the desired app (Skype chat). One of the functions, such as the Freeform Snip, Fullscreen Snip, or Window Snip is not working.

Whatever the situation, in this post, we’ll try and fix the issue, and while we fix it, we’ll even look at an alternative way so that our tasks that require screenshots don’t suffer.

What To Do If Windows + Shift + S Is Not Working On Windows?

Word of wisdom – Give one or two easy fixes a go. Even if they don’t work out, try a third-party screen capture tool, one of which is demonstrated below, and then you can try out the rest of the fixes. Before trying out anything, check if there is something stuck in the keys or not.

1. Reset Snip & Sketch

One of the first things you can try out if the Windows + Shift + S key combination is not working is to reset the Snip & Sketch app. To do that, follow the steps mentioned below –

  1. Open Settings.system
  1. From the left-hand side, click on Apps.apps
  2. Click on Apps & features.features
  1. Scroll down and locate Snip & Sketch.
  2. Click on Advanced Options.advanced-options
  1. Again scroll down and click on Reset.

Once you have done that, restart your PC and again press the Windows + Shift + S key combination and check if it is taking screenshots now or not.

2. Enable Clipboard History

Enabling Clipboard History is yet another way to fix the “Windows Shift S not working” issue. To allow the clipboard to history toggle, you will again have to take the route of Settings

For Windows 11 Users –

  1. Open Settings.system
  1. From the right-hand side of the screen, scroll down and click on Clipboard.
  2. Toggle the Clipboard History switch on.

For Windows 10 Users –

  1. Go to Settings by pressing Windows + I button.
  2. Click on
  3. From the left-hand pane, click on Clipboard.clipboard
  4. Toggle the Clipboard History switch onhistory

3. Use A Third-Party Screen Capture Tool

There are plenty of screenshot apps for Windows, with the help of which you can take screenshots.

In fact, an app like TweakShot screen capture lets you do more than just take screenshots.


Here’s what TweakShot Screen Capture offers –

  • Capture screenshots as well as videos


  • Capture any region of your screen – Fullscreen, selective Region, Scrolling Window,and Single Window


  • Large toolset to annotate the captured screenshots. The toolset is inclusive of but not limited to –


  • Blur/ pixelate a region on the screenshot.
  • Put oval/ rectangular boxes, texts, arrows, steps, etc.
  • Highlight areas on the screenshot.
  • Add speech Bubbles.
  • Resize image.
  • Zoom in, zoom out and crop an image.

How Does TweakShot Screen Capture Work –

  1. Download, install and run TweakShot Screen Capture.
  2. Select what region of the screen you want to capture from the tool.
  3. The image will now open in the image editor. Here you can even choose to open another image as well

4. Have You Enabled The Snip & Sketch

It might seem obvious, but it could be that the Snip & Sketch function is disabled, because of which you cannot use the Windows + Shift + S key combination. Here are the steps to enable the Snip & Sketch key combination –

In Windows 11 –

  1. Press Windows+ I to open the Settings.system
  2. Click on Notifications.notifications
  3. From the right-hand side, scroll down and locate the Snip & Sketch tool.
  4. Check if the switch is toggled on.

In Windows 10 –

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on
  3. From the left-hand side, click on Notifications& actions.turn-on
  4. Check if the toggle switch under the Get notifications from apps and other senders is On.
  5. If not, turn it on and toggle the switch next to Snip & Sketch to the right.

Now, check whether the Windows + Shift + S key combination is working.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall

If none of the manual fixes seem to work you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Snip & Sketch tool from Microsoft Store. If you cannot uninstall the tool using the conventional steps we have shown below. In that case, you can try out a dedicated third-party uninstaller tool that’ll help you uninstall the Snip & Sketch entirely without leaving any leftovers in the form of registries or other files and folders. Try the conventional steps to uninstall and reinstall Snip & Sketch –

  1. In the Windows search bar, type Snip.
  2. When you see the Snip & Sketch option, right-click on it and click Uninstall.uninstall
  3. Open the Microsoft Store, search for Snip & Sketch tool, and install it.

Once you have installed the app, press the Windows + Shift + S key combination and check if it is working now or not.

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6. Unplug USB Device and Replug Them Once Again

Many users have encountered this weird issue that soon after they plugged in a USB device such as a flash drive, external hard drive, or game controller, the key combination Windows + Shift + S stopped working. If that’s you, unplug all the USB devices and try the combination again. You may have to unplug USB devices one by one to check which of the devices is interfering with the key combination.

7. Check For Windows Updates

Last but not least, you can check for any pending Windows updates as Microsoft frequently releases updates to patch any software vulnerabilities and bugs.

In Windows 11

  1. Press Windows + I to open Settings.system
  2. From the left-hand side, click on Windows Update which is the last option.
  3. If an update is available, click on the Download & install.


In Windows 10

  1. Open Settings by pressing Windows + I key combination.
  2. Click on Update & Security.update
  3. Click on Windows Update and then check for updates.

Wrapping Up

Try out these fixes in case the Windows + Shift + S key combination is not working. And, while you are it, give a third-party screenshot app like TweakShot Screen Capture a try, so your tasks don’t suffer. For more useful and engaging content, keep reading WeTheGeek.

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