How to Clean Boot Windows 10 and Why You Need to Do So?

Windows 10 comprises an intuitive environment, a complex blend of thousands, and millions of software components. Even if your system is in an ideal state, several programs are always running in the background.

Have you recently been facing any troubles on your Windows device? Is your Windows 10 PC displaying too many errors lately? Well, many text experts would recommend you to perform a clean boot on your device. Here’s a complete guide on what is a clean boot, how to clean boot Windows 10 to run it in a safe environment.

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What is Clean Boot?

Clean Boot is a utility mechanism offered by Windows which allows you to diagnose whether any conflicting app or service is interfering with your device’s smooth functioning. When you opt to run a clean boot on Windows 10, all the startup programs are disabled, and your device restarts in a safe environment.

What is Clean Boot
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A clean boot is usually performed when you’re trying to resolve an error or issue on Windows. It offers you more control to detect the cause of the issue and troubleshoot it effectively.

Safe Mode VS Clean Boot

Safe Mode VS Clean Boot
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So, how is Safe mode different from Clean boot? A lot of people have a misconception of relating safe mode and clean boot, although they are entirely different. In Safe mode, your device uses a minimum set of apps, drivers, and system settings and loads your operating system using limited resources.

On the other hand, a clean boot is more like a utility feature offered by Windows that allows you to scan your device to diagnose system-related errors, corrupt files, and troubleshoot issues. When you perform a clean boot on your PC, your device disables all the startup programs and apps and loads the OS with only manually installed apps and services.

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How to Clean Boot Windows 10

Follow these quick steps to perform a clean boot on Windows 10.

Open up the Start menu search bar and type “msconfig”. Hit Enter to launch System Configuration window.

How to Clean Boot Windows 10

In the System Configuration window, switch to the “Services” tab.

switch to the “Services” tab. 
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Now check on the “Hide all Microsoft Services” option and then tap the “Disable all” button to disable all Windows startup services.

Switch to the next tab, i.e. the Startup tab, and then click on the “Open Task Manager” option.

Open Task Manager

Select all the services and then tap the “Disable” button placed on the bottom-right corner of the window.

Clean Boot Windows 10
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Close the Task Manager window and then head back to the Startup tab of the System Configuration window. Tap on OK, once you’ve successfully made all the above-mentioned changes.

As soon as you reboot your device, your system will perform a clean boot and load the OS in a safe environment with limited apps and services.

What Next?

After performing the Clean boot, you wouldn’t want your device to always be like that, right? So, what next? To resume your device to its normal functionality, you’ll need to undo all changes that you recently made.

Launch the System Configuration app, switch to the “Services” tab.

Uncheck “Hide all Microsoft Services” option.

Tap “Enable all” button.

Tap "Enable all" button.

Now, head on to the Startup tab, open Task Manager. Enable all the services which you recently disabled while clean booting your device.

Reboot your device to load Windows OS in a normal state.

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This wraps up our guide on how to clean boot Windows 10. We hope this post proves out to be helpful for you and allows you to get rid of common Windows system error. Good luck, fellas!


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