Files Not Showing Up In Folder On Windows 11/10? Here Are The Best Fixes

When we save a file, we select a destination and if desired, a folder where we can save our files. But, what if your saved files are not showing in the desired folder in Windows. Consider these two real-life scenarios – 

  •  I downloaded software in the form of a zipped folder. Further, I selected a particular folder on a location on my computer to extract the contents of this zipped folder. But now the extracted files not showing up. I have even tried changing the destination but to no avail.
  • I dragged and dropped a few files from one location on my computer onto the desktop to access them faster for further processing. But those Saved files are now not showing on the desktop. 

How to fix Files not showing up in folder on windows 11 / 10

1. Refresh The Location

Extracted files not showing up

No matter what the location is, in case your files are not showing in a folder, or on the desktop in Windows 11/10, you can first try and refresh. For example, if the file that you had intended to save on your desktop didn’t appear, you can right-click and refresh. Often this simple step is all that you need. 

Some users who have older hard drives may have to deal with files showing up late. Apart from clicking on the refresh icon, you can even press the F5 button. 

2. Use A Different Zip Tool

In case your extracted files are not showing up, you can try a different extractor software to open RAR files. And, trust us, unlike what many users think, there isn’t just one but many great RAR file extractor softwareout there that can help you open the RAR files

3. Did You Accidentally Hide The Files

The second option that may help you resolve the issue is to use the unhide items. The reasons for doing this are many. One of the reasons could be that you have hidden some files so that you can save them from prying eyes. To unhide files, here are the steps. Here we are going to enlist steps carried out in Windows 11 – 

  1. In the Windows search bar, type file explorer options
    files not showing in folder windows 10
  2. Click on Open from the right-hand side 
  3. When the File Explorer Options window opens, click on the View tab 
  4. Under Hidden files and folders, click on the Show hidden files, folders, and drivesfiles not showing in folder windows 11
  5. Click on Apply and then OK

In most cases, this helps unhide all missing files and folders. And, here we are not just referring to cases to files not showing in a folder because of human error, we are also talking about files and folders hidden because of a virus attack as well. 

4. Use The Attrib In Command Prompt

Let’s assume that the files you have recently extracted are not showing up. To add on, you have tried extracting files at every possible location in your computer or laptop and have not even left your desktop as well. However, all such efforts have proven to be futile. One of the ways that have proved to be successful for many users is to use the attrib command – 

1. In the Windows search box, type cmd 

2. Select Run as administrator from the right-hand side 

3. When the Command Prompt opens type this command –

attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:*.* 

4. Press Enter

Here you can replace the letter e with the drive letter where you want to show your files. 

5. Restart Windows Explorer

If you have exhausted the first two methods, but to no avail and still, your downloaded or saved files are not showing in Windows 11/10, you can restart the file explorer. For this, you will have to take the help of the Task Manager and here are the steps – 

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager 

saved files not showing up on desktop

2. Under Apps, locate Windows Explorer

3. Right-click on it and then click on Restart

6. Repair System Files

In case nothing else seems to be resolving the issue, you can try a simple command prompt command which will possibly help file explorer get rid of issues because of which files are not showing up in folders or other locations – 

  1. In the Windows search box, type cmd 
  2. Select Run as administrator from the right-hand side 
  3. When the Command Prompt opens, type this command –

sfc /scannow

7. Use A File Recovery Software

There are chances that files are not showing up in a folder in Windows 11/10 because they have been removed permanently. Even if that’s the case, worry not! You can use a third-party file recovery software and get back the deleted or lost file. Advanced Disk Recovery, for instance, is one such tool. Here is an in-depth guide on how Advanced Disk Recovery works. In this post, we have even discussed its ups and downs as well. 

Here is how you can use Advanced Disk Recovery To Find Files Not Showing up 

1. Download, run and install Advanced Disk Recovery

2. Select the area and drive that you wish to scan for missing files 

Advanced Disk Recovery

3. Click on the Start Scan Now button 

4. Select the type of scan 

Advanced Disk Recovery

5. Select the files you want to recover and specify the location where you want to save the files 

Note: Please do not retrieve files on the same drive from where you had lost them 

6. Click on Recover

That’s it! Now check if you have been able to recover all those files that you could not find in your desired folder on your Windows 11/10 PC.   

Wrapping Up

The issue of files not showing up in the folder in Windows 11/10 may prevail because of various reasons. Some of them are – accidental removal, corrupt system files, accumulation of cache files, etc. The above fixes cater to most of these issues. So, if this post proved to be of help, do let us know in the comments section below.


  • comment_avtar
    I am finding that Win 11 often doesn’t show files that I KNOW are there. For instance, when I try to change a file icon and I click Change Icon the select file dialogue doesn’t show certain *.ico files–even when I select “All Files”. I can see those same files with a different program, so they definitely ARE there. And File Explorer too will not show certain files. They are not hidden, system, etc., and they do show up with other programs.

    2 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Mridula Nimawat
      Hello Rick, You can try out the method aforementioned and try to fix the issue. Hope it helps.

      2 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Mridula Nimawat
      Hello Rick, You can try out the methods aforementioned and try to fix the issue. Hope it helps.

      2 years ago

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