5 Best Ways to Fix .NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU Usage – Windows

To know the cause of High CPU usage, when you open Task Manager and see a service named .NET Runtime Optimization Service, consuming high CPU resources, what do you do? 

With that said, do you have an idea about this service? Well, if you don’t know anything about it and are just looking for a fix, no worries. In this article, we will discuss What is .NET framework error, the reasons for the problem, and the 5 best ways to fix the .NET Runtime Optimization error. 

What is the .NET Runtime Optimization Service?

Known as Mscorsvw.exe, the .NET Runtime Optimization Service, is used to optimize the system to launch apps quickly. Generally, this process doesn’t consume too much memory. But if the optimization process takes longer, then it might cause high CPU usage. Here is a list of common reasons due to which you might face .NET Runtime Optimization Service high CPU usage on Windows 10.


.NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU Usage


Reasons for .NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU Usage

  • Infected system. This means malware might be running on your system hiding in plain sight under the name of .NET Runtime service. To fix this, using the best Antivirus solution like Systweak Antivirus is recommended.
  • Corrupt .NET Runtime Optimization Service 
  • .NET Runtime Optimization service runs slowly on the PC

Ways to Fix .NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU Usage

To fix the issue if you think ending the process is best, then let me tell you it will not help because the process helps apps and games run. Doing so might harm the system’s functioning. But there’s nothing to worry about there are other ways to fix it. Here we will explain all of them one by one. 

Solution 1. Optimize the .NET Runtime Service

As explained above when the service runs slowly, you face .NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU Usage on Windows 10. To speed up the process we need to run the following commands:

1. In the Windows search bar enter Command Prompt

2. Select the search result > right-click > Run as administrator

3. Here enter the following commands: 

For 32-bit operating system: cd C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319

For 64-bit operating system: cd C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319

Note: The drive letter C denotes the drive on which the operating system is installed. If you have it installed on some other drive, please change it. 

4. Next enter: ngen.exe executequeueditems > press Enter key


.NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU Usage


5. Exit command prompt and check if the High CPU Usage is gone back to normal or not.

This should help as the commands instruct the .NET service to run speedily using all available cores. 

In case this does not work, you can move to the next solution. 

Solution 2. Scan the system for infections

Another major reason for .NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU is malware infection. To resolve this, running the best antivirus software is recommended. For this, we suggest running the Systweak Antivirus. This ultimate protection tool offers real-time protection and can detect both latest and old threats. Moreover, it helps stay protected from zero-day threats, and using it, you can schedule scans. Not only this, you can even decide what kind of scan you want to perform. If you need thorough and in-depth scanning using a Deep Scan is recommended.

Solution 3. Run Microsoft’s Official Script

If the above solution did not help and you don’t like running commands on your own, you can use a script created by Microsoft to speed up the process. To run it, follow the steps below:

1. Visit GitHub for an official script or click here

2. Right-click the Raw button > Save link as


.NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU Usage


3. When saving it, ensure the file type is a Windows Script file. 

4. Next, run the script. 

5. When asked to select a program, pick Windows Script Host 

Once the script is executed .NET Optimization Service should run quickly and the High CPU usage you are facing due to it will be fixed. 

If this doesn’t help, let’s move to the next step. 

Solution 4. Restart the Service

High CPU usage caused by mscorsvw.exe can be fixed by restarting the service. To learn how to do that, follow these steps:

1. Press Windows + R

2. Enter services.msc > ok

3. Navigate to NVIDIA Telemetry Container > right-click > Properties 

4. Click the downward arrow next to Startup Type and select Automatic > Apply > ok

Now, head to Task Manager, you should no longer see High CPU usage due to the .NET Runtime service. However, if this too did not work, let’s try performing a clean boot.

Solution 5. Perform a Clean Boot

To perform this task follow the steps below:

1. Press Windows + R

2. Type msconfig > Ok

3. Click Services > check the box next to Hide all Microsoft services > Disable all > Ok

4. You will now be prompted to restart or do it later. Choose Restart Later. 

5. Again press Windows + R 

6. Type msconfig > ok

7. Click Startup tab > Open Task Manager 

8. Select the startup items one by one you think is unwanted > right-click > End Task

9. Now restart the system and check if the problem is resolved or not. 

This should help fix the problem. In addition to this to keep the system optimized and clean, we suggest running Advanced System Optimizer. This PC cleanup tool is designed to optimize your system and keep it as new. Using it, you can perform different tasks like: 

To know more about it, read the comprehensive review on Advanced System Optimizer

ASO Overview

If you want to give it a try, download it today and experience a clean and optimized system. 


FAQ – .NET Optimization Service Error

Q1. Do I need .NET Runtime Optimization Service?

As it is a Windows component service used to launch apps and run programs faster. You need .NET Runtime Optimization Service running on the system. 

Q2. Can I disable .NET runtime optimization service?

We do not recommend disabling the service. However, if you are facing High CPU Usage due to it you can optimize it using the command or can scan the system for infection using the best Antivirus for Windows. 

Q3. What is the program .NET runtime optimization service Mscorsvw.exe?

Mscorsvw.exe is a Windows component used to optimize machines and launch apps faster.

Q4. How do I fix high CPU usage Windows?

To fix High CPU usage on Windows performing the following actions is recommended:

  1. Updating drivers
  2. Scan for malware
  3. Optimize system 

For this, you can use Advanced System Optimizer, an all-in-one tool to clean up and optimize your Windows machine. 

Summing Up

We hope by applying the fixes explained in this post you will be able to fix the .NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU issue on Windows 10 and other older versions. If you have any questions or feedback, do share the same in the comments section below.

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