7 Best Task Manager Apps for Android 2023

A task manager app can be synonymous with a task killer. Essentially that is the primary task it performs. Many apps run in the background of our Android Cells. While few of those are essential for the system to operate, there are many apps of social media origins and navigation which are heavy battery eaters. It is because of them that one usually faces issues such as low battery life. That in itself is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a cell phone as majority of communication is today’s day and age is done through it.

Best Task Manager Apps

Mentioned below are the top 7 Best Task Manager Apps for Android.

1. Greenify:

greenify task killer app


  • Download: Here.
  • Android Version: Varies from device to device.
  • Cost: Free

Flush out those battery eating applications that are hidden in your smartphone. Delete those cache files and get yourself a faster running phone, with Greenify. This application works wonders on old devices and new. It puts into hibernations those applications that take up a lot of battery life and hoard memory. One can sort between hibernating regular apps and long use apps such as alarms or date and time calendar. This is a must have task manager apps for Android smartphone.

2. Advanced Task Killer:

Advanced Task Killer


Android Version: 2.3 (Gingerbread) and up

Cost: Free/ US $ 4.99 (For in app purchases)

The best of the best, this application is best task manager app for Android by far. It alone manages to make one’s phone faster, improve the smartphones battery life and even clears cache. With its ‘Ignore List’ one can choose which applications need to be killed or which can be exempted. Similarly, with ‘One tap widget’ we save a lot of battery power. ‘Auto kill’ is the perfect short cut to use once a primary setup has occurred so that we can get our preferred setting with the click of a button.

3. Advanced Task Manager:

Advanced Task Manager


  • Android Version: Varies with the device.
  • Cost: Free (In app purchases are extra)

This application ensures that one has the option of killing running tasks, creating free memory space in the device, speed up the smartphone, save its battery life. All this in with one tap of the phone. It works on all the basic features and gives the users a flawless, phone to work with.

4. Task Killer:

Task Killer


  • Android Version: 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and up
  • Cost: Free

This application delivers exactly as its name. It kills tasks that are running in the background ans increases the phone’s battery life. This is made possible with a single click. Furthermore, one can see the memory usage of each and every app and then sort them into lists as per their preferences of auto killing the application or adding them to the ignore list. A must have application on all android devices, this task killer truly delivers.

5. All-In-One Toolbox:

All-In-One Toolbox


  • Android Version: Varies with device
  • Cost:

While there are many run in the box task management and mobile speed boothing applications, very few offer a vast variety of services like the aptly named All In One ToolBox. It offers the user services like cache cleaning, CPU Cooler, Batch App Installer & Uninstaller, Backup & Restore, App lock and QR & Barcode scanning amongst other things. This application optimizes your device with the single tap of the screen. This may be the last application on our list of best task manager apps for Android but it not the least.

There you have it folks! The best task manager apps for Android. Next time your device becomes slow, download one of these task killers and get back the optimum use of your phone.

6. ES Task Manager:

ES Task Manager


  • Android Version: 2.1 (Eclair) and up
  • Cost: Free

This application is one of the best task manager application in all of Android. It allows the user to sort through the applications that are running and sort them according to their preference in a separate list. The ignore apps are thus saved from having to reboot to gain access to their data. With this app, one can free memory space easily by clearing cache and increase the device’s speed.

7. GO Speed (Clean Boost Free) :

GO Speed (Clean Boost Free)


  • Android Version: 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and up
  • Cost: Free

GO Speed clears junk and increases speed from an Android smartphone. It also has another key feature, ‘App Lock’.  With it one can protect precious data on apps that they do not want others to access. It locks the app and helps avoid compromising one’s privacy. With its smart, on screen widget one can custom create smart floating with which one can save precious battery life. Additionally, as a task killer it is very effective.


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    Mike Kastello
    Thanks for the article! What’s missing from this list is Weeek, a handy and inexpensive task manager.

    2 years ago

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